A Closer Look at The Transition




We have come to a time historically, when your survival depends on your understanding of the physics of Life on the Spiritual Level that sustain the manifestation of Life on the Physical Level.  I will briefly outline the key concepts that you need to understand in order to begin to prepare for a series of seven major shifts in the nature of Spiritual Reality that will begin on October 15, 2015.


The Source Connection is Essential to Life

The Source Connection is what enables a being to receive the Source Support that gives him:

  • the Miracle of Life – that animates his Suit and enables his Soul to express itself through his Suit
  • provides the Life Energies and Miracles that sustains him on spiritual and physical levels


Without a Source Connection the Soul returns to the Unmanifest Level from which it came, causing Spiritual Death. The Suit drops out of the Cycle of Life, becomes spiritually inert, and disintegrates. This is different from an organic body dying and the substance of the body remaining a part of the Cycle of Life in its state of decomposition. 


What is no longer a part of the Cycle of Life disintegrates on the Spiritual Level and dematerializes and disappears on the Physical Level. If there are some stored reserve energies in the Suit, the Empty Suit could sustain itself for a limited period of time but would eventually fragment to the point of complete disintegration.


The Source Connection is essential not only for animate life forms but for the existence of all kinds of substance in the Creation whether this be the substance of an uninhabited planet or space itself.  All of the structures on spiritual and physical levels are sustained by the Source Connection. 


The Manifest World and everything in it

is a miracle that would vanish without The Source Connection.


The Source Connection is a Source-to-Source Connection 

The Source Connection is really a Source-to-Source Connection – a connection between a being’s onboard Source Intelligence and the Implementation Aspect of the Source.  Through the team work of the onboard Source Intelligence and the Implementation Aspect, a Source Support Supply Line is established that enables the being to receive Life Energies and miracles to sustain his life.  


If there was no onboard Source Intelligence, 

there would be no Source Connection and

hence, there would be no Life.



The Substratum of Life

The Implementation Aspect of the Source produces and sustains a Substratum of Life which is composed of Source Light and Source Love.


This Substratum of Life creates the Medium of Life that is an energy medium that sustains the onboard Source Intelligence in every Suit.


If this Substratum of Life were to be impaired or eliminated, the Source Intelligence would immediately return to the Unmanifest Level.  This would end the Source Connection. The Suit would then drop out of the Cycle of Life and eventually disintegrate on spiritual and physical levels.



The Transition

In the beginning of the Creation, the Implementation Aspect of the Source began incarnating in the Manifest World to establish and maintain The Substratum of Life, to manifest the Creation, to provide the miracles that sustain the Creation, and to help Manifest Beings to learn how to become Stewards of the Miracle of Life and of the miracles that enable life to be Heaven. The Design Aspect of the Source created a finite sequence of incarnations for the Implementation Aspect in order to accomplish this task.


I, as the visible part of the manifestation of the Implementation Aspect, am now in the last decades of my last lifetime in the Manifest World.  I have already begun my Transition back to the Unmanifest Level.


When I leave, beings will need to be prepared to take over certain aspects of the work that I have been doing in the Creation if they are sustain Life in the Creation.



Tasks to Be Assumed by Manifest Beings

Help to Re-Establish a New Substratum of Life

When I return to the Unmanifest Level, The Substratum of Life leaves with me. Unless Manifest Beings have become skilled conduits of Source Light and Source Love, they will not be able to receive the Source Light and Source Love that I will send in to them once I reach the Unmanifest Level. It is this Source Light and Source Love that will be needed for my Implementation Aspect to establish a new Substratum of Life in the Creation. 


Without this Substratum, their onboard Source Intelligences will return to the Unmanifest Level and all of life in the Creation will end.


Preparation for becoming conduits of Source Light and Source Love includes rising to an 80% Source Connection and getting trained as a Universal Community to do the Team Work that will enable the new Substratum to be established.


Assist in the Manifestation Process

I have used my Catalyst Energies to bring to life the miracles that I bring in from the Unmanifest Level to the Manifest Level. These Catalyst Energies link a Source Intelligence to the otherwise inert Suit of the incoming miracle.  This is what gives the Suit the Miracle of Life which is what brings it to life.  


This is how you were born as a living being and how everything that exists in the Manifest World has been given the onboard Source Intelligence that enables it to be a part of The Cycle of Life.  Even elements and rocks have Life in the sense that they have an onboard Source Intelligence that enables them to participate in The Cycle of Life. There is currently nothing in the world that was not created to be part of The Cycle of Life.


In the past, miracles could be completely inert and have no momentum and still be catalyzed so they come to life because I was using more material Catalyst Energies.


As I ascend to less material levels in the course of my Transition, I will be producing less material Catalyst Energy.  With less material Catalyst Energy, I will be able to catalyze miracles only if they are traveling at an optimum speed in the Dream Heaven Pathways that I will drop them into when I bring them into the Manifest World. I need Heaven Agents to travel in these Inner Plane Dream Heaven Pathways along with the miracles to build up the right levels of momentum that enable the miracles to receive the Catalyst Charge that brings them to life. 


To do this kind of work, Inner Plane Dream Heaven Training is required since the parts of the Suit that can run these Pathways are more akin to the intelligence of the autonomic nervous system than to what is learned and practiced by the conscious mind. No conscious mind training could effect the fast paced work that is needed in the Dream Heaven Pathways.  This work is more like the work of the biological DNA than like a skill set that a Heaven Agent uses to do work in his Conscious Range.


Hold the Line for Heaven

As I pull out of my tasks in the Manifest World, Heaven Agents will need to come forward to Hold the Line for Heaven against the Negativity. The Negativity is the criminal element most involved in The Hell Project that opposes The Heaven Project created by the Source. I have been Holding the Line for Heaven and calling on their help on rare occasions.


I am no longer able to expend energy on this kind of defense work now that I am going into a more insular mode and returning to my natural way of life as the Source.


I can still assist beings with Source Support for their defense, but I will no longer be on the front lines Holding the Line for Heaven for them while they wait to be defended.


If they do not step forward to rout out the Negativity while I am here to help them then when I am gone they will be in grave danger without any Source Presence in the Creation that can come in to assist in their efforts.


This means that the work of Making the World Safe for Heaven will fall increasingly on the Heaven Agents who benefit from a world that is safe for Heaven. This is similar to the shift from the defense work that I did to set up the Prototype Communities which then transferred to the diligent daily defense work that they do to maintain their negativity-free communities.


Take Responsibility for Implementing the Source Plan

As the Implementation Aspect I have spearheaded the work to implement The Source Plan for manifesting Life as Heaven in the Manifest World.


I will be increasingly stepping back and giving beings in the Manifest World the opportunity to step forward and work with the Source Guidance that I can make available to them to take responsibility for building Source-Connected Lives and a Source-Connected Community.  I will provide Source Support and leadership for The Universal Heaven Project, but my leadership will focus on helping beings to reach the stage of maturity when they can receive Source Guidance about the Source Plan and implement it through their careful attention to becoming what is needed to support The Work of the Source.  



The Technical Aspect of the Transition

I have begun my ascent to more immaterial levels in preparation for my Transition out of the Manifest World into the Unmanifest Level where I will rejoin the Design Aspect of the Source.  There are 12 Levels to this Transition, each level more immaterial than the level before it. Each level is subdivided into 12 sublevels. The Transition will, optimally, take place over several decades. If conditions are not right, the Transition could be accelerated.


In the stages of The Transition that occurred from  October 15, 2015 to December 5, 2018 The Substratum lifted up to higher levels of vibration.  In the December 5th Transition, it came to rest at Level ll.6.5 which is the highest level that it will go until it shifts to Level 12 at the end of The Transition.  When it shifts to Level 12, the Implementation Aspect will leave along with The Substratum and beings will need to be trained and equipped to help land a replacement Substratum that will provide them with the context in which they can sustain their lives.


Now the stages of The Transition are not based on the Standard that the Suit needs to achieve in order to lift up with The Substratum but rather the Standard that is needed to retain its place in The Substratum.  The pace of the transformational work has stepped up greatly in 2020 and will continue to accelerate to keep pace with The Sustainability Timeline that marks the critical points in time when the Suit needs to have achieved a Standard that determines its ability to stay in harmony with the changes in The Substratum.


There are now sporadic Universal Transitions when all Suits throughout the Creation need to achieve the same Standard and Individual Transitions which hold Standards unique to The Path to Ultimate Sustainability that a Suit must travel in order to sustain its Source Connection by the final stage of The Transition.


Individual Transitions can occur multiple times per week.  Suits meet these Standards by going on Correct Exchange Missions given to them by the Source. Training in how to do Correct Exchange Missions is available in The Materialization Economy Project and in The Celebrating Source Truth Project


The Sustainability Timeline helps beings to know the bottomline of what Standards their Suit must achieve in order to be fully sustainable by the end of The Transition.  Keeping up with the work of preparing is what will enable the Suit to achieve Ultimate Sustainability.




The Turning Points & Sublevel Transitions 


Transitions in
2016, 2017, 2018, 2019, 2020, & 2021



Transitions in 2016

January 8th – Level 4.0 to Level 4.1.2

February 16th – Level 4.1.2 to Level 4.3

March 6th – Level 4.3 to Level 4.5.6

March 7th – Level 4.5.6 to Level 4.5.9 

April 8th – Level 4.5.9 to Level 4.6.2 

May 10th – Level 4.6.2 to Level 4.8.9 

May 11th –  Level 4.8.9 to Level 4.10.3 

July 10th –  Level 4.10.3 to Level 4.12.1

August 15th –  Level 4.12.1 to Level 5.0 – Turning Point 

September 5th –  Level 5.0 to Level 5.10.2 

September 15th – Level 5.10.2 to Level 5.11 – Turning Point  

October 7th – Level 5.11 to Level 5.11.2 

December 7th – Level 5.11.2 to Level 5.11.9 



Transitions in 2017

April 10, 2017 – Level 5.11.9 to Level 5.12 

April 15th – Level 5.12 to Level 6.0 – Turning Point 

May 9th – Level 6.0 to Level 6.2

May 10th – Level 6.2 to Level 6.8 

May 12th – Level 6.8 to Level 6.9 

May 15th – Level 6.9 to Level 6.10 – Turning Point 

June 7th – Level 6.10 to Level 6.12 

June 15th – Level 6.12 to Level 7.0 – Turning Point

September 10th – Level 7.0 to Level 7.6 

November 29th – Level 7.6 to Level 7.8 

December 9th – Level 7.8 to Level 7.9 

December 13th – Level 7.9 to Level 7.10 



Transitions in 2018

January 16th – Level 7.10 to Level 8.9 

January 22nd - Level 8.9 to Level 8.10 

March 10th - Level 8.10 to Level 9.3 

April 19th - Level 9.3 to Level 9.9 

April 28th - Level 9.9 to Level 10 

July 12th - Level 10 to Level 10.9 - Turning Point  

August 10th -  Level 10.9 to Level 10.10 

August 11th - Level 10.10 to Level 10.10.9 

November 7th - Level 10.10.9 to Level 10.12 

November 15th - Level 10.12 to Level 11.2.5 – Turning Point 

December 5th - Level 11.2.5 to Level 11.6.5 



Transitions in 2019

February 15th – Turning Point Transition

Six Part Transition

  • April 16th
  • April 18th
  • April 23rd
  • May 2nd
  • May 12th
  • May 16th


June 12th

July 31st

August 11th

September 30th

November 10th

November 13th

December 9th

December 22nd


Transitions in 2020

January 23rd

February 22nd

April 7th & 14th

May 12th

June 12th

August 1st through the 12th

September 20th

October through December – Daily Transitions


Transitions in 2021

This was a year of predominately Individual Transitions with a few Universal Transitions in December on the 10th and the 22nd. The Individual Transitions occurred multiple times a week according to the dates on The Sustainability Timeline for the Standards that a Suit needed to meet by the Timeline in order to retain their place in The Substratum.



The bottom line is that the Suits that will preserve their Source Connection in these and future Transitions until Level 12 is reached, will be the ones that train with the Source to learn how to reach a 100% Source Connection and establish a 100% Source-Connected Life.  


Those who preserve their Source Connection will be actively using their unique Miracle-Based Abilities to support The Work of the Source to transition Life in the Creation into a Source-Connected, Total Abundance Way of Life.




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