Source-Directed Spiritual and Social Activism for
Building a Disease Free Life and World

Generate a Source Love Medium


The best defense that a Suit has against any disease is to become a River of Source Love that generates a Source Love Medium in which it lives and which provides a safer zone for others around it.


Suits were designed to become Rivers of Source Love by honoring their Love Connection with the Source and allowing Source Love to flow through their Heart Chakras into the world around them. When Suits alienated themselves from the Source, they shut down their Heart Chakras to the Source, limited the flow of necessary energies from their Source Connection Channels, which flows through their Heart Chakras, and tried to produce Story Love in the place of Source Love.


Story Love is based on the story that a person tells themselves about another person that evokes the sentiment of love. Too often this story is about how the other person serves their needs. If the other person doesn’t serve their needs at some point the story can change to hate and rage and can even lead to murderous outcomes in some cases.


Source Love is love created by the Source that flows in a neutral way through the Heart Chakra to others in a person’s life. It is healing and transformative and nurturing to those receiving it. It doesn’t rely on a story or reflect the sentiments of the person who is the conduit for Source Love. It is from the Source and the person through which it flows is grateful to be bringing something of real value to others without developing an ego around the action.


When social interactions occur in the context of Source Love in a Source Love Medium then the Negativity shys away from this context because it is too high vibrational for them. This protects the social relationships and enables a community to thrive without the interference of the Negativity.


To become a River of Source Love that produces a Source Love Medium, you need to work on your Love Connection with the Source.  I recommend working with the Build Heaven Project entitled: Building the Heaven of The Love Connection, which you can access through the link provided below.



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