Journey of Reconnection Source Support Miracles
for Master Action Plan #6


The Master Action Plan #6 Source Support Miracles to help beings to travel their Journey of Reconnection are as follows:



The Emitter Intervention

The Negativity has begun to focus on breaking into The Source Connection Channel through which the Source sends Life Energies to the Suit.  This is the most extreme Harvesting tactic to date.  Even a Suit with no Negative Programming onboard can lose its Source Connection if a rupture of The Source Connection Channel occurs.  


Even if the Negativity is just tapping the energy in the Channel and not depriving the Suit of all of its Life Energies, the Soul can lose the level of Life Energies that it requires to stay linked to the Suit. This will cause Spiritual Death which occurs when the Soul unlinks from the Suit and the Suit loses its place in the Creation for all eternity.  The Negativity can then move in on the Empty Suit Suit and oust the Source-Created Suit and turn the Suit into a Black Hole which is inhabited by any number of Negative Intelligences who control the physical body until it becomes so depleted that physical death occurs.


Rather than trying to counter all of the emerging technologies of the Negativity to rupture The Source Connection Channel, the Source has created a Source Intervention that will shift the maintenance of the Channel to The Emitter Level.  This is the Spiritual Level from which the manifestation of the Channel was emitted when the Suit was first created. 


When the Channel can be protected from The Emitter Level, any damage done to it at the level at which the Channel is manifesting can be instantly corrected.


This provides the Suit with the greatest protection from this kind of life threatening harm to its Source Connection.


The Channels of those who have opted for this Intervention are not being attacked by the Negativity since the Negativity doesn’t believe that it is worth their effort to try to tap into the Channel of someone whose Channel is protected from The Emitter Level.


Correct Exchange 

The amount of Material Energy that is needed to ground The Emitter Intervention is US $4700.


To request this Intervention, you can access the link provided below.





The Defense Structure

It has become apparent that beings traveling their Journey of Reconnection need to travel in a Defense Structure that provides a basic Miracle-Friendly Field and defends them from the attacks of the Negativity while they are undergoing the transformational changes that temporarily leave them vulnerable to attack. These transformational changes in the structure of their Suit can temporarily incapacitate the Suit's ability to defend itself.  In some of the transitions, the Suit is like someone on the operating table who is unable to ward off an assailant.


While The Personal Shield wards off certain kinds of electrical attack, the tactics now being used by the Negativity to attack the Suit and The Source Connection Channel employ different technologies that require a more complex Defense Structure that works with The Personal Shield but broadens the base of the defense strategies that can be called into play.


The Defense Structure that the Source can create is emitted continuously from The Emitter Level, rendering it responsive to whatever kind of technology is being used by the Negativity.  This enables The Defense Structure to morph and change to evade a break in by the Negativity.


Should the Negativity manage to break through The Defense Structure to attack the Suit, the Source can quickly re-emit another type of Defense Structure that terminates the invasion and expels the Negativity.  The Miracle-Friendly Field that the new Defense Structure is capable of creating will then provide the Miracle-Friendly Field that the Suit needs in order to recover from any Suit Damage that might have occurred.


Damage to The Source Connection Channel can be prevented for the most part by The Defense Structure and repaired, if it occurs, by The Emitter Intervention.  While The Emitter Intervention is a deterrant to the Negativity, The Defense Structure backs up the deterrant, providing an additional level of protection.


Because those traveling their Journey of Reconnection are escaping from the Harvesting Operation of the Negativity, the Negativity is retaliating with full force and must be countered by Source-Created Technologies that can respond to a wide range of attack technologies and to emerging technologies that may not have ever been used in the Creation previously.


Given the continuous efforts of the Negativity to create new methods for harvesting Suits and The Source Connection Channel itself, the Defense Structure is the best way to provide protection. 

Correct Exchange 

The amount of Material Energy needed to ground the miracle of The Defense Structure is US $2000.

To request this Miracle Tool, you can access the link provided below.





The Resource Defense Intervention

Those traveling The Journey of Reconnection are in the radar of the Negativity and the miracles that the Source sends to them are also under surveillance.  This makes delivering the miracles to the Suit a high risk operation that requires additional protection for the incoming miracles so they reach the Heaven Agent and can begin their work of helping in their life.


Rather than increase the amount of Material Energy needed to ground the miracles to compensate for the additional miracles that have to be brought into play to guard the delivery process, it is more economical for a Heaven Agent to ground the miracle of The Resource Defense Intelligence so that this miracle is on duty and can help to protect the delivery. 


This Intelligence notifies me of any trouble in the delivery process so that I can intercede. My work may require contacting the Heaven Agent to take certain precautions or help in certain ways with welcoming in the miracle so that it able to start its work when it first arrives.


Heaven Agents working with The Stewarding Life Graphics in Miracle Watch will be the ones who are able to provide the best help for incoming miracles for themselves and for others on the Journey. I will send the insights of The Resource Defense Intelligence along with the other Source Guidance that comes to Heaven Agents working with the Graphics.


In addition, The Resource Defense Intelligence can help by working with me on the staging of practical life miracles. This staging works to bring about Source-Directed Events that result in the Heaven Agent having opportunities to receive the material resources and social opportunities that are needed to perform their Mission.


Correct Exchange 

The amount of Material Energy needed to ground the miracle of The Resource Defense Intelligence is US $2000.

To request this Intervention, you can access the link provided below.





The Journey of Reconnection Code Download 

This is a very detailed individualized Download of Code for how to travel The Journey of Reconnection. Although all beings are given generic Journey of Reconnection Code and an individualized Miracle-Based Adventure, the Suits have been finding it difficult to travel the Journey without additional individualized Code.  To respond to this need, the Source has created The Journey of Reconnection Code Download.

This Download is given to a part of the Extended Range of the Suit which can work with the information to inform the Conscious Range of the Suit.  The reason that it is given to the Extended Range is to prevent the Negativity from reading the Code and setting up ambushes on The Journey of Reconnection.


Generally the Negativity can read what is in the Conscious Range of the Suit and make its plans accordingly.  When the Extended Range releases information to the Conscious Range correctly, the information comes through in a way that is more disguised and more difficult for the Negativity to read.


My discussions with the Extended Range concerning the Code and The Journey of Reconnection are also hidden from the Negativity.


This Journey of Reconnection Code is essential for the Suit. Since the Journey is unique for every being, without a roadmap and instructions about how to handle all of the transformational changes in the Suit and the attacks of the Negativity, the Suit will be unable to comprehend what is happening enough to do its part to stay on track with the Journey.  Since time is of the essence and delays and setbacks could result in the Suit not making it back to its Heaven Habitat in time to heal and produce The Heaven Experience Medium, this Code became necessary for Suits traveling the Journey.


Correct Exchange

The amount of Material Energy needed to ground the miracle of The Journey of Reconnection Code Download is US $2850.


To request the Code Download you can access the link below.





The Journey of Reconnection News Bulletin

This is an Inner Plane News Bulletin that provides your Suit with the Source News of what is happening in the Creation and with the Negativity and how this relates to your Journey of Reconnection. It is delivered as needed but generally is given multiple times in a day to the Extended Range of the Suit. 


If new Suit Redesigns have come through, this Bulletin will carry this information to the Suit.  If the nature of the Journey has changed due to universal changes occurring in The Transition, the Bulletin will keep the Suit up to date on what is happening and how to respond to it correctly.  If something is going awry in your Suit on your Journey, the News Bulletin will apprise your Suit of what is happening and what immediate actions to take.


Part of the information is provided to your Extended Range of Consciousness and is kept hidden from the Negativity.  Other parts of the information are provided to your Conscious Range and may be accessible to the Negativity.  The Conscious Range information that is given is strategic and designed to give your Suit a heads up about what is happening without providing the Negativity with anything that they can work with to harm your Suit. 

To access the Conscious Range News you can go to your Inner Screen where you go to receive Source Guidance and ask to see the latest News Bulletins. If you wish to access one that was given at an earlier time to review it at greater depth, you can request this as well. If you are not particularly visual, you can ask to receive the News in whatever way the Source wishes to send it to you.  It might be a word or phrase that jumps out at you when you read or book or see a billboard. It might be a waking dreamlike imagining that carries information about an issue that you need to bring into focus.  It might be through a dream at night or it might surface in a moment of meditation. It might be a sudden line up of associations that is trying to bring your thoughts to bear on an incident that occurred in your life that you need to work through and release because it is baggage that is slowing you down on your Journey.

The content of the News will be given in The Universal Language of Soul Talk which is often through images and impressions that carry full understandings. Your ability to understand how to receive Source Guidance will determine the ease with which you can access information from the Bulletin in your Conscious Range.

This News Bulletin will be a lifesaver in your Journey of Reconnection. Your Suit must keep abreast of the News if it is to travel the Journey safely and understand the changes in the nature of the Journey that will inevitably occur as The Transformation advances toward the final stage.  While I can cover some of the major changes in my Outer Plane communications online and in my personal interactions with you in a Miracle-Based Coaching Program, the amount of information that you actually need to travel the Journey safely can't be communicated to you without this News Bulletin bringing you universal and individual information about what is happening.  Even if you don't surface the bulk of it into your Conscious Range, your Extended Range will be better able to work with me to help your Suit get to safety if it aware of what is happening and what I am advising for how your Suit needs to handle the challenges along the way.

Correct Exchange

The amount of Material Energy needed to ground the miracle of the Inner Plane Journey of Reconnection News Bulletin is US $400/year.


To request the Inner Plane Bulletin for one year, you can access the link below. If you would like the Bulletin for more than one year you can enter the number of years you would like in the form in the check out.  If you come to the end of a year of the Bulletin and would like to renew for another year, you can utilize the link provided below.






While there are many Miracle Tools and Source Interventions that will be needed on your Journey of Reconnection, these are the ones that are most recommended for Master Action Plan #6.


Now that the pace of the Journey has stepped up to enable you to return to your Heaven Habitat where you will be shielded from the Harvesting Operation of the Negativity, opposition from the Negativity is much more intense. This requires that you provide your Suit with what it needs to survive the attacks of the Negativity so that it can make it back to the Heaven Habitat and begin working at full speed to restore the 100% Source Connection that can only be restored once the Suit is in the optimal ecosphere of its Heaven Habitat where all of the energies that it needs to function optimally are continuously available.