Source-Directed Spiritual Activism for
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Spiritual Vitality is one of the most critical elements in survival.  Your Spiritual Vitality level should be at a 10 on a 1 - 10 scale to survive any serious illness and also to counteract the effects of aging.


Spiritual Vitality can be lost when there is trauma in childhood, hardships in adult life, grief over the loss of a loved one, or a severe financial loss. Aging is the biggest destroyer of Spiritual Vitality. With each passing year the Suit loses Spiritual Vitality until it can reach such low levels that a small upset can trigger the collapse of the body into sudden death.


The Negativity tracks the Spiritual Vitality levels of Suits very closely.  It targets those with the least Spiritual Vitality for its Harvesting Operation since they are the ones that are least able to defend themselves against an attack.


Spiritual Vitality at a level 7 can lead to death from Covid. Most people who are over 70 years of age have Spiritual Vitality levels that are below a 7.  If there are other medical problems the Vitality level can be at a 1 or 2.  It doesn’t take much to push someone with this low of a Spiritual Vitality level into death.


Bolstering Spiritual Vitality is essential as a preventative measure when faced with a potential Covid Attack or any illness, such as the flu, cancer, and the disease of aging. The best form of Source Support to rebuild Spiritual Vitality is The Spiritual Vitality Intervention. This Intervention uses Blue White Light to restore the regenerative processes in the body that produce Spiritual Vitality. Since Physical Vitality is built on the foundation of Spiritual Vitality, restoring Spiritual Vitality will help to restore Physical Vitality.


Blue White Light eliminates the Negative Frequencies that rob the body of Spiritual Vitality. It replaces these Frequencies with Perfect Health Frequencies that restore Spiritual Vitality. This process is like rolling back the clock to a stage before the body was damaged by disease or aging and restoring the Frequencies that regenerate Spiritual Vitality. Once these Frequencies are operative, the body can rebound and sustain its regenerative functions. 


If a person is starting with a Spiritual Vitality Level below a 7,  it may take a couple of days to restore it to a Level 10. After it is restored, Blue White Light is used to sustain the Spiritual Vitality level for up to a year. After that another Spiritual Vitality Intervention may be needed, particularly for those with ill health. 


Since The Covid Attack is designed to break down all regenerative functions in the body in order to enable the Negativity to ransack both the Spiritual Bodies and the Physical Body, it is very important that you fortify your Spiritual Vitality and the regenerative processes that sustain it so you have the best chance at survival.  Even young athletic people can have a low Spiritual Vitality level due to childhood trauma or trouble coping with stress in their lives.  Many who have died in their 20's had Spiritual Vitality levels below a 7 despite appearing fairly healthy and energetic.  

In the Spiritual Attack launched by Covid, Spiritual Vitality is the key to holding off Covid on the Spiritual Level so that the body can fight The Covid Attack on the Physical Level. If the Spiritual Vitality level is low, the battle is lost on the Spiritual Level. This greatly weakens the body's ability to win the battle on the Physical Level. 


Bolstering Spiritual Vitality is foundational to building Perfect Health even in non pandemic circumstances.  It is an important part of maintaining Physical Vitality and countering aging so that Spiritual and Physical Vitality remain at a Level 10 throughout the senior years of life.


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