Understanding the Choice




There is a simple Way Out of scarcity, suffering, and struggle.  This is to perfect your Source Connection which is your Way In to abundance, joy, and the fulfillment of Living Heaven in your everyday life.


The stronger your Source Connection the more effectively you can work with the Source to manifest the Heaven of a Source-Connected, Miracle-Based Way of Life that can yield:

  • Total Abundance
  • Perfect Health
  • Love-Based Relationships
  • Life Purpose Fulfillment
  • The Heaven Experience  


So why aren’t you and all beings making strengthening your Source Connection your #1 Priority?


The answer is that your Suit has been deliberately programmed by the Negativity, headed by the Immune System Specialists, to believe that your happiness lay in Disconnecting from the Source and pursuing whatever you thought would make you happy.


The reason that they did this to you is because they wanted to remain in a position of power over you even if this meant that you would suffer the Hell of scarcity, disease, war, discrimination and all of the others ills that abound in The World of Suffering that they have created. They feared that they would be given lesser roles if the Creation transitioned successfully into The Heaven Phase and so they advised all beings to do the opposite of what would result in the Heaven of True Happiness.


The Source has now brought in The Heaven Phase despite their stiff opposition, deprived them of the power they had to enter into your Suit and program it, and is bringing through the miracles that will enable you to regain control over your Suit.  


Now that there is Source Support to regain your freedom to see the world correctly, without looking through the distorted filter that they have given you, the choice is this.


Will you recognize that the Source is your ally and wishes you to have real happiness and not pseudo happiness?


Will you look around you and recognize that the devastation has resulted from beings following the advice of the Immune System Specialists and believing that the nightmare of the dog-eat-dog world they live in is just the way things are?


Will you also recognize that the Implementation Aspect of the Source that has been trying to reach out to you to help you escape from the nightmare of the Hell that the Immune System Specialists have created, is leaving for the Unmanifest Level?  


Will you bring it into focus that the more materialized help that the Implementation Aspect can give to you and to all beings in the Creation to strengthen your Source Connection and build the Source-Connected Way of Life that is necessary to preserve your Source Connection is time limited.


Will you recognize that you could lose what you value most – your life in the Manifest World?


And will you recognize that you could also lose the Manifest World with all of its natural beauty, all of your loved ones, and the chance to live on life to life?


As the Implementation Aspect goes through the 12 Levels of the Transition, only those who are actively working on reaching a 100% Source Connection will ascend with the Source.  Those who ascend will continue to retain their Source Connection and will be given the miracle of Life Energies that sustain their Suits.  They will also be able to receive the miracles given by the Source that enable Heaven to manifest in their lives.


When the Implementation Aspect reaches Level 12 and returns to the Unmanifest Level, beings will need to be prepared to be conduits for Source Light and Source Love to assist in creating a new Medium of Life that will enable them to sustain their Source Connections.  If they fail to prepare for the Team Work that is needed for this task, then their onboard Source Intelligence will return to the Unmanifest Level, terminating their ability to manifest in the Creation on any level.  It will also terminate the conditions in which the Original Creation can exist.  Only the Source Perfected World, which is a Perfected Outer Plane Habitat, will remain in a manifest form.  Only those who have achieved a 100% Source Connection can enter into this habitat and survive the collapse of the Original Creation.


We have potentially several decades until the Implementation Aspect reaches Level 12.  Will you choose to heed the Call of the Source to take action and to help yourself and others to shoulder the responsibilities for stewarding the Miracle of Life that the Source has given to you or will you continue on in the Cultural Stories about life that were fashioned for you by the Immune System Specialists who never wanted Life to be Heaven?


As the visible aspect of the manifestation of the Implementation Aspect, I am the Point of Connection to the wisdom of this aspect of the Source communicating to you this urgent Source  Communication. 


This message is, in essence, that the Implementation Aspect is leaving whether you believe it or not.  

You will suffer the consequences if you choose to do nothing 

and continue on in the illusion created for you by the Immune System Specialists.


There is some part of every Suit that does recognize Source Truth and which can make the Executive Level Decision to stand up against the Negativity and choose to align with the Source and master the art and science of achieving a 100% Source Connection.


While there will be internal opposition from the parts of the Suit that have been programmed by the Immune System Specialists to resist anything of Heaven, the part of you that knows that the Source loves you and that you love the Source and that Life can be the Heaven that it was created to be, is the part of you that can make this Executive Level Decision.


Even if this part is very tenuous and easily overridden by the parts of the Suit that are programmed to shut out Source Communications and believe Cultural Stories about the way the Source is and the way life is, you can still ask your Inner Intelligence, which is your onboard Source Intelligence, to override anything negative that could compromise your safety in any way.


This is the first step toward aligning with Source Truth.  Your Inner Intelligence, is capable of discerning what is true and what you need to do to survive in the Manifest World. Simply turning to this part of your Suit and asking it to override the confusion and conflict from other parts of your Suit is a vital step toward protecting your Source Connection.


Then you need to ask your Inner Intelligence to help you to process the Source Communications that I am giving you so you can understand them correctly.  This is not always easy.  The Negativity often distorts the way that people hear Source Truth so they twist it in ways that compromise their ability to understand it as it is Source-Given.  This is another of their tricks to thwart a person’s ability to choose to listen to Source Guidance and to follow through on building Heaven in their lives and in their world.


While it is unfortunate that there is such insidious opposition to Source Truth, it is the reality of the world you live in.  You can either choose to understand what is going on and who is behind the distortions or cave in to whatever thought form seems to be dominant in your mind at any given moment.


Culturally validated concepts will have more push behind them from the energy field of the culture to weigh in more heavily in your conscious understandings.  This doesn’t mean that they are correct.  It just means that the Collective Consciousness that is endorsing them is stronger than the Collective Consciousness of the smaller group of beings who are listening to Source Truth and understanding a different reality.


Remember that there was once a time when people were persecuted for believing that the earth was round and not flat.  Many secular scientific breakthroughs have occurred against a backdrop of opposition from the dominant Cultural Story.  This is even more apparent in the spiritual traditions that are held to with a ferocity that is based on the underlying fear that people have that their spiritual safety could be compromised if they don’t believe the party line. Without the ability to discern truth for themselves, they resort to blind belief.


The Source does not enjoin blind belief.  In fact, this deadens Spiritual Intelligence. Source Truths can be understand empirically by listening to your heart, observing what is happening on the Inner Plane for yourself, and participating in Source-Directed Heaven Agent Work that gives you a chance to see the cause and effect of Miracle-Based Source Solutions in action.  This is how the members of the first Prototype Community learned to trust the information that I gave them about the possibility of transitioning out of scarcity into Total Abundance, out of disease into Perfect Health, out of greed and need-based relationships into Love-Based Relationships and out of lives ground under by economic necessity into the adventure of living their Mission and fulfilling their Life Purpose.


They couldn’t believe in this any more than your Suit can believe in this. There is no evidence in the world that your Suit lives in that makes this “real”. The Collective Consciousness reflects the collective experience of humans that scarcity, disease, mean spirited human interactions, and meaningless are the norm. 


What I explained to the Prototype Communities was that the transition into a Source-Connected Community happens through the organic process of the DNA of Life working on the social level.  When enough beings step out of trying to muscle around people and events by Brute Force to create positive social change and step into the role of "becoming what is needed to support The Work of the Source" then the miracle of the DNA of Life at the social level unfolds.  The result is profound, organic, and miraculous social transformation.  


It took a small number of members of the first Prototype Community taking the step to follow the lead of the Source to experience the DNA of Life in action.  Their experience of the power of this transformational process created a supportive Collective Field of Consciousness that enabled others who were less clear to enter into this new Collective Field of Consciousness and feel supported in making a choice to Live Heaven.  This helped them to flow into the orchestrated work of manifesting a Heaven Way of Life.


In a similar way, you can help to build a Collective Field of Consciousness on the Earth that supports the importance of achieving a 100% Source Connection and building the Source-Connected Way of Life that is necessary to sustain the Source Connection.


This new Collective Field of Consciousness will enable others who are less clear to enter into a supportive Field of Consciousness and begin to strengthen their Source Connection and work with you to build a Source-Connected Life.


In this way it is possible to build a Source-Connected Community on the Earth that will be the Prototype for the Source-Connected Communities that can be built throughout the Creation.


When the Implementation Aspect leaves for the Unmanifest Level and all beings need to engage in the Team Work that will be essential for being conduits for Source Light and Source Love to preserve the Medium of Life, the necessary structure of a Source-Connected Universal Community will have been established.


It only took 29 years for the dog-eat-dog Prototype Communities to transition into Love-Based, Source-Connected Communities that nurtured all of their own.  It may take 30+ years to enable the Universal Community to make this transition.  


While your Suit has never experienced such a transformation and has been trained to believe that social change is difficult and never really resolves the underlying conflicts that erupt later in other forms of social unrest, this is an instance in which you have to come in with the Executive Level Decision to do your part and learn from the changes that you see occurring.


This is how the members of the first Prototype Community did it.  I told them that the journey that they were embarking on was one that no one had ever traveled and that they would have to make the decision to trust the guidance of the Source and let go of their old ideas about what is possible.  When they did this they transitioned into a Miracle-Based Way of Life. Then they helped the other 13 Prototype Communities to let go and become a part of the DNA of Life that enabled them to transition their communities.


The Spiritual Prototype that has been built is a powerful template that your Suit can draw on to follow in their footsteps. 


So – you have a choice.


Do you throw out the possibility of a Source-Connected, Miracle-Based Way of Life on the Earth because you haven’t seen it yet or do you decide to enter into the Adventure and give it your best and learn about the possibility as you go along?


Openmindedness, respect for the Source Perspective on reality, and a willingness to abide by The Standard of Heaven that enables miracles to manifest in your life are the key elements that have enabled Heaven Agents working with me in my current lifetime to Prototype the essential Next Step in the development of the Source Connection.


This Next Step is the development of The Love Connection with the Source which leads to The Heaven Experience.  It was to experience the bliss of The Love Connection that beings first incarnated.  At the time of the Prototype Communities, I could not take them this leg of the journey because the opposition of the Negativity was too great.  I could help them develop a 57% Source Connection that could yield Total Abundance, Perfect Health, Love-Based Relationships and Life Purpose Fulfillment but not the full Heaven Experience.


I have returned in this, my final incarnation, to help all beings develop this Love Connection.  It is The Love Connection that takes the Source Connection to the 100% mark.  Anything short of this will level out at the 57% mark.


Those with a 57% Source Connection will not survive the Transition however much they may have enjoyed the Heaven of Total Abundance, Perfect Health, and all of the other aspects of a Miracle-Based Way of Life.


I chose to return to the Earth Plane for this final Prototype because the Earth is the most materialized level of the Creation. The Prototype needs to be built here at the most material level if it is to function as a firm foundation for others in the Creation who live at more immaterial levels.


The challenge of prototyping it on the Earth is, however, the fact that most humans are so caught up in their focus on their very materialized environment, that few can track what is happening on the Spiritual Level of Reality.  Many get occassional glimpses when a loved one dies and visits them after death or they pick up on very strident energies. Many rely on priests and seers to tell them about the Spiritual Level because they have lost contact with it themselves.  Many have been told that it is not theirs to know and is the province only of the chosen priests who have been granted permission to know what is happening on this level.


All of this is the work of the Immune System Specialists who knew that if humans were to be able to talk freely with the Source and see for themselves what is happening on the Spiritual Level, they would have figured out a long time ago that their Cultural Stories were not giving them the correct picture even if aspects of these Stories had elements of truth.  


Now humans are faced with the task of undoing all of this damage in order to awaken in time, re-activate their Source-Given ability to see for themselves what is happening in the Spiritual Level, and travel the road to the 100% Source Connection while there is still time to travel it.


They must do this for themselves and for all others in the Creation who are awaiting the Prototype which can only be built on the Earth.


In order to participate in this Prototype that can save life throughout the Creation, it is necessary for you to choose to awaken to the Source Truth about what is really happening in the Creation and the urgent need for you and all others to work together to become stewards of The Miracle of Life so that the Transition will be a joyful Next Step in Life as Heaven unfolding in the Manifest World rather than a disaster that terminates the habitat for life and terminates the lives all of the beings who reside in this habitat.


The choice is yours.  


You are the one who the Source is calling

to take a stand and work alongside me 

as I help to prepare beings for this Transition.


If your answer is “Yes” to supporting The Work of the Source to help yourself and all beings to attain a 100% Source Connection, then let’s talk about what is involved.


Every being must prepare individually for every stage of The Transition as the Implementation Aspect of the Source ascends.  The Source has created the forms of Source Support that are needed by most beings but what is needed by a particular individual is based on the state of their Source Connection at present and on the path that they need to travel to keep up with the pace of the Transition.


I recommend that you request a Source Connection Assessment where I review your current situation and make a Source Recommendation for what kind of Source Support is most needed by your Suit.  You can request an Assessment by filling out the form below.






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