The Choices that Help You Find Your Way Out of the Cultural Maze 




Let's start with the choices that you need to make in order to make a Financial Contribution to The Work of the Source. 


You could choose to celebrate the fact that it is possible to contribute to a miracle such as The Source Connection Project through a Financial Exchange if your Suit is not currently able to generate the Material Energy needed through an Energy Exchange.  This adaptation of the Correct Exchange is a miracle in and of itself.  It is not easy to take the Material Energy generated by Work Power in the current corrupt Cash Economy and use it to ground a miracle that generally requires a higher grade of Material Energy.  It is a gift from the Source that this process has been created and made available to beings who would otherwise be unable to provide the Material Energy for the miracles that they desperately need in order to repair their Suits and survive in the Manifest World.


Or you could hold to a Cultural Story about how the Source should operate in the Manifest World and sit in judgement based on Story Ideas about how you think that the Source should do things.  In many spiritual traditions, any financial exchange is considered to be an intrusion of the secular marketplace into what is spiritual.  In many spiritual traditions, what is spiritual is carefully cordoned off from what is secular and financial.  While this may have been an attempt to counter the greed of The Cash Economy, it has not resulted in a purification of the marketplace.


The only method that has transformed every life into a Heaven Life is the method used by the 14 Prototype Communities. In these Communities, the Source transformed their Hell Economies into Heaven Economies by teaching them how to exchange without greed, following the Principle of Source-Guided Correct Exchange.  This led to an economy in which everything that is needed materially is manifested directly from the Spiritual Level of Reality into the Physical Level of Reality without farming and manufacturing. It was a complete purification and spiritualization of the economy rather than a separation of the spiritual from the economic.


In commonsense terms, it doesn’t make sense that part of life could become pure and of Heaven while the economic part of life, which is what generally takes up the majority of peoples’ time and energies, remains corrupt, engendering the Hell of suffering.  


The Source approach to transforming the life of a Community into a Heaven Way of Life is to begin with the economic aspect of life.  This is because until there is Total Abundance for all there is conflict over scarce resources which blocks the formation of a Love-Based Community.  This conflict creates the discriminatory and suppressive social conditions that prevent individuals from achieving Life Purpose Fulfillment and causes the stresses that result in ill health, thus obstructing the work to manifest Perfect Health. 


Abundance in the economic arena is the place where Heaven must begin. Those wishing to learn from the Source how to make economic exchanges into exchanges that manifest Heaven, need to be willing to set aside their Story ideas about money and learn from the Source the A to Z of how to transition out the Hell Economy into the Heaven Economy.


In summary, the choice is to follow the lead of the Source into a Heaven Way of Life in the economic arena or to follow the lead of the culturally engendered Spiritual Traditions that have not been able to eliminate the corruption of the current economic system.  In many cases, they have been an integral part of this corruption although this  is contradictory to their own professed value systems.


If your choice is to follow the lead of the Source to learn how to work with Financial Exchanges in a Source-Guided Way, then you come to the next choice.  


The issue is:

How do you justify being asked by the Source to contribute financially when this might mean that you have to go out of your way to generate the extra funds or take some financial risks to share the funds that you already have?  Why doesn’t the Source do what they do in the Story World, which is to turn to those with more material wealth?  


The answer is that each being has a Mission to perform and if part of this Mission is to contribute a certain amount to The Heaven Project for the work on the Earth, then this contribution is important to complete their Mission in this life. The Source won’t have any other resource in place to complete that part of The Picture of Heaven since the Source is turning to that Heaven Agent to contribute that piece of the puzzle.


As a Manifestation of the Source, I operate from Source Logic.  I look to see who is supposed to step forward to provide a particular piece of the puzzle, and I provide them with the Source Support that is needed to be successful in their Mission.  If they fail to perform their Mission, then this leaves a gap in the resources available for The Work of the Source on the Earth which could lead to parts of the Project being unsupported in my lifetime and parts remaining incomplete when my incarnation is over.  


You could choose to understand Source Logic and why you are being asked to step forward and do what you alone can do and to view this as an opportunity to fulfill your Mission and build a better Source Connection that will stand you in good stead in this lifetime and in the lifetimes to come.  


You could choose to understand that the Source doesn’t come in with all of the resources that are needed for The Heaven Project because it is the role of the people to step forward and learn what they need to learn to provide the resources that are theirs to provide.  Only in this way do people evolve in their understanding of how to love and how to give.  The Source knows that those who learn to be takers and not givers are beings who don’t evolve into the Heaven that they were created to be.


Or you could stick to the Cultural Stories that hold that if I am a representative of the Source then I should be granted all of the wealth needed and should be doling out wealth to others and asking for nothing in return. 


Or you could choose to apply Story Logic and give something perfunctory that fits with your Story value system and consider that sufficient.


Or you could assert that if the Source asks you to make a financial choice that is not in keeping with the conservative values with which you might have been raised, that you have every right to refuse such a choice since your first and highest concern is protecting your financial resources and saving for a rainy day.  This is, of course, a self-centered choice made when Self Interest is your god.  


It is also a choice that cuts you off from the opportunity to achieve Total Abundance which requires that you become a steward of your resources rather than an owner of them.  As a steward, you allow your resources to come to you in Source-Guided Ways and to be released by you in Source-Guided Ways, trusting in the Source to balance out the financial picture of your life in a way that is in keeping with your highest good. It may be a way that does not end up securing the maximum amount of financial resources for you but which uses financial resources in a strategic way to provide you with the opportunities and experiences that enable you to accomplish your Mission in this life.


Those who horde their resources clog the Source Connection Supply Line and cut themselves off from the flow of Life Sustaining Energies that are necessary for them to have good health and to maintain the higher vibrational levels that keep them out of the grasp of the Negativity – the criminal element that operates on the Inner Plane.  They discover that while they may have financial security, they lack the security of good health and the security of being able to draw on the Source to protect them from the misfortunes that befall them when they fall into the hands of the Negativity.


Or you could choose to form the opinion that the methods and projects of the Source are not valid because you don't understand them and others in the Story World don't either and so you feel justified in not contributing at all.


This brings us to the next choice.


The issue is: 

How do you justify contributing to a Spiritual Solution when the world is clamoring for Material Solutions such as new wells in Third World countries and emergency medical relief for war zones or disaster regions? How can something so intangible as a Spiritual Solution effect the changes that are needed?


You could choose to step back and look at all of the various charitable organizations of the world and ask yourself if any of them are fundamentally altering the scarcity, disease, wars, and social abuse that they are designed to address.  Or are they just a bandaid approach to problems that are endemic to the human condition, problems that crop up in different ways in different times presenting the human population with the same issues of violence, disease, scarcity, and suffering.


When you step back to have a look, you could ask to receive the Source Perspective on the situation.  The Source Perspective is that none of these organizations have what it takes to fundamentally turn the situation around – to stop all of the levels of suffering and to manifest the quality of life that is enjoyed in the Prototype Communities.  This is because the root of the problems is in the Spiritual Level of Reality and not in the Physical Level of Reality where the Weeds of Suffering are growing.  Chopping down the Weeds of Suffering on the surface level without pulling up the roots, just gives rise to another round of Weeds growing from the roots.


The Source approaches the situation by first getting rid of the roots of the Weeds of Suffering and then planting the Flowers of Heaven that bring the joy of Heaven into every life.


It takes Material Energy, often through a Financial Exchange, to get rid of the roots of the Weeds and to bring in the Seeds of Heaven that give rise to the Flowers of Heaven.  This is because miracles are needed and miracles require Material Energy to ground.  It also takes financial support to operate The Heaven Project in a cash economy where expenses for maintaining the operation of The Miracle School and its Source Connection Center cannot be paid through an Energy Exchange. 


You could choose to trust in the wisdom and methodology of the Source to use the Financial Resources that you provide in a way that will be most efficient in achieving the highest good.


Or you could choose to continue to fund only the Weed Whacking Projects of the Story World that only eradicate some of the suffering but which can’t ultimately eradicate all of the suffering.  While the Source wishes that continuing support be provided for these charitable projects which do reduce the suffering, the Source also calls on beings to provide the support that is needed for the Ultimate Spiritual Healing that is needed that will eventually make the Weed Whacking Projects unnecessary.


In the Prototype Communities they do not spend their lives dealing with wars, mental illness, corrupt governments, criminals, prisons, courts, sexually and physically abused children and adults, and poverty stricken members of the Community.  They understand that Source Solutions work better than their Self-Made Solutions and with these Source Solutions they have built communities that are abundant, love-based, and disease-free – communities that nurture all of their own.


You could choose to participate in supporting The Work of the Source to establish this kind of outcome on the Earth, or you could choose to support the Story World Projects where people keep giving to a minimum degree and fully expect the problems of the world to continue on through the generations.


This brings us to the next choice.


In order to provide a Financial Contribution to the Source through The Miracle School, you have to understand the relationship of the Source to The Miracle School.


The Miracle School has been created by the Source and is directed by the Source through my Manifestation.  I am the aspect of the Source who incarnates in order to implement the Source Plan that is created by the Design Aspect of the Source which does not incarnate.  I am what is called the Implementation Aspect of the Source.


It is my task to interface with Manifest Beings as a representative of the Source in its entirety and to explain the Source Plan and how they can coordinate with the Source to stop the suffering in their lives and in the world and transition into a Heaven Way of Life.


I am here on the Earth in this, my last incarnation in a physical form, in order to provide the Source-Direction that is needed to rally the beings on the Earth to establish a Planetary Prototype Community which will be a Prototype that will enable others throughout the Creation to follow this Prototype to transition into a Heaven Way of Life themselves.


This Planetary Prototype can be accomplished through supporting the work that I alone can do that builds the essential Spiritual Structures that enable a Planetary Prototype Community to be founded.  I do 70% of the work needed to help the Earth and the Creation to transition into a Heaven Way of Life.


Once these essential structures are in place, the miracle of a Prototype Community on the Earth can begin to manifest.  


I am also here to provide the training and support needed for all beings on the Earth and throughout the Creation to know how to do the Heaven Agent Work that is 30% of  the work that is needed to transition into a Heaven Way of Life.


I have provided extensive free Training Materials online that outline in detail the nature of The Work of the Source and provide ongoing updates on what is happening in The Work of the Source. These materials can be accessed through Connecting.  


I also provide Written Communications from the Source in The Source News Hub which provide information in an interactive context that enables Heaven Agents to work with me on the Heaven Projects that build Heaven in the world.  It is here that Heaven Agents who have subscribed to the Feed can keep abreast of the latest changes in the work.


I maintain ongoing Source-Directed, Miracle-Based Training through The Miracle School that provides both At-a-Distance and In-Person Training available to anyone, anywhere on the planet who can attend via phone, online meeting, or webinar. It is through the Miracle-Based Coaching Program that I provide the individualized support that enables you to learn what you need to learn to have a Life that is Heaven.  The Coaching Program is best understood through watching The Next Step Video entitled: The Puzzle Piece Miracle.  This video is available to members of Connecting.


These training opportunities, along with a myriad of different forms of Source Support, provide Source Solutions to the individual and community problems that beings face in their lives today. The Miracle Tools and Source Interventions that you can find in The Source Solution Miracle Hub are miracles from the Source that I have brought through to enable you to begin living a Miracle-Based Way of Life much as it is lived in the Prototype Communities. They are an expression of my commitment to supporting The Planetary Prototype that will support the transition of all beings throughout the Universal Community into a Heaven Way of Life.  


Now that you have this background,

let's take a look at the choices that you have before you.


The choice is to either open to the idea that the Source is represented here through my human form, operating in a way that is contrary to the Cultural Stories about how the Creator operates in the world or to close the door and stick to your Cultural and Personal Stories because something out of the ordinary threatens the Story Truths upon which you have built your Story Life.


You could choose to keep an open mind and observe me in action and wonder at the way that the Source is working and learn more about it. You could be aware that your culturally conditioned left brain will pose all kinds of objections and will try to gang up with what the majority of people think about anything outside of the range of the Cultural Stories that are considered legitimate.


You could choose to learn from me how to go directly to the Source on the Inner Plane to learn about the world what no Cultural Story can teach you. You could prefer a direct Point of Connection with the Source and make the decision to learn directly from the Source rather than relying on the stories about the Source that have been passed down through the ages. 


I do not require belief or blind adherence to the Source Truths that I make available to you.  Instead, I provide you with the training to know how to receive Direct Source Truth on the Inner Plane so that whenever you need Source Guidance it will be there for you.  This is the only sustainable way to build the Source Connection since my time in your life is limited on the Outer Plane and will end through my physical incarnation when my life is over.  My goal is to enable you to build and sustain a strong Source Connection that will enable you to receive the miracle of Source Support throughout your lifetimes to come.


You could reflect on all of the different and conflicting cultural stories about the nature of the Source/Creator that exist in the human population and wonder if perhaps the Cultural Story that you have grown up believing could be a product of your society much as you can see that the Cultural Stories of other populations reflect their societies.


You could wonder what the Creator is really like and how the Creator views what is happening in the world and how the Creator would go about solving the problems of the world.  You could choose to wonder if the Creator, working from a complete picture of reality throughout the Creation, might go about solving the problems in the world in a different way than humans do. You might ponder the fact that the solutions that humans create spring from their cultural mindsets from which the problems they are seeking to solve have also arisen.


You could wonder why the Source has chosen to come in through a human form and be curious about how this works.


You could ask your Inner Intelligence, that knows how to connect to the Source, to connect you to the Source and only to the Source. This rules out any mistake that you might make through trying to sort through all of the conflicting ideas about the Source that you might have about making a real Connection.


I am not averse to your process in coming to understand the Source and my identity as a representative of the Source.  I understand that what is not supported by the Cultural Stories is considered impossible or unreal by the left brain.  This is because a new idea is processed through the computer-like intelligence of the left brain and if it doesn’t match up to the world view in the left brain, then the left brain concludes that it is illegitimate.


It really takes the development of a higher level of Spiritual Intelligence to know the Source. This is the Spiritual Intelligence that resides in the center of the heart chakra which is the seat of the Source Connection.  Some people have a well developed Spiritual Intelligence System and can readily recognize me as the Source in a human form and can override the left brain opposition to this idea.  Others have a poor Source Connection in their heart chakra and tend to fall back on their left brain for advice concerning this.  This leaves them unable to know what has not been validated by their cultural conditioning.


The only way to really know is to work with me to clear up your Suit from the damage done by the Disconnection from the Source. As you open up the Supply Line for the Source Connection, you will light up the lights of your Spiritual Intelligence System and will be able to see the Spiritual Level of Reality for yourself.


Knowing Truth directly is the goal of my work with you in The Miracle School.  I call this restoring the Direct Perception that you used to have before you lost the parts of your Source Connection that enabled you to see the world without a Story Filter coming in-between you and the world that you are perceiving.  Until you can restore Direct Perception, you may have doubts and fears about my identity because you will be looking at me through a Story Filter that doesn’t allow for a being such as myself to exist in a human form.  Until you are free of the Story Filter and can see with Direct Perception, you will always suffer from doubt and the fears that come from doubt.


You could choose to understand that your Suit is a mechanical device that has to be fixed in order for you to see Truth through it and travel in it on your Journey of Reconnection to the Source.  The Path of Ultimate Spiritual Healing is the path to fixing the Suit so it can see reality and can come to celebrate the opportunity that you have in this life to be with the Source through my incarnation.  Since this is your last opportunity to be with me in a physical form such as the human form into which I have incarnated in this lifetime, you will have to do the work needed to clear your Suit so that it will not abort your ability to make a strong Source Connection while I am here to guide you through the process of rebuilding this Connection.  


Alternatively, you could choose to believe that the Source doesn't manifest in a physical form but only appears on a cloud in the sky or as a column of light, or whatever you wish to believe.  While you may take comfort in feeling that your idea of the Source will win out over all, you will miss the opportunity to be with me in this lifetime and to build the solid Source Connection that will ensure your survival in the time ahead.


I would regret that the inability to recognize the presence of the Source had created a wall between us that prevented me from helping you to transition into the happiness that I wish for you.


This brings us to a another pivotal choice.


The issue is:

How do you deal with the opinions of others with regard to making a decision to contribute to The Work of the Source?


In the Story World, people often don't make up their own minds about the value of a teaching, product, or teacher but turn to others to see what they think.  It is the Monkey See, Monkey Do Principle.


While the Source understands this Story Logic, It calls all beings to go within and seek Source Guidance to make decisions and to refrain from making decisions based on what other people think. This is because the majority of the people who are committed to living a Story Way of Life are not able to provide support for someone who hears the Call of the Source and needs to travel a path that others around them have not yet traveled.


It is not possible with most radical innovations to turn to people who are stuck in the status quo for a vote of confidence for something that is outside of their range of experience.  Humans are known for killing or imprisoning their innovators and later canonizing them or exalting them when finally, often centuries later, the new idea has been accepted.  In modern times a less barbaric approach to dealing with new ideas is generally used, but humans have the same tendency to attack what is new and disparage it so that they won't have to deal with the change that it would bring into their lives.  


The resistance to change has become a problem that is now threatening all of life throughout the Creation.


Life in the Creation is reaching a point of colossal unsustainability at the Spiritual Level of Reality which will topple the Physical Level of Reality just as disease in the Spiritual System results in disease in the Physical System which can cause the death of the physical body.  Since most beings have tuned out the Spiritual Level of Reality, they are not watching the Evening Source News, as it were, to find out what is happening.  They, therefore, do not realize that life in the Creation is hanging in the balance and beings need to come to grips with what they individually and collectively need to do to survive.


I came into this lifetime at this point in history, to bring the News from the Source to the beings in the Creation so that they can understand the critical decisions that are at hand and the consequences and opportunities that will result from the choices that they make.


I encourage you to follow the emailed Source News Reports through Connecting and track what is happening in The Source News Hub and in The Source Connection Station.


I also advise you to learn from those who have traveled the Path to a Heaven Way of Life.  This is why, in Miracle School webinars, I put you in touch with the members of the Prototype Communities who you can talk with and from whom you can receive help.  These beings communicate to me and to advanced Heaven Agents on the Earth through the intuitive Universal Language of Soul Talk. This is translated for the sake of those who are not conversant in this language.  Anyone can remember this natural Universal Language and communicate directly with the members of the Prototype Communities.


The Prototype Communities share their experiences and their advice on how they made it out of the suffering of the Story Way of Life into a Heaven Way of Life when their communities first transitioned many thousands of years ago.  Through getting to know them and learning from them how they made it work, you can receive peer level support for your own personal transition and for the transition of the Community on the Earth.


Another resource is experienced Heaven Agents who have been working with me on the Earth who are able to articulate what they have learned about making the transition into a Source Connection Life.  I recommend the writings of Hilde from Belgium. You can read her comments on her experiences in The Universal Community Hub.  


You can also observe Heaven Agents at work in the Audio Broadcast Series: Heaven Agents in Action.


In The Universal Community Hub you will have access to Heaven Agents from the Earth and from the Original Creation and The Second Creation that are outside of the Earth Plane. Through getting to know their perspective on what is happening in their work with the Source, you will be taking a first step to being able to one day contribute to the Universal Team Work that will be needed to Steward the Spiritual Structure of The Habitat for Life that will be in jeopardy at the end of The Transition


This kind of thoughtful and deep sharing of important life experiences is the kind of sharing that the Source considers helpful to transitioning into a Heaven Way of Life. The Source does not promote thoughtless following of an idea because others are doing it.  The Source recommends a process of thinking deeply about the nature of Life and Truth, seeking to connect directly to Inner Source Guidance, and following a path that is Source-Given to discover the Heaven that is possible for your life and for every life throughout the Creation.


It is sharing that generates the Secondary Spiritual Genetic Code that can be passed on to others to help speed them on their path to understanding and transitioning into a Heaven Way of Life.  It was the shared Secondary Code sent from the first Prototype Community, that I founded in person, to the other 13 Prototype Communities, that I did not visit in person, that enabled them to achieve the same quality of life in the same period of time – the 29 years that it took for the first Prototype Community to transition out of scarcity and suffering into the Heaven of an abundant, disease-free, love-based, Miracle-Based Way of Life.


This brings us to the choice about how you deal with the opinions of others.


You could choose to transition into a Heaven Way of Life and to help all others to have this opportunity.


You could understand that you are a pioneer, traveling a road that others around you have not traveled and might be fearful to travel.  Instead of turning to them to validate your choice, you could choose to continue on, following your Life Adventure, honoring the Mission that brought you into this life.  You could hope that they might choose to join you but you could choose to continue on even if they don't.


To support yourself during the transition you can choose to turn to the Source, learning how to read your Life Adventure to know what is your Next Step.  


You can also choose to learn from those who, like you, are making the transition or have made it and can share with you their experiences. As you listen to them, you get a clearer understanding of how to work with the Source to Live Heaven in your every day life.


Or, you could choose to put being accepted by those around you as your primary objective in this life and sidestep the opportunity to support The Work of the Source.  You could then choose to criticize and devalue those who are pioneering a Heaven Way of Life.  You could align yourself with others living a Story Way of Life and try to make a Story Way of Life seem like the only legitimate way to live, citing the numbers of others who are living in this way.


You could choose to retain a shopping and consuming mentality toward your work with the Source and want a full guarantee or your money back if you travel down the road toward a Heaven Way of Life and decide for any reason that it isn't easy or isn't what you thought it was going to be.  This stance, of course, roots you in the value system and judgements of a Story Way of Life and actually prevents you from traveling the road into a Heaven Way of Life. It is like trying to set sail for the New World while simultaneously remaining tethered to the shore of the Old World.


In the Prototype Communities, they decided to support The Work of the Source and to experience it firsthand and then to come to some kind of understanding about it.  They realized that if they demanded that the Source prove the viability of every miracle that could come into their life before it landed and anyone had experienced it, that they would be without any miracles since they were not accustomed to living a Miracle-Based Way of Life and no one had any experience with these miracles.  Commonsense instructed them to learn by experiencing and to do what was necessary for them to have this experience, which was to supply the Material Energy needed for the miracles to land in their Community.


This is where people are today on the Earth.  The Source is ready to deliver Miracle-Based Source Solutions to all of the problems of the world if beings are willing to provide the Material Energy to support them.  Each Source Solution is a Puzzle Piece in The Picture of Heaven for the Community.  No one on the Earth has ever experienced such miracles at work and so there is no way to know what it will be like until these miracles have landed in the Community.  The only way to ground them in the Community is to provide the Material Energy needed to ground them.


People on the Earth can reference how miracles of a similar sort have worked in the 14 Prototype Communities if they take the time to get to know these Communities and to talk with the beings who are currently living a Heaven Way of Life that centers on these miracles. The kind of miracles that the Source is bringing into the Earth are essentially upgrades of those used in the Prototype Communities. They are upgrades because they are designed to operate to produce the same quality of life even though the conditions on the Earth are not as Miracle-Friendly as the conditions in the protected Spiritual Space of a Prototype Community.


This brings us to yet another choice.


The issue is: 

How do you justify supporting a project when you lack the expertise to evaluate the Plan of Action of the project and the methodologies to be employed?


In the Story World those who seriously support a Cause usually want to get into the organization that is backing the cause and try to influence the direction of the project.  They want to know why the organization thinks that a particular course of action is going to be effective, the proof of this based on past experience, etc.  Those lacking the expertise to participate in this kind of scrutiny, support the funding to have professionals come in to supervise the operation.  In this way it is believed that funds provided for the project will be used wisely and progress will be made.


With The Work of the Source on the Universal Heaven Project, it is not possible for Manifest Beings to wrap their minds around the scope of the project. The Source is calculating all of the variables that affect all of the lives of every being throughout the Creation. The Source is tracking the exploits of the Negativity and developing interventions that can survive the attack of the Negativity.


The Source is able to do this because it has Simultaneous Consciousness which sees all things at all times.  This is what beings have understood as Omniscience.  This kind of Consciousness is what the Design Aspect of the Source uses to design a comprehensive Source Plan for The Universal Heaven Project.  I can access this kind of Big Picture Perspective of my Source Function when I transcend the Sequential Thinking of the human mind and merge into the Simultaneous Consciousness of my Source Mind.


Manifest Beings such as yourself have Sequential Consciousness. You see first one thing and then another.  You were created by the Source to have this kind of intelligence so that you could navigate in the Manifest World and delight in the miracles of Heaven as they unfold every step of the way.  


Sequential Thinkers can't see the Source Plan for every life throughout the Creation in one snapshot and process this information.  Sequential Thinkers work best leaving the Source to handle the overall Design for The Heaven Project and asking to "become what is needed to support The Work of the Source".


This stance enables Manifest Beings to release their attempt to control The Heaven Project which is outside of their range of understanding.  It frees them from feeling anxious about their performance, which spiritual technique to use in any given situation, and how to do a good job of supporting The Work of the Source.


All they have to do is to choose to "become what is needed to support The Work of the Source" and the Source provides them with the power and miracles and information to morph into whatever they need to be to do extraordinary Heaven Agent Work that is critical to manifesting Heaven in their lives.


The members of the Prototype Communities have unanimously endorsed a stance of choosing to "Become what is needed to support The Work of the Source" as the primary way in which they have learned to flow with the massive changes that freed them to live a Heaven Way of Life.  They said that it took awhile before they stopped trying to take charge of the project and learned to allow the Source to direct them.  From the moment that they agreed to "become what was needed" they experienced their Suits becoming capable of performing very high level Heaven Agent Work, often developing new abilities that flowed into them for the task at hand.  


They stopped worrying about how they were going to get their needs met or meet the needs of the Community and put their energies into "becoming what was needed to support The Work of the Source" which resulted in the Heaven that they have enjoyed for thousands of years.


So – the choices are to put your trust in the Source to direct The Universal Heaven Project and to choose to "become what is needed to support The Work of the Source" or to try to exert a controlling influence on the work out of fear that the Source won't handle the project better than you would or to back out altogether because the way that the Source runs a project is contrary to what you are familiar with in the Story World.


You could choose to celebrate the fact that the Source has come into your reality to help you to solve the problems that have defeated beings for billions of years and to provide the leadership needed for all beings to transition into the Heaven of True Happiness.


This brings us to the final choice.


Do you choose to "become what is needed to support The Work of the Source to help all beings achieve a 100% Source Connection before it is too late for them to make this transition?


If your answer is "Yes", then your Next Step is to go to The Source-Directed Activism Hub where you will find a listing of all of the ways in which you can support The Work of the Source.


To learn more about The Work of the Source and to access training opportunities, you can go to The Source-Directed, Miracle-Based Training Hub to get Trained & Equipped to work alongside the Source in building the Heaven of the Source-Connected, Total Abundance Way of Life that is needed for the Source to sustain Life in the Creation after the end of The Transition.  As a part of this training you can participate in Build Heaven Projects in The Build Heaven Project Hub and equip yourself with Source Solution Miracles in The Source Solution Miracle Hub


If you have specific questions, you can reach me by going to: Contact.




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