How to Build Heaven in Your Life and World



What Is the Heaven that You Can Build?

Heaven is the Source Term for the highest level of happiness that is possible.  The Miracle of Heaven is a miracle that contains Source-Created Code that manifests a Life that is Heaven – a life that is Source-Designed to create the highest level of True Happiness for all beings. Because the Source can calculate all of the variables that will lead to True Happiness for all beings in the Creation, the design takes into account how the actions of one being will affect life on every level throughout the Creation. This ensures that one being’s Heaven is not another being's Hell – Hell being the Source Term for Suffering.


A Life that is Heaven includes all of the miracles and Source Guidance and Source staged events that enable a being to have The Heaven Experience and generate The Heaven Experience Medium that is needed to survive at the end of The Transition. Included in the Code is the Code for The Culture of Heaven which generates Action Plans that inform the being how to Live Heaven in a social context.



How to Receive The Miracle of Heaven 

In order to land The Miracle of Heaven in a being’s life, it is necessary for the being to first enter into The Heaven Manifestation which provides the essential Miracle-Friendly Environment for this miracle to land.

The Heaven Manifestation is a miracle that manifests when the Source creates the Spiritual Space in which it can land in your life and come into a State of Full Manifestation on the Inner and Outer Planes.  


Heaven Phase Technology is now enabling a being to choose to enter into The Heaven Manifestation and begin the transformation of themselves and their life into the Heaven that they were created to be. 


This transformation occurs on two levels. 

  • The Suit can work very naturally in The Heaven Manifestation with the Source Support that is given to build The Culture of Heaven that will enable it to Live Heaven in the context of its inner and outer life. Build Heaven Action Plans help the Suit to know how to build The Culture of Heaven that creates the social context in which it can express the Heaven that it becomes and create the social relationships that support a Life that is Heaven.
  • By just living in The Heaven Manifestation the Suit begins to morph into the Heaven that it was created to be. While Conscious Range work is required as well, the power of The Heaven Manifestation helps this work to be successful. 


The Heaven Manifestation has the following technical characteristics:

  • The Pulse of Life replaces The Pulse of Death and Destruction that exists in the world today.  Beings are, at this stage of The Transition, starting to lose their Source Connection because their Suits are in The Pulse of Death and need to enter into The Heaven Manifestation to live in an energy field that carries The Pulse of Life.
  • The Source Sound within The Heaven Manifestation enables the Source to enter into The Heaven Manifestation to assist the Suit in its evolution.  My Manifestation is no longer appearing in the energy fields of those who are living in Hell Sound, which is what exists outside of The Heaven Manifestation.  
  • Those living in The Heaven Manifestation are in the optimal Miracle-Friendly Field for Source Intelligence to come through their Suit Conduits to create the context in which the True Self can manifest the beauty of the Soul.  Without Source Intelligence coming through correctly, the Soul cannot express through the Suit.
  • The Heaven Manifestation keeps the speed of the Suit at the right level that enables it to Build Heaven on the Outer Plane and to Live Heaven.  If a Suit drops below the optimal speed at this point in The Transition, it is very likely to shatter and lose its Source Connection. Maintaining Heaven level speed is now critical to retaining the integration of the Suit.


When The Heaven Manifestation appears, it is at first a very subtle, almost imperceptible spiritual presence in a Heaven Agent’s life.  It forms the supportive backdrop for the work that the Heaven Agent does to transition into The Culture of Heaven which will support their Source Connection and enable them to become sustainable.  


Those who have developed their Spiritual Senses will feel the difference between living in Source Sound surrounded by The Pulse of Life and maintaining the speed that enables Source Intelligence to suffuse their lives.  In time, even those who lack the ability to perceive the difference at first will find that they are becoming more Source-Connected and are finding it easier to receive Source Guidance and eventually to transition into receiving streaming Heaven Consciousness that fundamentally alters their experience of life on every level.


Without the backdrop of The Heaven Manifestation, Suits are not capable of learning about The Culture of Heaven and trying to create it on their own.  Life as Heaven can’t be lived in the Miracle-Unfriendly Field of Hell which is where many beings are at present. Unless they can exist in the Miracle-Friendly Field of the calibre of The Heaven Manifestation they will lack what they need to learn from the Action Plans that I create on the Outer Plane to educate them about The Culture of Heaven and to help them to transition into it. Even those who have transitioned into The Source-Directed World and into a Total Abundance Manifestation Zone, need to enter into The Heaven Manifestation to have the kind of support that is required for this stage of The Transition.



How to Enter into The Heaven Manifestation

If you ask your Inner Intelligence to enable you to make the transition into The Heaven Manifestation, you will be able to gain entry.  The Source is taking in both Suits with Souls and Empty Suits. Empty Suits will not be able to regain their Source Connection but they will be able to receive some Source Support as they evolve into whatever aspect of Heaven they still can be even without their Soul linked to their Suit.  Because Empty Suits still have a Miracle of Life sustaining them and a True Self, they can allow their True Self to manifest in the Suit and do whatever limited Mission is assigned to the True Self in its final incarnation.


The benefit for The Universal Community in having even Empty Suits in The Heaven Manifestation is that they will be able to contribute to the Total Abundance of the Community even if only in a limited way. Their toxic energies can be better cleared in this Miracle-Friendly Field and their tendency to carry out acts of aggression against the Community can also be curbed as they become aspects of the Heaven into which they have entered.



The Heaven that Manifest Beings Build 

The Heaven that is built is, in part, the Outer Plane version of The Culture of Heaven which creates the social context in which a Life that is Heaven can be lived. Those living The Culture of Heaven work with the Source to create the conditions in which the miracles that are needed for a Life that is Heaven have the Material Energy to land and the support of the Community to attain a State of Full Manifestation. These miracles are the Building Blocks of the Heaven that is built within the supportive social context of The Culture of Heaven.

The Three Levels on Which Heaven Can Be Built 

As of the advent of The Heaven Manifestation, there are now three levels on which Heaven can be built. The Heaven Manifestation exists on all three levels, establishing an optimal baseline for the landing of The Miracle of Heaven and all of the support miracles that are needed to manifest a Life that is Heaven.


The Place for Empty Suits 

In The Heaven Manifestation outside of The Source-Directed World, Empty Suits can work on Missions given to their True Selves to contribute to The Culture of Heaven.  In this way they gain some Source Support that will help them to become contributing members of a Total Abundance Community. This will help them to pass more peacefully out of their final lifetime in The Manifest World.


The Source-Directed World 

Those who have committed to living a Source-Directed Life can build Heaven with greater Source Support in The Source-Directed World.  Entry into The Source-Directed World requires dropping the Structure of a Self-Directed Life and receiving the Structure for a Source-Directed Life.

Total Abundance Manifestation Zones 

Those who value The Love Connection with the Source above what they gain from the comforts of a Life that is Heaven can build Heaven in a Total Abundance Manifestation Zone, which is a higher level of The Source-Directed World. The Manifestation Zone into which most beings have gone is The Universal Total Abundance Manifestation Zone.

A Total Abundance Manifestation Zone is the best Miracle-Friendly Field in which to Build Heaven.  Miracles that are not available outside of this Zone make the quality of Life as Heaven far superior to the Heaven that can be built in the lower levels of The Source-Directed World.



The Goal of The Build Heaven Project 

The goal of The Build Heaven Project is to provide all beings, even Empty Suits, with a positive and contributing role in Building Heaven so that a Total Abundance Community can emerge that nurtures all of its own, including those who have lost their Source Connection and are in their final lifetime.  In this way there is Community support for every life. Miracles available to members of the Community who reside in a Total Abundance Manifestation Zone can help those who are in the other two levels –  either The Heaven Manifestation outside The Source-Directed World or in the lower level of The Source-Directed World.



Getting Equipped to Build Heaven

Step One – Enter into the Highest Level Miracle-Friendly Field

A first step is to enter into The Heaven Manifestation and into The Source-Directed World and a Total Abundance Manifestation Zone, if you can qualify for entry. The higher level you achieve the better your chances of achieving The Heaven Experience which is essential to generating The Heaven Experience Medium that will be necessary to sustain your Source Connection in the final stage of The Transition.

Entry into The Source-Directed World and into a Total Abundance Manifestation Zone occurs when you request Source Support for entry.  I work with you through my Extended Range on the Inner Plane to guide you in your preparations and to watch over the entry process and your adjustment once you have entered into these higher spiritual space. You will need to supply the Material Energy for this kind of Inner Plane Coaching.  

If you are doing the Heaven Agent Work that you are being prompted to do through your Mission, then this can occur without any Outer Plane contact with me.  If extensive work is required then you will need to request Outer Plane Coaching which you can find out about by reading the article on  Miracle-Based Coaching.

Step Two – Request The Receptor Intervention

After entering into the highest level Miracle-Friendly Field for which you can qualify, your Next Step is to equip your Suit to Build Heaven on the Outer Plane. Every Suit with a Soul will need The Receptor Intervention to open the 27 Heart Chakra Receptors to the 100% Mark. It is through these Receptors that the Source sends the miracles that enable the Suit to Build Heaven and Live Heaven. This Intervention provides 90% of the Core Code that opens the Receptors. [Note: Most beings have already received this Intervention in The Six Stage Transition.]  

Step Three – Work with the Foundation Building Master Action Plans

Once a Suit has The Receptor Intervention, the Next Step is to work with The Six Master Action Plans that provide the remaining 10% Core Code for opening the Heart Chakra Receptors. The Master Action Plans help to open these Receptors by building the Foundation for The Culture of Heaven.  When a Suit is living in The Culture of Heaven it is willing to receive the miracles that are meant for this way of life. When it is living in a Self Interest Culture it often aligns with the culture and blocks the miracles that would make Life Heaven. [These Action Plans are still being created.  For a list of those that have been completed, you can reference The Build Heaven Project Directory.]


Step Four – Work with the Structure Building Action Plans 

Once the Heart Chakra Receptors have been opened 100% then it is time to move onto working with The Structure Building Action Plans that build the 5 essential Spiritual Structures of Heaven. These structures are built by working with the Action Plans for each of the Structures. 

The Structures have:

  • Core Structure Action Plans 
  • Support Structure Action Plans that build on the Core Structure.


The Core Structures that you are building can be understood as evolving in relationship to one another. In real life you don’t complete one Structure and then go onto the others but start with Structure #1 and work on all of the other Structures as Source-Guided. You will be working on Structure #5 while also continuing to work on Structure #1 and all of the other Structures as well.

Support Structures are built within the context created by a Core Structure.  For instance, the Core Structure for Love-Based Relationships contains many Support Structures such as building the Heaven of a certain aspect of parenting, such as how to calm a toddler who is emotionally distraught.

The relationship of the Core Structures to one another can be described in the following manner:

  1. First you build The Love Connection with the Source by committing to leading a Source-Directed Life. Your knowledge of how to do this and to experience The Love Connection itself deepens as you progress in your work on building the other Structures.
  2. From the Source Direction you receive you are able to build the Heaven of Life Purpose Fulfillment through doing your Mission of building the Heaven that you were created to build for yourself and others.
  3. Part of this Heaven that it is your Mission to build is Love-Based Relationships.
  4. Another part is Total Abundance for yourself and all others.
  5. From Total Abundance comes the Perfect Health that enables you to achieve Sustainability and enjoy The Heaven Experience on the Inner and Outer Planes and at the ultimate level that transcends this life. It also enables you to generate from your Heaven Experiences the Heaven Experience Medium which is essential to your survival in the final stages of The Transition.

Building Heaven on the Outer Plane is somewhat like remodeling a house. You may complete one room prior to completing others. You will still encounter the chaos and confusion and negativity of what has not been transformed into Heaven but will enjoy the peace and beauty of the Heaven that you have built in your life.


For instance, you may have built the Heaven of resolving a certain conflict with a loved one.  Once this Heaven has been built on the Outer Plane then you can enjoy the Heaven of this resolution and work with the Action Plans to move the relationship to a higher level.  In time you may have built Heaven in other aspects of the relationship and enjoy more of a Love-Based Relationship than you had before. 


Because Building Heaven happens in stages, you have to be attuned to what the Source is guiding you to work on next so that you build the aspect of Heaven that is the foundation for other aspects of Heaven that can be built later.  For instance, if there is a basic disconnect going on in a relationship, the Source will help you to fix this disconnection and establish the good will and rapport that is needed to take the relationship to a better place.  Starting at trying to resolve a symptom of the disconnection several stages downstream from the real problem will not be the place to begin the work of Building Heaven. The Source will, therefore, direct you to the heart of the problem and begin the work there.


Building the Baseline Culture of Heaven

The Foundation Building Master Action Plans open the Receptors in the Heart Chakra by providing the Suit with the Action Plans that enable it to ground The Culture of Heaven on the Outer Plane at the most basic level.  

Building a Fully Developed Culture of Heaven

The Structure Building Action Plans keep the Receptors open by providing the Suit with the Action Plans that enable it to achieve a fully developed Culture of Heaven – not just a baseline level of The Culture of Heaven.  The Structure Building Action Plans fill in the specifics about what actions to take to live The Culture of Heaven.  The Suit needs these detailed Codes and understandings to know how to handle the complexities of its inner life and its social relationships.


The Necessity of Building The Culture of Heaven on the Outer Plane

The existing Self Interest Culture suppresses the True Self and steers beings to take on a culturally created Mission that is not in alignment with who they are and with their Life Purpose. Because those failing to perform their Mission will become unsustainable at this point in The Transition, continuing to allow The Self Interest Culture to rule your life will result in the loss of your life.  


It is, therefore, necessary to tackle the work of building a new culture for yourself that will enable you to become sustainable and will support others in becoming sustainable.  When your culture is leading to your extinction and the extinction of your community and species, you need to take action to transition out of it in order to survive. This is the place that you are in at this point in the history of the Creation.



Understanding The Culture of Heaven 

The Culture of Heaven is the opposite, in many respects, of The Self Interest Culture that prevails in the world today. It is important to spend time understanding The Source Perspective on The Culture of Heaven and learning about the different aspects of it so you can understanding what you are building.


There are many different ways to understand The Culture of Heaven.  

  • I provide a baseline description of it and provide you with a chart that compares it to the Self Interest Culture that exists throughout the Creation at present.  This information can be accessed through the article entitled: The Culture of Heaven.
  • You can enter into a Simulated Experience Chamber to experience different aspects of Heaven or to understand why the Self Interest Culture isn’t working to sustain The Miracle of Life
  • Once you enter into the Playing Field of The Picture of Heaven then you can merge into different aspects of The Picture and experience The Culture of Heaven as it can be lived when it is fully manifested.  This can happen only in the course of a Exploration which provides the essential Source Support that is needed for this experience. Explorations can occur in webinars or private sessions or through Inner Plane At-a-Distance Support.  I provide Explorations for those working with me in a Miracle-Based Coaching Program.
  • Each Action Plan helps you to understand how to transition into some aspect of The Culture of Heaven.  When you implement the Action Plan then you begin to live The Culture of Heaven and understand it from your day to day experiences. I then can provide you with feedback on how you are transitioning through general Source Responses to your online posts or through Miracle-Based Coaching sessions.  The list of Action Plans posted to date online is in The Build Heaven Project Directory.
  • Just living in The Heaven Manifestation will enable you to assimilate the essential ethos of The Culture of Heaven and to become a part of it. This organic way of transitioning is essential but must also be accompanied by work in your Conscious Range to learn new concepts and adopt new ways of living.


Following detailed Source Direction is the only way to Build Heaven. This is why the first Master Action Plan supplies you with the Code to begin mastering the art and science of receiving accurate Source Guidance.

To access the article on The Culture of Heaven and the link to The Culture Comparison Chart, you can go to:




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