The Source-Directed,
Miracle-Based Training Project

An Implementation Project
Supported by
The Life Purpose Fulfillment Project















Source Direction and Miracles to enable you to become a
skilled Source-Directed Spiritual and Social Activist
who can work with the Source to build the
Heaven that life was meant to be.



Sherry Daniel, Ph.D. - Founder of The Miracle School

Sherry Daniel, Ph.D.

Director of The Heaven Project
Founder of The Miracle School



This is the place where you can come to learn about The Source-Directed, Miracle-Based Training Project that trains you to Build Heaven and Live Heaven and Protect Heaven by becoming a skilled Steward of Life.


 About The Source-Directed,
Miracle-Based Training Project


The Purpose of The Miracle-Based Training Project

The Implementation Project for The Life Purpose Fulfillment Project is The Source-Directed,  Miracle-Based Training Project. This Project helps a Heaven Agent to achieve Life Purpose Fulfillment by learning how to work with the Source in a strong Working Relationship on both the Inner and Outer Planes. 


Life Purpose Fulfillment is defined by the Source as living true to your purpose by completing the unique Mission which you came into this life to perform. This Mission is to build the aspect of the Heaven of Total Abundance for yourself and others that you alone can build. By building this Heaven, which affords you ultimate happiness and fulfillment, you simultaneously secure your Source Connection, which is your Link to Life.


Inner Plane Training, which is Training on The Spiritual Level of Reality, is what provides your Suit – your body/mind –  with what it needs to perform the technical part of what it takes to preserve its Source Connection, which is what enables you to have a life in The Manifest World. 


Outer Plane Training, which is work on The Physical Level of Reality, helps the Conscious Range of your Suit to understand what is happening in the Inner Plane Training and to gain important Outer Plane concepts and skills essential to achieving the 100% Source Connection that will enable it to sustain its Source Connection at the end of The Transition. A 100% Source Connection is achieved by building a 100% Source-Connected, Total Abundance Way of Life that supports the development of a 100% Source Connection.


While traveling their Paths to the 100% Source Connection, Heaven Agents gain freedom from the Negativity, the criminal element that operates on the Inner Plane, which has locked Suits into Building the Hell of scarcity, suffering, and struggle that leads to The Hell Experience.  They learn how to build the Heaven of abundance, true happiness, and a Total Abundance Way of Life way of life that leads to The Heaven Experience. The Heaven Experience manifests from a way of life that is Miracle-Based and not reliant on the Brute Force Technologies that have limited beings to a way of life that manifests The Hell Experience.


Heaven Agents learn how to work with other Heaven Agents to build a Love-Based Community that nurtures all of its own.  Through training in this Team Work, they prepare to shoulder the work of Stewarding The Miracle of Life which will be their work once the Implementation Aspect returns to the Source Level at the end of The Transition. The Implementation Aspect is now performing the majority of this Stewarding Work that sustains life in the Creation. When the Implementation Aspect leaves the Creation, trained Heaven Agents will need to be capable of Stewarding Life if their individual lives and the life of the Creation are to be sustained. The Implementation Aspect will continue to provide a certain level of Stewarding Work from the Source Level but the more materialized levels of the work will have to be done by Heaven Agents residing in the Creation.


Since the Transition will end by 2045 if not before, there is an urgent need for Heaven Agents to get trained to do their parts so that they individually will be able to sustain their Source Connection, their Link to Life, and will help to sustain the Source Connection of the structures of the Creation.



The Miracle School 

Miracle-Based Training occurs within the context of The Miracle School, which is the Implementation Aspect of The Universal Heaven Project. The Miracle School is a miracle that operates on two levels.  


The Levels of The Miracle School  

On the Outer Plane level of The Miracle School, Heaven Agents working with me on the Earth have access to the information on the website and train with me either remotely by phone or through online meetings or webinars or in-person in The Seattle Source Connection Center.


On the Inner Plane level of The Miracle School, beings throughout the Creation receive the same information, translated for their use, and interact with me through Inner Plane Individual and Group Coaching Sessions.  


What Heaven Agents working with me in person on the Outer Plane learn about how to Build Heaven and Live Heaven generates Secondary Code which is sent to Heaven Agents who are working with me only on the Inner Plane. This helps those working on the Inner Plane to understand more clearly what they are learning in the Inner Plane level of The Miracle School.


This replicates the success of the 14 Prototype Communities that the Source established many thousands of years ago in different parts of the Creation.  I only worked on the Outer Plane with one of the Prototype Communities and worked entirely on the Inner Plane with the other 13 Prototype Communities who received Secondary Code from the first Prototype Community. All 14 Prototype Communities transitioned successfully from Brute Force Economies and societies rife with conflict into Heaven Economies that yielded Love-Based Communities that worked together for the Total Abundance of all members of the Community.


Since the start of The Transition, beings from all over the Creation have been receiving regular Source Communications from my aspect of the Source Identity to help them to preserve their Source Connection during the stages of The Transition which alter the nature of The Source Connection, requiring technical adjustments on the part of the Suit.  While many have failed to heed the guidance of the Source and have lost their Source Connection and with it their place in the Creation for their future lives, most beings have worked with me to prepare for the upcoming stages of The Transition and have succeeded in preserving their Source Connection.


We have now entered a phase of The Transition when the only Suits that will meet the Standards for the upcoming stages will be those who are able to perform the flawless Heaven Agent Work that is needed to become the Heaven that they were created to become and to build the Heaven of the Source-Connected, Total Abundance Way of Life that they need in order to retain their Source Connection. At this point in The Transition, more rigorous Training that develops Heaven Agent Skill Sets that can be used in the Conscious Range of the Suit are mandatory to meeting these Standards.


This is where Miracle-Based Training is needed. Without it Suits will not be prepared to meet these high Standards.


At-a-Distance and In-Person Training

In The Miracle-Based Training Hub, I list Miracle-Based Training according to whether it is given At-a-Distance or In-Person.  


At-a-Distance Training might include purely Inner Plane work as in Inner Plane Coaching or it might include working in an Online Source Connection Center Station or with a Miracle Tool on the Outer Plane or with a Source Workflow Training that is either written or recorded. It might include Asynchronous Online Coaching through an Online Coaching Station. And it might include coming to The Seattle Source Connection Center and working with me At-a-Distance in a room in the Center that transports you into an Inner Plane Spiritual Station.


I am present on the Inner Plane as Heaven Agents work with me in these At-a-Distance modalities. 


In-Person Training occurs when I meet with a Heaven Agent on the Outer Plane in an in-person interaction.  The interaction might occur remotely or in The Source Connection Center in Seattle, Washington, in the United States. The interaction might take the form of an Individual Session or a Group Session. 


Miracle-Based Training, like all other forms of Source Support, requires that the Heaven Agent be both:

  • providing the Material Energy needed to build the Energy Nest to ground the miracles 
  • have a Suit that is generating the Miracle-Friendly Field that is needed for the incoming miracles to work with the Suit.  


Different levels of Miracle-Based Training can occur according to the level of the Miracle-Friendly or Miracle-Unfriendly Energy Field that a Heaven Agent's Suit is producing.


Gifted Miracle-Based Trainings 

There are two forms of Gifted Miracle-Based Trainings offered by The Miracle School.

  • Gifted Information/Training Funded by The World that Works Fund 
  • Gifted Source-Directed Activism Training Funded by The Universal Heaven Agent Network and available through  a gifted membership in Connecting


Spiritual Code is the miracle in all of the Gifted Miracle-Based Trainings. Without Material Energy the miracle of Spiritual Code could not be given. Material Energy is, therefore, provided for the Gifted Trainings by other Heaven Agents on behalf of Heaven Agents beginning their training in The Miracle School.  


The World that Works Fund to which Heaven Agents throughout the Creation contribute Material Energy, is an Inner Plane Material Energy Reserve that I can draw Material Energy from to ground miracles needed for introductory level training.  


The Universal Heaven Agent Network is a network of advanced Heaven Agents who support those coming into The Miracle School by providing the Material Energy for the miracles they need to get started. 


Those working with these materials who have Suits that are not producing the requisite Miracle-Friendly Field needed by the miracles called upon in the Training do not receive the miracle of Spiritual Code. They do, however, receive the information imparted in the Training. With this information they can begin improving their Source Connection and producing a higher grade Miracle-Friendly Field so that in the future they can qualify to receive the miracle of Spiritual Code.


For more information on Material Energy and Miracle-Friendly Fields, I recommend reading the articles: How Miracles Come into Your Life and World and Miracle-Friendly/Miracle-Unfriendly Fields.


Miracle-Based Training that Requires a Correct Exchange from the Student

Beyond the extensive Gifted Training materials on the website are forms of Miracle-Based Training that are open to:

  • those who are not in a Miracle-Based Coaching Program but who would like to work with a Miracle Tool, a Source Intervention, a Miracle-Based Adventure, an Online Station, a Source Workflow Training, etc.
  • those who are in The Miracle-Based Coaching Program 


Those not in The Miracle-Based Coaching Program who wish to work with Source Solution Miracles or Source Workflow Trainings, are free to do that as long as they:

  • provide the Material Energy that is needed
  • meet the criteria for being able to produce the Miracle-Friendly Field that is needed by the miracles.  


Those wishing to work with me in-person, can request admission into The Miracle-Based Coaching Program. Admission to The Miracle-Based Coaching Program is a gifted admission if your Suit is producing the Miracle-Friendly Field that is needed to work with the miracles that are called upon in the Coaching Program. 


When you are admitted into The Miracle-Based Coaching Program, there is no standard structure for how the Training is to proceed. A Source Plan is created by the Source for you individually and I communicate to you about what Next Steps the Source is recommending that you take to preserve your Source Connection by building Heaven in your life and learning how to Live Heaven. You make the decision regarding each Next Step and work with me if you need Source Support in finding a way to provide the Material Energy. Help is available from The Universal Heaven Agent Network for eligible Heaven Agents as well as through a no interest Payment Plan and Heaven Economy Options for funding your education in The Miracle School.


More information on the levels of The Miracle-Based Coaching Program and how to request admission is given at:  Miracle-Based Coaching.


Entry into The Miracle-Based Coaching Program on the Outer Plane provides your Suit with the highest level of Source Support that is available through The Miracle School .  



How to Work on this Project

Exploring the Range of Miracle-Based Training

The place to begin is to acquaint yourself with the different forms of Miracle-Based Training that are available.  The best way to do this is to work with the information provided in The Source-Directed, Miracle-Based Training Hub.  This Hub will connect you to information and Training opportunities in The Build Heaven Project Hub, The Source Solution Miracle Hub, and The Source News Hub.  Through exploring these forms of Source Support, you will have a better understanding of the range of Miracle-Based Training that is available.


If you have questions, you can contact me at: Contact.


Keeping Abreast of the Training Needed for the Stages of The Transition 

It is time to get started mastering the Heaven Agent Skill Set that will enable your Suit to meet the Standards in the upcoming stages of The Transition.  Following the news of The Transition in The Source Connection Station is one way to get an in-depth understanding of what is happening in the massive changes that are occurring in the Creation.  


The Source Connection Station is open to members of Connecting.  It can be reached at: The Source Connection Station. If you are not yet a member of Connecting, you can request this gifted membership by going to: Connecting Signup.


A key training now in focus is The Sustainability Timeline Training which provides specific information about upcoming Sustainability Timelines and the Source Support created to help meet these Timelines. The Sustainability Timeline was created by the Source to help Heaven Agents prepare their Suits to achieve the Standards of each Sustainability Timeline that determines the ability of the Suit to retain its Source Connection.


In this recorded Source Workflow Training, miracles are transmitted that help the Suit have what it needs on a technical level in its Extended Range, which is often outside of its conscious awareness, as well as on a Conscious Range level where it has to understand the Heaven that it needs to build.




At the heart of The Miracle School is The Source-Directed, Miracle-Based Training Project to train Heaven Agents to preserve their Source Connection while achieving Life Purpose Fulfillment.


In this time of The Transition, massive Universal Changes are changing the nature of The Source Connection and making it challenging for Suits to understand the changes and prepare adequately to meet the higher Standards that must be met to retain their Source Connections. Miracle-Based Training gives the Suit a chance to prepare adequately to meet these Standards, which include learning how to Build Heaven, Live Heaven, and Steward The Miracle of Life.  All of these skills are needed if the Suit is to remain viable in the Creation after the departure of the Implementation Aspect to the Source Level at the end of The Transition.