Making the World Safe for Heaven 

Currently the world is ruled on the Inner and Outer Plane by the Negativity – the criminal element that operates on the Spiritual Level of Reality.  The Negativity builds Spiritual Structures on the Inner Plane through which it works to control what manifests on the Outer Plane.  Wars, crime, domestic violence, discrimination, diseases, etc. are all the result of careful planning and implementation by the Negativity on the Inner Plane.  It may look like humans instigated them or germs were involved, but behind this layer of causation is another layer.  If you examine this layer you will see the calculated machinations of the Negativity. 


In the 14 Prototype Communities, Life as Heaven could not be manifested until each Community worked to eradicate the hold that the Negativity had on the Community.  Once they realized that they had a common enemy, they stopped warring against one another and began eliminating the Negativity out of their Community much as a neighborhood might oust drug pushers operating nearby.  Once the Negativity could not operate in their energy field, I was able to build an energy field of peace and of Heaven and they began to realize that in such a Love-Based Energy Field, they could begin to become loving and nurturing beings.


The same path must be traveled by beings in our modern world.  They have to wake up to how the Negativity works and work with the miracles of the Source and with their own Miracle-Based Abilities to eradicate the Negativity.  Only then can Heaven be built.


Just as you have to clear the ground of boulders before you can pour the foundation of a house, so you have to clear the Spiritual Field of the Negativity before the Miracle-Friendly Conditions will be right to build a Miracle-Based Way of Life.


What it takes to eradicate evil that has caused World Wars and the atrocity of genocide, child abuse, torture, sexual abuse and the like, is a combination of:

  • Material Energy that grounds the Source Power that I need to do the kind of security work that only the Source can do.
  • Good Heaven Agent Work – which is Heaven Agents using their Miracle-Based Abilities as Source-Guided to get information about the whereabouts and activities of the Negativity and to take action to stop their exploits.


Life in the Source Perfected Universe will be for those who give, who love, and who are willing to do their part with courage, integrity, and love for the Source and for Life itself.  Those who stand on the sidelines and watch the Negativity ravage the world will remain at a lower vibrational level and will not survive when the vibrational level rises as Life becomes perfected.  Only those who give and love will rise vibrationally and remain in The Picture of Perfection when it manifests in the time ahead.


This project requires very urgent attention since the Negativity has escalated its efforts in recent times.  It is critical that Heaven Agents supply the Material Energy that I need to ground the miracles that are needed to abort the plans of the Negativity to stage a Third World War, to spawn devastating new diseases that can destroy the human species, and to create the collapse of the political, economic, and ecological systems of the planet. 

I have the ability to do what only the Source can do to stop many of these atrocities but I require the Material Energy provided by Manifest Beings to ground the miracle of Source Power which I then use to bring in the miracles that are needed.  (For more information about how miracles are grounded, you can read the article entitled: The Spiritual Science of Correct Exchange.)

This work is very dangerous, round the clock work that requires a lot of Material Energy to enable me to do this safely while in a human form.  It is important that Heaven Agents recognize the difficulty of the work and provide the Material Energy that will enable me to do what is needed while having enough Material Energy to ground the miracles that keep my Suit safe and the Suits of the Heaven Agents who are working alongside me.
It is not enough for people to cry to the Source to stop the atrocities in the world and then to stand back and provide no Material Energy support when the Source comes into their world in a physical form to do this dangerous type of work.  Only when beings provide me with the support that I need to do this work safely will the Source acknowledge their love.  A failure to step in to prevent unnecessary hardship in this most difficult of tasks is a failure to love in any way that is meaningful.  
The Source is not moved by those who profess the sentiment of love and don't meet even the ordinary standards of friendship and support in a time of need.  The Source is Love in Action and any Heaven Agent who values their relationship with the Source has to become Love in Action as well.  Only then will love prevail over the hate that has caused the senseless suffering that has touched every life in the Manifest World.
Through love even the perpetrators of the atrocities can be given an opportunity to be rehabilitated so the negativity that drives them can be eradicated in their Suit and retired forever.  This takes very powerful miracles that must be grounded by the beings of the Creation if a World that Works is ever to be manifested.
The Global and Universal Community must rally to support my work on every level and not wait to see who wins the next round and then side with the winning side to preserve their own safety. This strategy has been going on for most beings since the Negativity first developed into a controlling force in the Creation.
It will take courage and a willingness to say "No" to the Negativity and to stand up for the Source and the Heaven that the Source brings.  Only this stance of courage and Love in Action will eradicate the scourge of the Negativity once and for all and make the world safe for Heaven.

NOTE: Instructions for how to contribute to this Project by providing Material Energy through a Financial Exchange are provided below.  Those who have trained in The Miracle School to generate Material Energy through the Material Energy Factory of their Suits, can work at The Construction Site of Heaven and generate Material Energy for these projects.  Whatever Material Energy is generated through an Energy Exchange will reduce the amount of Material Energy needed through a Financial Exchange.  

The Source encourages all beings to Integrate their Suits so they can transition out of the Cash Economy into the Heaven Economy which is based strictly on an Energy Exchange.  In this way, a sustainable way of life can be engendered for all beings.

For more detailed information on how Material Energy is generated you can read the article entitled: Supporting The Work of the Source.


What Is Needed for Direct Source Work

The amount of Material Energy that is needed for this Project for a baseline level of security can be transferred through a Financial Exchange of US $6 million. To build a second level of security US $12 million is needed.  When these two levels have been built, the Network of the Negativity that is worldwide will crumble and they will lose access to their caches of stolen Life Energies that they have taken from other beings.  When they lose this power, Heaven Agents will be better able to move in and drive them out of the Earth Community.  This will end their Reign of Terror on the Earth.
While this will require Team Work, the Heaven Agent Team is unable to move in decisively until I have done the Source Work that sets up the protection that is needed for the Team to do its work.
It is, therefore, of the utmost importance that this level of the work be advanced by those providing the funding that is needed for the two levels of security.
While these figures to the average person may seem staggering, it takes far more than this to build and maintain one prison which doesn't supply the Community with a real solution to the problem of the criminals but only keeps them off the streets for a limited period of time. 
If you think of all of the prisons in the world, the amount that the Global Community is spending on prisons alone far exceeds what the Source needs to stop the Negativity at a root level so their infrastructure can be destroyed.
If you add to it the amount that is spent yearly on psychiatric and medical care for the victims of crime and domestic violence, you are into the billions.  This is just the tip of the iceberg.  
All physical diseases are caused by the activities of the Negativity that set up the accidents and create the conditions in which the body can become diseased. The annual budget to deal with these diseases alone is in the trillions.
Then add wars that total out the economy of nations and you begin to bring the picture into focus that our Global Community is spending a vast amount of its wealth on dealing with suffering that is caused by the Negativity without stopping to think that if they eradicated the Negativity itself, then all of this needless waste of money could be spent to build an abundant world that could nurture all of its own.  If every life was nurtured by the Community you wouldn't have people growing up discriminated against and oppressed and becoming killers or terrorists or leaders who champion wars where they can enact their desire to kill.
It's time to allow commonsense to enter into the picture of Community spending.  If people supported the Work of the Source they would save trillions that are spent annually and end up with a cure to the problem of the Negativity rather than just dealing with another outcropping of an ongoing problem.
While a true ousting of the Negativity from our Global Community will require Source Work and Heaven Agent Team Work, it can be done if the support is provided when it is needed.
Since building a Foundation for World Peace is essential to the Heaven that needs to be built on the Earth, The Making the World Safe for Heaven Project  is the first priority of the Source.  If this project does not receive proper support then it will not be possible to carry the other Developmental Projects to fruition.  It is not possible to Nurture the Young, for instance, in a world where they could be sexually molested, beaten to death by their parents, killed in a war, die of a disease, or be neglected by a community that discriminates against them because of their race or ethnicity.  The work of the Negativity to set up the conditions in which a child could be stolen from their parents and forced into child prostituion has to be stopped before any child is safe to grow up feeling loved and nurtured and protected by their community.
Similarly, while setting into place Emergency Anti-Fragmentation Care is important, the root causes of Fragmentation have to be stopped. If the work of the Negativity to create Fragmentation is not stopped, the Disease of Fragmentation will continue to destroy the lives of beings throughout the Creation.  It will also destroy the integrity of the body, making it prone to disease.  
And, it is not possible to build the Culture of Heaven in a world in which there is any tolerance for the exploits of the Negativity coming through the books, media, social practices, or economic strategies of the population.  What causes harm must stop.  There is no compromise that the Source can make with the forces that destroy Life.  Life is precious – a miracle that is very delicate and which can only manifest as Heaven when there is no harm and beings are living in harmony with the Standard of Heaven that alone enables Life as Heaven to manifest.
Therefore, the Source is sending out an urgent call to all those who love Life to support Its Work to stop the Negativity and build a Love-Based Community that nurtures all of its own.
The Source is calling every person to seek Inner Source Guidance with regard to what is theirs to contribute.  The Source does not turn only to the wealthy to support Its projects.  The Source looks to every person who benefits from Its work in the world to support this work and not to turn away and try to pawn off the responsibility to help to someone else.
The Source doesn't turn away from any being in the Creation and no being should turn away from the Source when the Source calls for help in doing the work that benefits that being and all of Life.  A callous refusal to help will continue the Disconnection from the Source to disastrous levels since it supports the maintence of a Fragmented Picture of Reality in which beings take and don't give and expect the Source to agree to sustain a world that has become unsustainable.  Maintaining a Fragmented Picture of Reality is how the Suit becomes Fragmented. The Disease of Fragmentation is what is undermining the viability of every individual life as well as the viability of the Creation as a whole.
Saying "No" to maintaining a Fragmented Picture of Reality is the first step to saying "No" to the Negativity that created that Picture of Reality.  It is where you first have to begin to put your foot down and begin the rigorous path of Truth that will enable you to oust the Negativity from your own Inner Life and then from your Outer Life as well.

What Is Needed for Educational Materials

Unless people are informed about how the Negativity works, they will continue to fall prey to their activities and will continue on being channels through which they work in the world.  There is an urgent need for films and videos, books and other materials for children as well as adults in many different languages.  All of this requires Financial Support to produce and a group of Heaven Agents who come forth to help in the development of these materials.
While the funds themselves for the $18 million needed for the Direct Work of the Source can be used to develop many of the educational materials, more funding is needed to develop the movies that will educate the masses.  The general budget for many movies that use special effects which would be needed to help people understand the Inner Plane and the Universal Range of the work of building Heaven is in the $170- $250 million dollar range.  
While a Source-Directed Movie can operate with a much smaller budget because famous actors and actresses are not needed to depict Source Truth, the production process will require a considerable financial investment.  
The Source has given to those incarnating on the Earth today the financial means to support Its Work – including what is needed to educate the masses.  I have come into the Earth Plane at this time because it is possible to work through the media to reach the Global Community rapidly and effectively.  
I have come in with my ability to do the Work of the Source but my Source Function is relying on Heaven Agents to step forward and fund the Work of the Source as their part of the Joint Venture of transitioning life out of suffering and into a Heaven Way of Life.
Without the complete and continuing support of Heaven Agents this work can't be done.  The Source has not provided me with all of the financial resources for this work because It wants Manifest Beings to show their support for the Source through supplying what is needed.  Only in this way do beings express their gratitude for the Source for incarnating in the most difficult time in the history of the Creation to help them to survive and to Build Heaven.
Building Heaven requires Team Work.  Nothing short of this will stop the Negativity and make the world safe for Heaven.


How to Contribute to Making the World Safe for Heaven

Contribute the Heaven Agent Work that is needed

Train to work alongside me through completing the Six Step Process for entering into The Ultimate Spiritual Healing Program of The Miracle School and learning how to do the Heaven Agent Work that is essential to the success of this project. 

Contribute the Material Energy that is needed

Ask to "become what is needed to support the Work of the Source through my Manifestation" and the miracles and Source Guidance that you will receive will enable you to know how to contribute the Material Energy that is needed.  
Work at The Construction Site of Heaven to generate the Material Energy that is needed for this work.
Contribute the Financial Support that is needed for its Material Energy, the Catalyst Energy that it generates, and for the funds that it supplies to provide the educational materials that can redirect the energies of the global population toward building a sustainable World that Works that excludes the Negativity.  
For those for whom a financial exchange is not possible, you can learn more about other Heaven Economy Options and how to prepare yourself to contribute to the work.
To contribute the financial exchange that provides the Material Energy needed, you can fill out the form below.  If your contribution is greater than US $4000, then email me for information on how to proceed.


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