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NOTE: On May 8th the True Self in all beings manifested and assembled in The Gathering to be with the Source through my Manifestation. This was an historic moment since the True Self in a Suit has been suppressed by the Negativity since it is a Perfected Self which will always align with the Source and work against the tyranny of the Negativity.


The Gathering has established the basic context in which True Selves can now work with my support to rehabilitate their Suits that have been operated by the Pseudo Self/Socialized Self created by the Negativity. The Pseudo Self is intent on pursuing a Self-Directed Life based on Self Interest and is, at this point in The Transition, putting the life of the Suit at risk by refusing to work with the Source to enable the Suit to become sustainable. The Source can't link to any Suit that is run by the Pseudo Self. Failure for the True Self to assume complete control of the Identity of the Suit will create the condition of unsustainability that will lead to the death of the Suit in the upcoming stages of The Transition.


Although the True Selves in Suits are not currently in complete control of the Suit, they have made enough progress to work effectively with Source Support to start to reclaim their right to govern the decisions of the Suit so that the Suit can become sustainable.


On May 9th, beings were given a Gathering Mindset so they could shift into Gathering Mode.  The Gathering Mindset gave them a structure for interpersonal interactions with both my Manifestation and with one another. This Mindset helped them to bring through into their conscious interactions the orientation of their True Self rather than falling back on the orientation of their Socialized Self.  

These changes gave rise to the following Source Report.



May 9, 2018


Today a new range of intelligence manifested itself as beings shifted into Gathering Mode after receiving a Gathering Mindset that enabled them to operate on two levels in their awareness.  


On one level they are aware of the context of their Socialized Self and Social World and the rules that govern them. On another level they are aware of their True Self and the mandate for the True Self to govern the quality of the Suit’s interactions with the Source at all times. Since every interaction even within the private thoughts of the Suit or with another being is an interaction with the Source, who sustains them moment to moment, The Source Interaction Standard requires that the True Self prevail over the Socialized Self and be the one who relates to the Source.  This is how the 10.10 Standard can be met. The True Self is a Perfected Identity that will always come through with the highest Source Interaction Standard.


While the ability of the new Gathering Mindset to come into the conscious mind is still a process, the True Selves are working to keep their Suits on track to becoming fully conscious of their constant interaction with the Source in every moment of their lives.


Several examples bring this into focus.


Example #1 

A man in his 50’s was bending over to pick up a very heavy suitcase, a task that could have injured his back given his ongoing back problems, when a young man, who did not know him, offered to help him.  The young man was sent by the Source to assist in this task.  The older man looked up, startled by the request from a stranger, but recognized the True Self operating in the Suit of the young man and readily accepted the assistance.


There was a kind of gentle recognition of the presence of the Source in the interaction by both men and a sense of a purity of intent in the offer and in the response that they both understood was something that was rare. Missing was the usual social nicety energy in the interaction. Instead, there was a sense of greater depth and of a recognition that the Source had connected them in order to manifest the Total Abundance needed in this situation.

The older man needed help in lifting his heavy suitcase and both men needed to share the True Self-to-True Self Connection that they experienced as well as the experience of the Presence of the Source in the interaction. 


Example #2

In another example a man living in the United States in his 90’s suffered from arthritis which had left him crippled and unable to manage his own affairs. He had turned to the state authorities to place him in a facility but they were unresponsive and he was fast losing his ability to feed and care for himself without assistance.  


He made one final call to them for immediate assistance and the woman who answered the phone responded from her True Self to his situation and sprang into action to ensure that emergency care was sent to him.  He recognized the Presence of the Source in the interaction and felt the quality of love and intelligence in the woman who responded from her True Self throughout the interaction.  He felt that he was in good hands and felt that the Source was taking care of him through those who were being mobilized to assist him. He could feel the difference between her response and the callous response of others who had put him off and not recognized his urgent need for care.


In looking at this situation, the call to the woman was after the Gathering Mode went into effect. His previous attempts to get assistance occurred before the Gathering Mode was in effect. The fact that both of them were already relating True Self-to-True Self in the Gathering, helped them to continue relating to one another at this level on the Outer Plane.



While not all Suits are fully controlled by their True Selves to date and some negative behavior is still occurring, the True Selves are working against it with full power.  In the future, particularly as Suits become less material and more of their Negative Energy and Negative Programming disintegrates, the True Selves will have an easier time getting the Suits to conform to the Source Interaction Standard that is needed for the Suits to remain sustainable at this point in The Transition.



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