The Abundance Mindset



The important concept in providing the Material Energy for the forms of Source Support that you need, is that you are not limited by what you currently have financially or what you can currently produce energetically.  The Source will work with you to expand your potential to produce all of the Material Energy that is needed so that you can have all of the Source Support that your Suit needs.  


You may have to stretch beyond the deficit thinking of the Hell Perspective but this is part of your growth into a viable part of the new Heaven Economy that is beginning to open the doors to abundance in the Community on the Earth that is Prototyping a Source-Connected Way of Life.


If you ask to receive The Abundance Mindset, you will be able to rise above fear-based deficit thinking and enter into the realm of the miraculous where what is not possible in The Hell Economy is possible in The Heaven Economy.


In summary, every miracle requires Material Energy to ground it at the level of materiality where Material Beings, such as yourself, can benefit from it.  The Source creates the miracles but does not provide the Material Energy to ground them.  Only Manifest Beings can provide this Material Energy.


Miracles are always given freely to all beings.  All that is needed is for you and other Material Beings to provide the Material Energy that enables the Source to deliver the miracles to you.


This brings us to the next choice.


If you could have a priceless gift from the Source, freely given out of the love of the Source for you and from the Source’s deep desire that you experience the Heaven of True Happiness, knowing that this miracle is a perfect creation that will deliver what it is designed by the Source to deliver, would you be willing to provide the Material Energy needed for this miracle to be delivered?  


Since the Source doesn't produce the Material Energy to deliver the miracles, you can either:

  • provide the Material Energy that is needed and receive the priceless gifts from the Source or
  • hold that if the Source is all powerful It should provide everything to make every project a success while you and others do nothing more than wait to enjoy the end result of the work 
  • do without the miracles and believe in many of the theories about the Source/Creator in the Spiritual Traditions of the world that hold that the Source withheld what was needed because:
    • you or others in need weren't worthy
    • as a punishment
    • as a harsh life lesson
    • as a whim or show of power
    • to maintain a world in which suffering is the norm and only some of the suffering is to be alleviated but not all of it


What it comes down to is making a choice to learn from the Source about how things really work in the Source-Designed Creation or believe in the Cultural Stories about the Source and how the Source works in the Creation.  


Many of the Cultural Stories depict the Source as a parent and beings as children who do nothing more than cry out for parental support.  


What if this is a wrong perception of how things work?  


What if the Source views you as an able-bodied adult working on a Joint Venture to manifest Heaven in the world?


What if the Source is not able, according to the Laws of Life, to do your part in this Joint Venture if you fail to do it?


Ultimately this leaves you with the choice of persisting in believing in the Cultural Stories which the Source is telling you are erroneous and will not enable you to have a Life that is Heaven or deciding to provide the Material Energy as needed and see what happens.  


You can always learn from this experience. Then your choice is not based on blind belief but on the outcome that you experience.  


This is how the members of the Prototype Communities learned to trust The Principle of Correct Exchange. They observed that when they provided the Material Energy as needed, miracles landed in their life and they transitioned out of suffering into abundance. They also observed that when they demanded services from the Source and provided nothing in return or provided sacrifices that they believed the Source required to smile on them and give them what they wanted, that no miracles arrived either.  


They also observed that when they engaged in Self-Made Spiritual Technologies using visualization and attraction to manifest resources, they would often succeed in manifesting what they wanted but it wouldn't be what really made them happy.  It often took resources away from one being and manifested them in the life of another being, creating scarcity in one life to provide abundance in another life.


They then began to understand that beyond the miracle of Correct Exchange was the wisdom of the Source who knows how to guide them toward manifesting what results in the highest level of happiness for all rather than what they thought might result in happiness.


In this way, they put the picture together and shifted into relying on The Correct Exchange System and Direct Source Guidance. This combination enabled them to manifest the abundance of a Miracle-Based Way of Life.


So – what is your choice?


Do you choose to travel a Source-Guided Path to protecting your Source Connection and your potential for experiencing a Life that is Heaven.   


Or do you choose to stay in your current state of Disconnection until you lose your Source Connection altogether and along with it the opportunity to have Life as Heaven or even a life in The Manifest World.  In this time of The Transition, you could lose your life if you do not achieve the 100% Source Connection that is needed for the Source to sustain your life once the Implementation Aspect returns to the Source Level.


When you learn about the forms of Source Support that are available, do you choose to work with the Source to find out what is in the Source Plan for providing the needed Material Energy or do you retreat into deficit mode and rail at the Source for bringing forth miracles that require your participation in the Manifestation Process.


These are pivotal decisions that will shape your future and either open you to the Heaven your life was meant to be or close you in the box of your Personal and Cultural Story until there is no Life left in the box to sustain you.


It is the wish of the Source that you awaken and work alongside me as we complete the phase of the Creation in which I have been manifesting in the world with you to help you to get ready to assume the responsibilities of a mature steward of The Miracle of Life.


This could be a joyful transition that culminates in a World that Works, a world in which beings are finally pulling their weight in the actual work of building and maintaining the Heaven of a Source-Connected, Miracle-Based Way of Life.


Or it could be a disaster that ends up with the termination of life in the Original Creation and only a handful of survivors who made it to the 100% Source Connection and into The Source Perfected World.


I can’t argue with the insanity of The Hell Perspective. I can’t debate with you what is happening based on Cultural Stories.  I can only present you with the Source Perspective and ask that you keep an open mind and feel in your heart the love of the Source who wishes for you the Heaven you first incarnated to experience.



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