Source-Directed Spiritual Activism for
Protecting Your Suit from 
The Covid Attack



Move Out of the Covid Frequency Range
the Frequency Range of Perfect Health


The Hell Economy Frequency Range 

The Covid Attack operates in The Hell Economy Frequency Range. The Hell Economy is part of the Harvesting Operation of the Negativity that has shaped the dog eat dog economic system that rules the Creation at present. (The use of the term Hell refers to the general association of Hell with suffering.)


This economic system was designed by the Negativity to engender the scarcity that leads to competition for scarce resource and to the conflicts that result in crime, war, exploitation, discrimination, and the like that damage the Suits so that they can be more easily broken into by the Negativity who harvests their Life Energies.


The Hell Economy sets up a system in which individual lives are limited and directed by the society and it is very difficult for a being to do his/her Source-Given Mission in life. Instead they are caught in the system of economic necessity that forces them to fit into an economic pigeonhole and experience whatever style of life is possible in that pigeonhole.  


For the vast majority of humans, this is a life of economic struggle and scarcity.  While 1% of the population owns over 44% of the world’s wealth, most humans struggle to survive. Many are hungry and without the basics that are necessary for life.


The Negativity preys on the wealthy, many of whom are vulnerable because their greed and their self-centeredness disconnects them from the Source and makes them easy targets for the Negativity. While they may have billions in the bank, they are being ransacked for their Life Energies and often taken over by the Negativity who works through them to create intolerable economic situations for the poor who work in their sweatshops for a less than subsistence wage.  While not all of the wealthy are puppets of the Negativity, a very high percentage are very heavily controlled by them.


Because The Hell Economy serves the Harvesting Operation of the Negativity, anyone caught in it is operating at a very low vibration and is in The Hell Frequency Range.  Both the low vibration and the Hell Frequency Range make it easy for Covid, which serves the Hell Economy, to enter and decimate the body.  Those wanting to prevent a Covid infection or recover from one have to get out of The Hell Economy and out of The Hell Economy Frequency Range.


The Materialization Economy Frequency Range 

To escape, it is necessary to enter into The Materialization Economy which is the Source-Created Economic System that enables Life as Heaven to manifest.


The Materialization Economy was created to ensure Total Abundance for all beings. It delivers Total Abundance Miracles that provide the Suit with what it needs to experience Total Abundance at the mental, emotional, physical, spiritual, social, and environmental levels.  


Total Abundance is defined as whatever a being needs to sustain their Suit so that the being can do their Mission in life.  Every being has a Mission to manifest the aspect of Total Abundance that they were created by the Source to manifest for themselves and others.  This Mission brings them the greatest joy and brings joy to others.  Every Mission is chosen by the Soul prior to the birth of the Suit into an incarnation. 


The Materialization Economy in its beginning stages can help to orchestrate abundance even in the cash economy that uses Brute Force to farm and manufacture.  In its advanced stage, however, everything material that is needed, from food, to clothing, to shelter, is manifested from the Spiritual Level to the Physical Level.  At this stage beings work to produce the Material Energy that is needed to ground Total Abundance Miracles.  They no longer farm or manufacture. 


The 14 Prototype Communities, that I founded many thousands of years ago in other parts of the Creation, live entirely in the advanced Materialization Economy. They do not farm or manufacture the food, clothing, shelter and material objects that they need. Instead, they work closely with my Manifestation on the Inner Plane to bring through the materializations and to distribute them to those for whom they were created.  As long as they are willing to do their part in providing the Material Energy that grounds the material objects and to distribute them as Source-Directed, the Source supplies them with everything that is needed.


This is the way that Life as Heaven was meant to be when the Creation first was established.  It was only when beings Disconnected from the Source and tried to set up their own economic system that they experienced scarcity and struggle and suffering.


Now that our planet is at a Turning Point in its history when the Covid Pandemic is threatening to create a global depression unlike anything that has ever occurred before, and it is forecast that many will suffer from starvation in the time ahead, it is necessary to shift out of The Hell Economy that is based on Brute Force into The Heaven Economy/Materialization Economy which is based on the Spiritual Science of Correct Exchange that enables what is needed to materialize directly from the Spiritual Level to the Physical Level.


While there is a path to be followed to prepare for the advanced stage when physical materializations can manifest, it is possible to achieve this on the Earth. I have established The Total Abundance Support System to teach Source-Directed Activists how to work with the Source in the Manifestation Process. The Miracle Watch Project provides essential information in how to contribute to bringing through the Total Abundance Miracles that come through this Support System.


Beings were designed to generate Material Energy naturally from their Material Energy Factory of their manifestation which includes their Suit/Body and its surrounding Energy Field. Unfortunately, these Factories have become so clogged up with Negative Energy that most Factories produce only 1% to 2% of their capacity. This means that few Inner Plane Miracles can be delivered and no Outer Plane Miracles, such as a physical materialized object, can be grounded.


The work to clear the Factory and begin producing the kind of high grade Material Energy in sufficient quantities is what is needed to enable The Materialization Economy to reach the advanced stage at which everything that is needed materially can be materialized directly from the Spiritual Level to the Physical Level.


I have come back in this lifetime to help beings throughout the Creation to learn how to transition into The Materialization Economy in order to achieve the Total Abundance that is needed for them to become sustainable before I depart for the Source Level at the end of The Transition.  My departure is within a few decades. There is little time to get The Materialization Economy fully functional.  Without it beings will lack the Total Abundance that will enable them to achieve the 100% Source Connection that will enable them to sustain their lives in the final stage of The Transition.


Steps to Take 

Decide to Enter into The Materialization Economy 

A first and most necessary step is to choose to leave The Hell Economy and to uphold the Standard of The Materialization Economy


This Standard is to contribute to building the Heaven of a Source-Connected Life that manifests Total Abundance for all beings.


Once this Standard is accepted, your Suit will shift into The Materialization Economy Frequency Range. This will put Covid in a very inhospitable Frequency Range if it enters your Suit. The Materialization Economy Frequency Range derails Covid's ability to latch onto your Suit and transition it into its own Negative Frequency Complex. It will also protect you naturally from other diseases and misfortunes all of which have to interface with your Suit on the Spiritual Level through a Frequency Interface before they can do their worst damage to you on the Physical Level.


All things that cause suffering are in The Hell Frequency Range. Once you are no longer in this Frequency Range, you have destroyed the Frequency Interface that the Negativity uses to damage your Suit. While it can still attack when you are in The Materialization Economy Frequency Range, it flounders in this Frequency Range and is more easily defeated.


The Materialization Economy Frequency Range will also enable you to receive the full range of miracles that the Source can deliver for your Total Abundance.  These are miracles that can come through on the Inner and Outer Planes.


In the Prototype Communities the most important decision they made was to transition into The Materialization Economy and Build Heaven in accordance with The Source Plan. Once they made this decision, I worked with them to learn everything that they needed to learn to reach the advanced stage of The Materialization Economy when what they needed materially could manifest directly from the Spiritual Level to the Physical Level. While it took some years of training and preparation to reach this stage, they have enjoyed a life of Total Abundance ever since.  


Out of Total Abundance came Love-Based Relationships that were built when the conflict over scarce resources ended.  They were able to build toward Life Purpose Fulfillment by creating an economic structure that enabled everyone in the Community to do their Mission in life rather than toiling at jobs that prevented them from making their contribution to the Total Abundance of the Community. 


As they developed their Love Connection with the Source they strengthened their Source Connection so that Perfect Health became a possibility. Perfect Health manifests as mental, emotional, physical, spiritual, and social health. It manifests when a being contributes to the Total Abundance of all beings, develops only Love-Based Relationship, works to achieve Life Purpose Fulfillment, and builds a strong Source Connection through cultivating The Love Connection with the Source.


Uphold the Standard for The Materialization Economy

To uphold the Standard for The Materialization Economy, you need to follow Inner Plane Source Directives to contribute to the Build Heaven Projects that build the Heaven of  Total Abundance. As you work on Build Heaven Projects you generate the Material Energy needed to ground the Total Abundance Miracles of The Materialization Economy. You also learn how to do the Source-Directed Work that enables you to work with the Total Abundance Miracles when they come from The Materialization Economy. Outer Plane Training in how to work on Build Heaven Projects, is available through The Build Heaven Project online.


While a considerable amount of what you need to do and learn can be done through the Extended Range of your Consciousness, that is generally outside of your Conscious Range, the Standard for The Materialization Economy cannot be upheld if you do not also gain mastery of the essential skill sets in your Conscious Range.


To enable you to learn in your Conscious Range how to uphold this Standard, I provide extensive Outer Plane Training materials that are gifted to you by The Universal Heaven Agent Network which supports those working with the miracles that come through Connecting. Connecting is the gifted Point of Connection to The Work of the Source. It provides you with Source-Directed Activism Training Materials that include videos, audios, articles, and Miracle Tools.  It also sends you email updates on The Work of the Source.


In addition, I provide both Inner and Outer Plane Miracle-Based Coaching which provides the individualized Training that is needed to enable you to uphold the Standard in your Conscious Range. Without this Training, it is very difficult for your Suit to overcome its many lifetimes of working in The Hell Economy to understand how to work in The Materialization Economy. This level of the training is necessary to reach the advanced stage of The Materialization Economy. 


Requesting entry into The Materialization Economy should not be done without a true dedication to honoring the Gift from the Source that this Total Abundance Way of Life is to all beings. Those who enter and do not uphold the Standard for The Materialization Economy will drop back into The Hell Economy because they are generating the low vibrational thoughts and behaviors that drop them to this level. Once you make your escape from The Hell Economy you need to work hard to preserve your place in The Materialization Economy. Those who lose their place in The Materialization Economy cannot regain entry.


While your Suit will not enter The Materialization Economy with the ability to produce enough Material Energy to ground physical objects, it will learn how to uphold the Standard until it can provide the Material Energy and be competent to work with the Total Abundance Miracles that arrive as physical objects. It will then be able to build rapidly toward manifesting Total Abundance for itself and others.


Being willing to manifest Total Abundance for all beings is an essential element to upholding the Standard. Only those who work for the good of all in accordance with Source Direction will be able to achieve the advanced level and retain their place in the advanced Materialization Economy.


Your investment in getting prepared to exit from the scarcity, struggle, and suffering of The Hell Economy is your investment in your safety not only on an economic level but on a physical level.  In The Materialization Economy you are much better protected from diseases and misfortunes than those living in the Frequency Range of The Hell Economy.  In The Materialization Economy, miracles can come to you that give you a better chance of survival from Covid and from any other adversity that you could face in the world as it is currently configured.  



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