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The Landing of The Universal Field of Heaven


May 12, 2018

How to Understand the Historical Significance and Future Implications of The Landing of The Universal Field of Heaven

The Landing of The Universal Field of Heaven is a major event in the history of the Creation. While smaller Fields of Heaven have been created in specific locations, The Universal Field of Heaven that was designed to occupy the entire Spiritual Space of the Creation, has only just arrived.


In order to understand what this means for life going forward, I will provide a brief synopsis of some of the critical facts about the history of the Creation.  


Such a condensed summary will not suffice for those entirely new to The Work of the Source.  For a more in-depth account, I refer members of Connecting to The Video Book Training, which provides a 5+ hour Gifted Training that fills in the picture that I can sketch only very briefly in this Seed Report. I would also refer them to The Gifted Introductory Total Abundance Training which provides a Guided Journey of Discovery for Gifted Source-Directed Activism Training materials that provide other essential Puzzle Pieces for their overall understanding of the Universal Changes that are transforming the very fabric of the Creation on a daily basis.


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The Source Design for The Miracle of Life 

When the Design Aspect of the Source configured the Creation, the design was based on the creation of a Miracle Intelligence which was responsible for activating and nurturing the Spiritual Genetic Code contained in The Seed of Heaven until it germinated and blossomed into The Flower of Heaven it was created to be.


There are two Levels of Miracle Intelligences in the Creation. In Level One there is the Universal Miracle Intelligence that oversees the manifestation of Heaven in the Creation as a whole. In Level Two there are the Master Miracle Intelligences that oversee the manifestation of the Heaven that a particular being was created to be.


The Universal Miracle Intelligence activates and nurtures The Universal Seed of Heaven which contains the Spiritual Seed Code for Life as Heaven in the Creation. The Universal Seed of Heaven is also a Spiritual Intelligence, doing its Mission to manifest the Heaven that arises from Seed Code.


A Master Miracle Intelligence activates and nurtures the Master Seed of Heaven for an individual being. The Master Seed contains the Spiritual Code for the Heaven that the being is to become and build in their life and in their world.


Each being, even the smallest beings, which are the Spiritual Particles which make up the Suits of planets, human beings, and other species throughout the Creation, have Master Miracle Intelligences governing Master Seeds of Heaven that provide Code for the manifestation of each Spiritual Particle.


The Flower of Heaven, which is what manifests when Master Seed Code is activated and reaches fruition, is the True Self, which is a manifestation of the Master Miracle Intelligence.  The Master Miracle Intelligence, working through the True Self, is designed to become the Identity in the Suit – body/mind – representing the Soul.  The Soul, which can not manifest directly, was given the Miracle Intelligence in order to experience through the True Self and the Suit the Heaven of a manifest existence in the Creation. 


The Soul is a Perfected Intelligence that is 100% Source-Connected.  The Miracle and the True Self are also 100% Source-Connected. The Suit, however, if not managed by the True Self, could become Disconnected from the Source. If this were to occur, then the Suit could experience suffering instead of the Heaven of True Happiness that the Soul linked to the Suit incarnated to experience.


Just as an ordinary seed requires a fertile field and the right conditions of sun and rain in order to germinate and grow successfully into a fully reproducing plant, so the Seeds of Heaven require the right spiritual conditions to germinate and grow into The Flowers of Heaven that they were created to be.



The Field of Death and Destruction

Up until this point in time, the Spiritual Genetic Code in The Seeds of Heaven have been existing in a very infertile Field of Death and Destruction energies created by the Negative Energy generated by beings when they Disconnected from the Source at the beginning of the Creation. Because beings did not follow The Source Plan for welcoming in and sustaining The Field of Heaven in which The Seeds of Heaven were designed to flourish, it never manifested.  Instead they lived life after life in The Field of Death and Destruction


Since the only Spiritual Genetic Code that could flourish in this negative Field was the Pseudo Code that they developed from their attempts to fabricate a Self-Made Heaven that was based on the pursuit of their own Self Interests, they could only become the Pseudo Self that arose from the Pseudo Code. This Pseudo Self generally reflected the social roles that they played in the societies that they created. 


The beings that excelled in creating Pseudo Code were the ones who were most Disconnected from the Source.  They had broken their Source Connection and lost their ability to receive the Life Energies that sustained their Suits – bodies/minds. These beings had dropped to the lowest level of vibration and had the most to lose if The Universal Field of Heaven landed and the beings who were more Source-Connected, who were their prey, rose up in vibration out of their reach.  


They, therefore, cultivated social practices such as war, crime, sexual abuse, economic exploitation and the like that led to Death and Destruction because these practices damaged the Suits of the Source-Connected beings, weakening them and making them ripe for the Harvesting Operation of those most Disconnected. 


They opposed anything which brought healing and promoted the Miracle within each being activating to take the being to the level at which they would become their True Self and become The Flower of Heaven that they were created by the Source to be. They opposed this because the True Self would have evaded the Harvesting Operation and the Negativity would not have been able to survive without the ability to steal Life Energies from those more Source-Connected.


I call the most Disconnected beings, the Negativity.  They exist in Energy Bodies on the Inner Plane, The Spiritual Level of Reality. They have historically been organized into 7 hierarchical Levels with the leadership occupying the top two Levels and their Henchmen, who implement their directives, occupying the 3rd level. The four lower Levels are occupied by the rank and file workers supporting the Harvesting Operation of the Negativity from which all of them benefitted to varying degrees.  


Underneath these 7 levels of the Negativity are the Entities that they created. These Entities are animated Thought Forms that have been programmed to carry out certain tasks for the Negativity.  They constitute a huge army of foot soldiers that can be sent in to beset individual beings to break them down for the Harvest.  


Assisting them are weapons that were created from Pseudo Code that often fire on autopilot from installations that exist on the Spiritual Level of Reality. At the bottom of this Operation are the beings most damaged by the Harvesting Operation. These beings had been encouraged to break their Source Connection and have become Empty Suits without a Soul. They are beings existing on the Outer Plane in the societies of the Creation. Through them the leadership of the Negativity could send attacks on beings in these societies. These attacks might take the form of discrimination, sexual and physical abuse, economic exploitation, war, crime, or the personal betrayal that lead to the suffering that breaks down beings who are more Source-Connected.  



The War against the Source

The Negativity encouraged beings who wanted to become Source-Connected to turn against the Source in at least some aspects of their consciousness. The Negativity depicted the Source as an enemy trying to keep them from pursuing their Self-Designed Heaven. This was because the Source has upheld the Standard of The Source Plan which all beings agreed to honor when the Source created Suits for them and set up a Creation in which they could reside.  The Source has upheld The Source Plan because it is the only way in which life in The Manifest World can lead to the happiness of The Heaven Experience – the experience for which beings incarnated to achieve.  Without The Source Plan life becomes a Hell Experience, an experience of suffering, scarcity, and struggle.


Most beings have participated in The War against the Source in some aspects of their consciousness even if in their conscious minds they have sought to remain Source-Connected. This has further accelerated their Disconnection from the Source. Collectively, beings, through their Disconnection from the Source and their War against the Source, have created The World of Suffering that exists today. They have also taken themselves and the Creation to the verge of complete spiritual unsustainability. 



The Universal Crisis

Rather than learning from the Implementation Aspect of the Source who has incarnated since the beginning of the Creation to teach them how to become Stewards of The Miracle of Life – their own life and Life in the Creation – they have developed their own spiritual theories about how things work on the Spiritual Level of Reality, theories that do not correspond with the physics of life as it was Source-Created.  They have existed in a state of denial, tuning out the Source and listening instead to their own culturally created Stories about the Source that have little or no relevance to the true nature of the Source.


Now all beings are faced with a Universal Crisis. The Implementation Aspect entered into the Creation for a limited time only to provide training in how to Steward the Miracle of Life.  Now, within a few decades, the Implementation Aspect will return to its Heaven at the Source Level. Already the Implementation Aspect has triggered its withdrawal, a gradual process that guides beings through successive stages of The Transition until the final stage is reached and the Implementation Aspect departs from the Creation.


As the manifestation and spokesperson for the Implementation Aspect, I am here to explain The Source Perspective on The Transition, on the state of the world, and on what has to happen for individual beings and for the Creation itself to survive the final stage of The Transition when I will leave along with the Extended Range of the Implementation Aspect. Those who are willing to expand their vision beyond their Personal and Cultural Stories about the nature of spiritual reality and hear the Source Communications that explain these massive Universal Changes and the true spiritual physics that govern the survival of The Miracle of Life will be the ones who survive the stages of The Transition.  



The Activation of The Seeds of Heaven

To help beings awaken from the Pseudo Reality which they have fabricated for themselves, I have activated all aspects of The Universal Seed of Heaven.  This has in turn activated fully the Master Seeds of Heaven that manifest individual beings. The Universal Seed of Heaven is now manifesting, like clockwork, the major universal stages of the germination of The Flower of Heaven in the Creation as a whole.  This is accelerating the germination of The Flower of Heaven in each individual being.


As I noted earlier, The Flower of Heaven in an individual being is the True Self, which is a manifestation of the Miracle that they were created to be. The True Self reflects their Soul or, in the case of Empty Suits, the Perfected Identity that the Source has sent into the Suit to man a Suit that has lost its Soul.  Thankfully, even Empty Suits still have a Miracle intact and a True Self that can manifest to enable them to experience whatever Heaven is possible for them without a Soul.  Although an Empty Suit will not reincarnate into another lifetime, which requires a Soul, they can live productive lives in this, their last remaining lifetime.


Since there are now many Suits that have lost their Souls during the course of the stages of The Transition, it is fortunate that these Suits can contribute to their own happiness and the happiness of others through the work of the True Self in the Suit.


The Gathering

Just recently the germination process of the Seeds of Heaven has led to True Selves coming into control of the Suits on the Inner Plane. This has enabled me to establish The Gathering. The Gathering is an Inner Plane assembly of True Selves working with me to heal their Suits so their Suits can eventually free themselves from the Pseudo Self so that only the True Self will manifest in all of the thoughts and actions of the Suit.



Clearing the Way for Landing
The Universal Field of Heaven

It was through working with beings in The Gathering, that enough of the Negative Energy from the Disconnection was cleared for The Universal Field of Heaven to land in The Manifest World and establish the fertile Field in which The Seeds of Heaven for the Creation and for individual beings could grow to fruition.


Also instrumental in the landing of The Field of Heaven has been the shift to Level 10 of the 12 Levels of The Transition. This occurred in the April 28, 2018 Transition. At Level 10 the leadership of the Negativity, which were the beings most Spiritually Fragmented from their Disconnection from the Source, were unable to survive in the high speed energies of Level 10. These beings existed in Energy Bodies that rapidly fragmented to the point of complete disintegration. 


Of the 7 Levels of the Negativity, the beings who were most Fragmented were the three top levels of the Negativity, which included the leadership and their Henchmen. The Entities and weapons and many of the Empty Suits that were their accomplices in the societies of the world also disintegrated spiritually in the high vibrational, very immaterial energies of Level 10. The Entities and weapons existed only on the Inner Plane and when they disintegrated they left nothing behind.  The Empty Suits in organic forms that were the accomplices lost their connection to The Network of Intelligence which sustains their physical lives. They are still alive in physical forms but are declining gradually into disease and death.


Remaining are 4 levels of the Negativity.  Most of the Negative Agents in these 4 Levels have agreed to a ceasefire in their War against the Source in order to receive Life Energies from the Source in return for their work of dismantling the Negative Spiritual Structures that have entrapped and imprisoned Source-Connected beings throughout the Creation.


Without the relentless and well organized opposition of the Negativity, it has been possible to land The Field of Heaven without a major battle. Beings are now residing in this life engendering Field which will help them to heal from The Disease of Fragmentation which all who have Disconnected from the Source suffer.  This healing is essential if they are going to survive the upcoming stages of The Transition which will take the Creation to even higher speed energies which only Suits that have achieved Spiritual Integration can survive. Even beings who were opposing the Negativity will have urgent healing work to do because they have suffered from the Spiritual Fragmentation caused by the Harvesting Operation of the Negativity. 



The Miracle of Heaven that Is Manifesting

The arrival of The Universal Field of Heaven is a major Turning Point in the history of the Creation that enables the Miracle Intelligences and The Seeds of Heaven to begin manifesting The Miracle of Life that they were designed to manifest. 


Beings trust the Miracle of Life that they see reproducing biological life in their own species and in the species of other beings around them. They now need to expand their understanding to grasp the fact that from the Seed of Heaven comes the Miracle of Life as Heaven. While the reproduction of biological forms is a part of the manifestation of The Miracle of Life, unless these forms are capable of experiencing The Heaven Experience, life in a form can be an experience of the Hell of suffering, deprivation, fear, struggle, and hopelessness.  


Beings need to recognize that unless they work with the Source to manifest Life as Heaven, the Source will not be able to link back to the Creation after the Implementation Aspect returns to the Source Level at the end of The Transition. Unless they welcome the Miracle of Life as it unfolds in their own lives and work effectively with it as it unfolds in their world, they themselves will become unsustainable and will lose their Source Connection – their Link to Life – when the Implementation Aspect leaves for the Source Level.


While the clockwork like developmental manifestation of The Miracle of Life from The Universal Seed of Heaven and from The Master Seeds of Heaven for individual beings are the driving force behind the manifestation of Heaven in the world, only those who cease their War against the Source and support The Work of the Source to help them become sustainable, will survive.  The Universal Seed of Heaven will establish the verdant spiritual conditions in which Life as Heaven can flourish in The Manifest World. Who remains to enjoy this Heaven will depend on the decisions that individual beings make about whether they are willing to Becoming What Is Needed to Support The Work of the Source to manifest the Heaven that they were created to be and the Creation was created to be.  If they are willing to Become What Is Needed, which includes getting trained and equipped to do their parts to Steward The Miracle of Life, then they will become sustainable and the Source will be able to link back to them when the Implementation Aspect returns to the Source Level.


Technical knowledge of how things work is an important part of learning how to become a Steward of the Miracle of Life.  What I will be conveying to you in the Seed Reports that bring you the news of the Heaven that is germinating from The Seeds of Heaven, will contain technical information that you need to spend time thinking about and learning so that you become educated about how things work.  If you know how things work and what the Source expects of you to do your part in Stewarding the Miracle of Life, then you will be able to take appropriate action to become sustainable.


This education can occur through working with the online gifted training materials as well as by requesting the individualized Miracle-Based Coaching that I can, for limited period of time, make available to you. There will come a time in my Transition when I will no longer be working intensively with individual Heaven Agents in the Miracle-Based Coaching Programs. Now is the time to begin your work and learn how to get detailed Source Guidance and begin understanding how to work with the Total Abundance Miracles that are manifesting to help you to prepare to become a Steward of Life.



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