The Breath Energy Intervention


Breath Energy is the “Energy of Life”.  It is called “Breath” Energy because it comes in with your first breath at birth and leaves with your last breath at death.


Breath Energy serves four essential functions:

  1. It gives you the Primary Spiritual Intelligence that provides your Soul with an “Intelligence Interface” to the Suit through which the Soul can express its Perfected Intelligence.
  2. It provides the energies that sustain your Spiritual Immune System which is the spiritual counterpart of your Physical Immune System. Your Physical Immune System is designed to key off of the judgments of your Spiritual Immune System. If your Spiritual Immune System is in poor condition and allowing the energy/spiritual level of diseases to enter into your Spiritual Energy Body, then your Physical Immune System will allow in the physical level of these diseases, such as the bacteria, virus, cancer, etc. at a Physical Level. The Breath Energy enables your Spiritual Immune System to remain intelligent enough to recognize the spiritual component of the diseases that will harm both the Spiritual Energy Body and the Physical Body. The Breath Energy also gives the Spiritual Immune System the energy to create an energy barrier to these negative energies.
  3. It maintains your “Vibrational Level” which is the level of spiritual existence on which you exist.  At high Vibrational Levels you experience Spiritual Vitality which reflects in Physical Vitality. At low Vibrational Levels, you experience the diseases of the body, mind, and spirit.
  4. It enables you to sustain your “Momentum” which is the energy that enables you to move quickly and efficiently on the Spiritual Level of Reality.  Correct Momentum is the key to a Spiritual Vitality and Spiritual Joy and Well-Being.  If your Momentum is reduced, your Vibrational Level will drop and you will be lethargic and prone to anxiety, depression, and illness.


Breath Energy Levels

At birth the Source gives you all the Breath Energy that you will need for a lifetime. If you are Source-Connected, your Breath Energy Level remains constant at 100% and sustains the four basic functions described above.


Because of the Disconnection from the Source, beings now suffer from a loss of Breath Energy. This happens for two reasons:

  1. Many draw on it to sustain themselves at a Spiritual Level because they lack the Source Power and other vital energies in the Spiritual Energy Supply System that they need to live their lives. This can cause a decline in their Breath Energy that can lead to serious spiritual as well as physical impairment.

  2. Others fall prey to the attacks of the Negativity – the criminal element on the Spiritual Level of Reality – who have become so Disconnected from the Source that they have lost the majority of their Breath Energy as well as the other Spiritual Energy Supply System Energies that they need to sustain life.  The Negativity has set up a system for stealing the energies of the Spiritual Energy Supply System in order to supply themselves with these energies instead of trying to Reconnect with the Source to obtain these energies for themselves.

    They are adept at crushing in the Breath Energy Container that contains the Breath Energy of a being and syphoning off the Breath Energy that leaks out.  They store it, use it themselves, and trade it on the Black Market of stolen Breath Energy that exists on the Spiritual Level of Reality.  This is a vital commercial enterprise that is highly guarded by those desperate for these energies. They are willing to do whatever it takes to get these energies from those who are Source-Connected enough to still retain vital levels of their own Breath Energies.


The end result of both the Disconnection of the being that leads to them pilfering their own Breath Energy Supplies and the Disconnection of the Negativity that leads to their Black Market in stolen Breath Energies is that most beings in the Creation, at this time, are operating with less than 100% of their Breath Energies.  


So – let’s take a look at what happens when you are operating with less Breath Energy than is required to maintain the four essential functions.


What Happens When You Lose Breath Energy?

When Breath Energy Levels drop to 99%, the Spiritual Immune System is compromised. This opens the door to the diseases of the body, mind, emotions, and spirit.  


At 99% mild bouts of mental confusion, emotional turmoil, minor physical illnesses, and a lack of joy which reflects the loss of optimal functioning at a Spiritual Level can occur.


At 70% addictive behaviors set in as people seek to compensate for the lack of joy and inner harmony by trying to fill the gap with food, alcohol, drugs, sex, or some other pursuit to which they become addicted. Anxiety, jealousies and anger management problems begin to show themselves at this level of depletion especially in children who lack the years of discipline to reign themselves in and try to fit into their own expectation of themselves.


At 60% serious and even life threatening illnesses can occur.  Suicidal depression can threaten life at this level and chronic illnesses such as autoimmune diseases can set in as well.  People often lose sight of what is important to the preservation of their life and begin to become self-destructive, taking addictions to a lethal level.


At 80% - 90% depletion, life itself is hanging in the balance.  Terminal illnesses can set in and the Spiritual Immune System is passive in the face of them, triggering a kind of passivity in the Physical Immune System as well.


At 99% depletion the Soul can lose its ability to interface with the Suit and death at a Spiritual Level can occur.  When this occurs, the body may continue to live on in a diseased state but the Spiritual Being who occupied the body is now absent from the life.  In the past this has been a disastrous event for the Suit which has often been countermanded by the entities of the Negativity who take over the empty Suit until their negativity eventually causes the physical death of the Suit.  Those who are friends and relatives of the person who had become “possessed” by the Negativity were often victims of vicious attacks coming through the form of their former loved one.  

Now with the Suits transitioned into Source Workstations, a Suit that loses the Soul can still maintain at least the integrity of the Workstation which prevents it from being taken over by the Negativity.


What Can You Do to Restore Your Breath Energy?

The only way to restore lost Breath Energy is through the Source giving you Breath Energy once again and providing you with the protection that is needed to secure this Energy so you can’t drain it down for your own use and it can’t be syphoned off by the Negativity.  This can be accomplished through a Breath Energy Intervention which is an At-a-Distance Source Intervention that:


  • replaces the damaged Breath Energy Container.
  • refills this Container with Breath Energy to the 100% mark.
  • protects the Container it so it can’t be broken into by the Negativity.
  • gives you the Spiritual Genetic Code to not use your Breath Energy as a substitute for the other Spiritual Energies that you need to live your life.


What the Breath Energy Intervention doesn’t do is to repair the rest of your Spiritual Energy Supply System that needs to be restored so you don’t need to draw upon your Breath Energy to substitute for other energies that are missing from your Spiritual Energy Supply System.


For example, if your Life Force Energies drop below a certain level, most beings will start draining down their Breath Energies in order to stay alive.  This is usually what accelerates death.  


Many spiritually active people regularly draw on their Breath Energy to see what is happening on the Inner Plane and to use spiritual energies to deflect Inner Plane negativity, without realizing that as they drain down these energies they are putting themselves into an untenable situation which poses the greatest risk to their ultimate safety and survival.


Without the Source Energies, for example, it is not possible to operate at high levels of efficiency doing your spiritual work as a Spiritual Activist, and not draining down Breath Energy, unless you are extremely Source-Connected and receiving additional supplemental energies from the Source.


Until this point in history when it became possible to restore the entire Spiritual Energy Supply System, it was not possible for most Heaven Agents to sustain their work as Heaven Agents without daily emergency infusions of Source Energy.  This was because their own Spiritual Energy Supply Systems were in disrepair.  If their Source-Connection wavered, they could lose these supplemental supplies and find themselves without the energies they need at critical times when their lack of Connection put them most at risk.  


This kind of Emergency Supply System is not sustainable from the Source Level. The Spiritual Energy Supply System is what the Source has created to supply for these needs. Due to this lack of sustainability, it is now necessary for beings to work with the Source to revamp their Spiritual Energy Supply System and to, thereby, provide themselves with a sustainable system that will enable them to have the energies they need to live their lives and to experience the Heaven that is theirs to experience.



The Breath Energy Intervention 

In order to receive a Breath Energy Intervention it is necessary for me to do a Breath Energy Assessment to see how much Breath Energy you have and how much you need.


To request a Breath Energy Assessment, contact me and I will email you my Assessment and information on how we can proceed with the Breath Energy Intervention. 



The Breath Energy Intervention is part of The Perfect Health Project and is a Perfect Health Source Intervention. 


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