The Opposition to the Source Connection



The Creation was designed by the Source to operate like one organism with each being playing its part in the organism much as individual cells play their parts in the biological system of an organic form.


In this organism there was a Spiritual Immune System that was designed to maintain The Standard of Heaven so that all of the beings operating in the organism could function at optimal levels.


Immune System Specialists were Manifest Beings who were assigned the role of maintaining The Standard of Heaven on behalf of the System.


In the very beginning of the Creation, several beings who operated at a higher level in the organism of life than the Immune System Specialists, conceived of the idea of using their Free Will to create a Self-Directed Life, using their ability to co-create to try to change the physics of the natural order to suit their greed-driven desire to secure whatever they believed would make them happy.  They broke their covenant with the Source to incarnate and work with the Source to establish a Full Power Source Connection and implement the Source Plan for a Life that is Heaven for all beings.  Instead, they set into motion a dog-eat-dog way of life that has resulted in The World of Suffering that we have today.


When Manifest Beings under the jurisdiction of the Immune System Specialists received the standard for a Source-Disconnected Life from these beings, they distrusted the Source and began to see the world from the jaded perspective of their own self-defined interests.  


They could see that the Creation was designed to transition from The Set Up Phase in which they were to play the pivotal role in helping beings set up the conditions for a Life that is Heaven to The Heaven Phase when the Source would take over their role and they would be retired to the Unmanifest Level from which they came and brought out again to play a different role in the Creation.  This new role would not accord them the power and authority that they were to have in The Set Up Phase.  


They had become enamored with their position of power and control and decided that they didn’t want to give this up.  This meant that they could never allow Heaven to manifest or this would be the one condition that would end their position of power in the Creation. They, therefore, decided to oppose The Heaven Project created by the Source to transition the world into The Heaven Phase and secure a Life that is Heaven for all beings.  Instead, they created The Hell Project which is a Project to create the Hell-like conditions of suffering, scarcity, conflict, disease, etc. in the world to prevent Heaven from ever manifesting.


They had the keys to the inner workings of the Suits of most Manifest Beings since these beings were in their care. They were able to program the Suits to be either unable to receive Source Guidance or to ignore it if it was received, resist any input from the Soul, the true identity of the being, develop an entity-like Story Character persona that would run the Suit in the absence of the Soul, and endorse the value system of a Source-Disconnected Life that engenders the Hell-like conditions in which Heaven can never happen.


Beings in their care trusted their advice since Immune System Specialists were designed to teach them how to live in the Manifest World.  Beings, therefore, believed that life was about warring with one another to get what they wanted whether this warring be in the context of enforced conformity, controlled competition, or outright war.  


They believed what the Immune System Specialists taught them that the Heaven of happiness was just around the next corner despite the evidence that this self-centered, dog-eat-dog way of life has only generated a World of Suffering in which the evidence of ultimate unsustainability has been becoming ever more apparent even on the Outer Plane.  


The Earth, for instance, is rapidly moving toward ultimate unsustainability with warring political systems that have given rise to global terrorism and could trigger nuclear, germ, or chemical warfare that could annihilate life on the planet.  It has also become apparent that the physical habitat of life has been seriously impaired by human activities, leading to environmental damage that is threatening the balance of life on the planet.


Because of the damage done to the Suits by the Immune System Specialists, beings have lacked the Spiritual Intelligence to recognize that their efforts individually and collectively have only been taking the Creation into more severe levels of suffering and unsustainability.  Instead, they believe what they have been taught by the Immune System Specialists that the happiness that they seek is just over the next hill instead of looking around them at the battlefield in which they are living their lives and questioning a world in which such individual and collective suffering is considered to be normal and inevitable.


When a being is able to get in touch with the part of themselves that is still Source-Connected, even if this is only a partial Connection, and can, through this Source Connection, experience the love of the Source and remember their love for the Source, then The Journey of Reconnection can begin. 


In recent years, the Source has successfully transitioned the Creation out of The Set Up Phase into The Heaven Phase despite the opposition of the Immune System Specialists.  This has taken away their access to the power they were using to control the Suits of Manifest Beings.  It is now possible for Manifest Beings to come into Source Care and learn from the Source directly how to have a Life that is Heaven.


The Source can undo the damage to their Suits and give them back the full range of Spiritual Intelligence that will enable them to see clearly what is happening in their lives and in the world.  From this awakened state, they will be able to work with the Source on The Universal Heaven Project to establish the conditions in which life can be Heaven.


There will still be challenges from the Immune System Specialists and the hordes of other beings of criminal intent that they have trained to create the conditions for their Hell Project. These challenges will have to be met by awakened beings who are also taking into account the fact that the Implementation Aspect of the Source, who has been keeping life viable in the Creation, is transitioning back to the Unmanifest Level.  This is as the conclusion of the set of lifetimes the Implementation Aspect was given to help beings transition from The Set Up Phase into The Heaven Phase and to learn the basics of how to do the parts of the work of the Implementation Aspect that will fall on their shoulders once the Implementation Aspect leaves for the Unmanifest Level.


The nature of the Source Connection is changing daily during this Transition which will, if the conditions are right, take several decades. This will give beings a chance to meet the challenges of taking over many of the tasks previously performed by the Implementation Aspect.


When the Transition is complete, the nature of the Source Connection will be extremely different and beings will need to be 100% prepared if they are to sustain the conditions in the Creation in which their personal Source Connection can be maintained.


[Update: Since this article was written in 2015, The Heaven Phase, which was the last stage of The Co-Created Universe Model of the Creation was replaced with a full transition into The Source Perfected Universe Model of the Creation. This Transition began in 2011 and completed in 2021. 


In The Source Perfected Universe Model of the Creation the Source can unilaterally make changes to the physics of life that enable Life in the Creation to survive The Transition.  This has proven necessary as beings are evolving much too slowly to meet the Standards of The Sustainability Timeline that marks the dates by which a Suit must reach a higher level of their Source Connection in order to sustain their Source Connection by the end of The Transition, which could occur by 2045.  To keep abreast of the massive spiritual changes that are now occurring on The Spiritual Level of Reality, you can refer to the information in The Source Connection Project on The Transition.]




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