Source-Directed Spiritual Activism for
Fighting a Covid-19 Infection



Request The Blue White Light Intervention


The Blue White Light Intervention brings the high speed energy of Blue White Light to destroy Negative Frequencies that cause the diseases of the body, mind, and spirit and to reinstate the Source-Created Frequencies that enable the Suit to function optimally.


Blue White Light is the highest level of Source Light. It is the level where Source Sound meets Source Light and continues the Manifestation Process down through the level of White Light to the level of The Colors of the Spectrum, to the Olfactory Level, and then through a series of other levels until a Spiritual Frequency Complex manifests as a form/Suit. The form/Suit might be made from Spiritual Frequencies that manifest an Energy Suit that is only perceptible on The Spiritual Level of Reality. Or the Spiritual Frequencies might manifest a Physical Suit that can be perceived by the five senses on The Physical Level of Reality.


When a manifestation has become fundamentally mutated through either its own actions or the attacks of the Negativity, a Blue White Light Intervention can be called in to edit the Spiritual Frequencies of the manifestation. It dissolves the Negative Frequencies that manifest the mutations and it reconstitutes the Source-Created Frequencies of Life that have been lost or distorted.


The Intervention uses either bursts of Blue White Light Rays or immerses the Suit for milliseconds in a field of Blue White Light.  Because Blue White Light is extremely high vibrational and volatile, only short periods of exposure are needed for transformational changes to be made at the Spiritual Level of the Suit.


All of the work is done at the Spiritual Level since it is work on Spiritual Frequencies. Because the Spiritual Level is the root of the manifestation, when it is corrected, the manifestation at the Physical Level can be corrected.  


If the Frequencies are all present for a Suit to be healthy at the Physical Level, it will manifest as a healthy physical Suit. If the Frequencies are not all present for it to be healthy at the Physical Level, then it will manifest whatever Frequencies it has. If these are Covid Frequencies, then disease and potentially death will manifest. 


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