Source-Directed Social Activism for
Protecting Yourself  from 
The Covid Attack


Take Source-Directed Precautions on the Outer Plane
to Protect Yourself and Prevent the Spread of Covid


There are conflicting instructions in the media about how to protect yourself and your loved ones from the Coronavirus. It is important to educate yourself and then follow Source Guidance about what measures you individually need to take.


For instance, in the United State, The Center for Disease Control at first didn’t recommend that people wear masks even though it documented the fact that the virus was transmitted through droplets escaping from the mouth during ordinary conversations as well as when sick people cough. They were discouraging the use of masks because there was a shortage of masks for healthcare workers. Instead of the government gearing up to mass produce masks for all or recommending that people make their own masks, it advised people to avoid using masks. This is a good example of damaging information that has cost many lives and allowed the disease to spread at devastating levels that have now shut down the economy. 


The CDC has since recommended non-virus proof masks, but most people are still not wearing masks and the death toll continues to rise.



The Source Recommendation has always been to wear a mask since this is needed. Effort needs to be put into producing masks that provide real protection from a virus since a cloth mask can be easily penetrated by the virus and only limits the bigger droplets produced by the person wearing the mask from getting into the air. While a cloth mask is better than nothing, it isn't what is required to provide adequate protection from the virus.  In order to re-open businesses safely, everyone needs to be wearing a FFP2 N95 mask.  


Masks with a device to let air out of the mask defeat the purpose since a person who is asymptomatic but a carrier of Covid could be infecting others while being protected from being infected by them.  


Social Distancing & Disinfecting Hands and Clothes

The 6 foot social distancing requirement is not protective. If someone coughs, researchers have discovered that droplets travel at the speed of 50 miles per hour. This will rapidly reach beyond the 6 foot distance.  If you walk through the haze of droplets that linger up to 3 hours in the air, then you will walk into a Covid danger zone. A mask will not protect you completely when droplets can enter through your eyes as well. A safety shield for the eyes is also needed.


If the virus gets on your hair and clothes and you later touch them and touch your mouth or eyes without washing your hands, you can infect yourself with the virus. If you have been in an indoor area with many people without masks, it may be necessary to change your clothes when you return home to avoid spreading the virus into your home.


Since frequent hand washing and clothes washing will kill the virus, this is a good preventative method.


It is necessary to think clearly about the physical properties of the virus and how it can enter your body and to take precautions appropriately even if others around you are acting cavalier as if their denial will protect them from an infection.


Requesting Home Deliveries 

Setting up home deliveries of groceries and other products is better than going into a store but care has to be exercised to sanitize everything before bringing it into the house or you could be spreading the virus throughout the house.  Washing vegetables with soap and water is helpful and wiping down other items with either Hydrogen Peroxide or Cholorx Wipes is also essential.



Leaving shoes outside the house is very important since the virus can linger on shoes for up to 5 days.  


Disposable Gloves 

Using disposable gloves when handling anything that might be infected is also important.


The Virus on Surfaces 

There are studies out there of how long the virus lives on different surfaces that you can discover by doing an internet search for this information.  This will help you to handle incoming mail and any other kind of material that is being sent to your place of residence.


Sterilizing surfaces touched by many people is important in public places and work places as well as in the homes of those sick from the virus.


Eating Out & Carry Out 

Avoiding eating out where viruses in the air can land in your food is also important. Infected food workers can be carriers of the virus even if you receive a carryout order of cooked food.  If they have breathed on the cooked food or handled it with unwashed hands, the food can carry the virus. The fact that the food is cooked doesn't eliminate the virus if the food worker contaminates it as they close the box and give it to you.


Caring for a Person Infected with Covid

If you are caring for someone with Covid, it is very important to wear a mask at all times when in their presence or in a room that they have visited.  It is also important to wear the eye shield and to disinfect surfaces, clothing, dishes, and everything that comes into contact with the person with the infection.  If you can arrange to isolate them in a room in the house this is the best way to prevent the infection from reaching others.  


A shared bathroom must be disinfected after the sick person has used it. Refraining from eating in the same room as the sick person prevents the virus from getting into the food. Keeping the sick person away from the kitchen and eating areas is also important.


It is important to quarantine yourself and bring in deliveries so that you are not a carrier of the virus that is in your home. If you have to go out, maintaining social distancing and wearing a mask is essential to protect the health of others.


Holding the Line against the Negativity 

As inconvenient and unpleasant as it is to think about all of these details, it is much more unpleasant to be in the Intensive Care Unit with Covid tearing up your body and taking you on a fast track to the end of your life. The time you would have spent exercising care is a fraction of the amount of your life that you will spend fighting for your life and recovering and perhaps living with the damage that Covid might do to your health longterm.


The Source Support that I will offer you here is meant to be combined with your best effort to prevent an infection.  


Being careless and cavalier about your own safety and that of others and then expecting the Source to save you will weaken your Source Connection at the time when you need it the most. The Source requires all beings to be working to Hold the Line for Heaven against the Negativity. Those who Hold the Line will be strengthening their Source Connection by making it easier for the Source to sustain their Suits in a state of good health. 


Social denial is very evident in the lack of precautions that many are taking. Unless people Hold the Line for Heaven by preventing the virus from beginning its attack, the Negativity is winning this round with the human race. While there is Source Support to help to curb the attack once it has begun, the damage to the body can be extensive and lead to health problems for years ahead if major organ failure has occurred, strokes have paralyzed parts of the body, and spiritual damage has enabled the Negativity to move in on the Suit to create other illnesses.  It is necessary to stop Covid before it gets in to do its damage. 


Inner Source Guidance is needed to alert you if you are in danger in going into a particular location or if someone is carrying the virus on their clothes or hair even if they are not infected by it.


Following Source Guidance should also occur with regard to helping the body to develop a strong immune system. Reducing sugar in the diet is needed to give the body’s immune system a better chance to respond appropriately. Taking vitamins to give the body what it needs is also important.


Taking practical action to stay out of public places and shelter at home as much as possible is essential until a viable vaccine has been developed.  Even then Covid will continue to be a threat because not everyone will avail themselves of the vaccine or be medically able to withstand the often toxic chemicals that are put into vaccines as preservatives.


While The Perfect Health Frequency Complex will be able to build the Suit's resistance up to block Covid in the future, in the interim stringent Source-Directed Spiritual and Social Activism is needed.



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