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How to Request
Written Source Workflow Training Sessions


Written Source Workflow Training Sessions require Material Energy to ground the miracle of the Spiritual Code that is transmitted through the information that is imparted. The amount of Material Energy that is needed varies according to the amount of Code that is transmitted in a given Training.


Code enables a Source Workflow Training to become very personalized so that what your Suit needs in order to replicate the results of other Heaven Agents in your own unique way is provided. For instance, you can read in a Training that a Heaven Agent worked with a Heaven Ray but for your Suit to know where your Heaven Ray is and how to use it is something that is imparted through Code not through the description of another Heaven Agent using their Heaven Ray.


This Code is the miracle for which you provide the Material Energy when you elect to work with a Miracle-Based Training of this kind.


Below is a list of the Source Workflow Trainings for this Prototype.  You can read the description and access the link to provide the Material Energy for the Training.  I will then send you a link to a password protected page where you can work with the Training.


Note: As with all forms of Source Support, your Suit needs to be upholding The Standard of Heaven if Source Support is to be given.  If your Suit is not able to uphold this Standard at this time, I will not be able to provide this training to you.  For more information you can reference the article entitled: How I Respond to Requests for Source Support.




Countering the White Supremacy Attack Force

The Written Source Workflow Training Session
on February 21, 2018

In this Source Workflow Session, I met on the Inner Plane with a 14 year old Black girl and her elder sister about an encounter that the 14 year old had with a White Supremacy attack force being directed at her through a White boy in her school.  


I gave her the Eliminating Negativity Prototype and worked with her to counter the White Supremacy Energy Grid that had the ability to seriously damage the Spiritual Electrical System of anyone targeted by it.  The White Supremacy Grid was created by the Negativity and used to attack both White people and people of color who opposed the Harvesting Operation of the Negativity that was using racism to enhance its Harvesting prospects.


This training transmits information about several key Miracle Tools that are needed for those working with this Prototype as well as imparts a wealth of information about how people interrelate on the Inner Plane and work in their Extended Range with one another.


The information and Code transmitted in this Training will help anyone dealing with race and gender issues and direct and indirect attacks by the Negativity.


Correct Exchange

The amount of Material Energy needed to ground the miracle of this Source Workflow Training, is US $55.