Nurturing the Young

Children need to be nurtured correctly, particularly the more advanced spiritual beings who are coming into the planet at this time.  Miracles from the Source can substitute for improper childcare and enable children even in abusive families to bring through their Souls and their Miracle-Based Abilities and begin contributing to the work of building a World that Works.


The range of Source Support that children need on both the Inner and Outer Plane is extensive.  It requires building a new Heaven Way of Life which helps children to grow to fruition as the aspects of Heaven that they were created to be.  No stone should be left unturned to transform the world into a Place of Heaven where every child is given the full support of the Community to grow up knowing who they are as a unique Spiritual Intelligence, knowing the Mission they came into this life to fulfill, and receiving the full, intelligent support of the Community to provide for them the context in which they can learn what is appropriate for them to learn in order to fulfill this Mission. Family life, education, recreation, social relationships, social events should all support the development of the child and not detract from what the child needs to experience in the world in order to learn how to love and give and contribute as a true Heaven Agent not only when they are an adult but during their childhood years.


The current system of oppressive social control that grooms children to become two dimensional Story Characters that play the roles in the Story Cultural Play and censures those who speak the Truth and manifest the wisdom and knowledge of their Soul, has to change.  To bring about this change children and adults have to work together to seek Source Guidance to know what of the existing childrearing practices are squelching the Soul and what ones are in keeping with the Guidelines for Nurturing Life that have been established by the Source.  Such work can’t be sidestepped.  It is this detailed Truth Seeking that enabled members of the 14 Prototype Communities to transition out of the Story Way of Life that dumbed them down and fomented conflict, frustration, and meaninglessness into a Heaven Way of Life that enabled every life to be nurtured and fulfilled.


What it takes to travel this path is following the Developmental Sequence for this project and building the aspects of a Heaven Way of Life as they are given by the Source.  In this way the foundation for a new way of Nurturing the Young will be created.  From this will emerge an understanding that the principles for Nurturing the Young are similar to the principles for Nurturing Adults. Childhood as a period of exploration and learning continues throughout life.  The art and science of nurturing the true intelligence of a being so the light of this intelligence illuminates their Path through life, is the art and science of Nurturing Life itself.


This project requires:

  • The Material Energy to ground the miracles of Source Guidance to chart the course as well as the Source Power that enables me to use my Source Abilities to move the project to fruition.
  • Good Heaven Agent Work to:
    • Prototype the news ways of childcare that are delineated in the project.
    • Develop and disseminate creative educational materials for children and adults.
    • Train those who are providing childcare – parents, teachers, and other childcare providers –  to implement the Prototype that has been developed.
  • Financial Support for developing and disseminating the educational materials and building the Outer Plane Prototypes for schools, sports, daycare facilities, etc.  Fortunately the financial support that provides the Material Energy for Source Power is directed to provide for these practical needs of the project.

NOTE: Instructions for how to contribute to this Project by providing Material Energy through a Financial Exchange are provided below.  Those who have trained in The Miracle School to generate Material Energy through the Material Energy Factory of their Suits, can work at The Construction Site of Heaven and generate Material Energy for these projects.  Whatever Material Energy is generated through an Energy Exchange will reduce the amount of Material Energy needed through a Financial Exchange.  

The Source encourages all beings to Integrate their Suits so they can transition out of the Cash Economy into the Heaven Economy which is based strictly on an Energy Exchange.  In this way, a sustainable way of life can be engendered for all beings.

For more detailed information on how Material Energy is generated you can read the article entitled: Supporting The Work of the Source.


The Direct Source Support that Is Needed

There are 4 Spiritual Spaces that are a manifestation of different aspects of a Source-Created Heaven that children need in order to grow up correctly.

With these four Spiritual Spaces that provide an Integrated Environment for the child on the Inner Plane, children will be protected from the Negativity and given the Source Support that they need to evolve to their full level of maturity.  


Children will be called by the Source to enter into the Spiritual Spaces. Those who respond to the call will be admitted into the Spaces.  This will give all of the young an equal opportunity to be helped even if their caregivers are members of the Negativity and would oppose any help given to them directly.


NOTE:  These Heaven Projects are all urgently needed.  They form the foundation for the work of Nurturing the Young that needs to be done once this foundation has been built.


Now is your chance to contribute to the massive changes that will make Life Heaven while I am here in a Manifest Form and can do this kind of work.  If you allow the time to pass and we miss the Development Time frame in which this work can be done, it may not be possible.  You will then live with a world that can't be made into the Heaven it was intended to be.


Just as in the biological firing of the DNA there is a Developmental Sequence that has to be met in order for life to emerge without mutation, so in the building of a Life that is Heaven, there is a large scale Developmental Sequence that must be maintained in order for life to emerge as Heaven.


There is no time to delegate the work to others.  The Source is calling you to contribute what is yours to contribute – to stand in support of The Work of the Source to nurture the young and in so doing to lay the foundation for the nurturing of all of life.


What follows is a description of the Four Spiritual Spaces that will provide the young with what they need to grow up in the love, protection, and guidance of the Source.



The Sleep Heaven

This is a Spiritual Place where the young can sleep well in a protected space where the Negativity can't do harm to them while they are resting and rejuvenating themselves.

The nighttime terrors of children are often real occurrences of attacks by the Negativity.  Adults who have lost their ability to see what is happening on the Inner Plane often tell children that there is nothing harmful in their room and tell them to just go back to sleep.  This leaves the child terrified and defenseless against the attacks of the Negativity who often invade their unprotected Suits during the hours of sleep.  Adults should be using adult level abilities to protect the Spiritual Space of a sleeping child.  Children lack the ability to defend their Suits until they are about age 15.  Until then they are defenseless against the Negativity, particularly against attacks by the Negativity that occur while they are sleeping.

I am able to build a Sleep Heaven which all of the young can enter during their sleeptime.  In this protected space they can experience the comfort of an Integrated Spiritual Environment and the presence of Source Love and Source Intelligence there beside them helping them to process the events of their day and learn what they need to learn so they progress in their Developmental Sequence.

It takes US $5000 to build the Facility and $20,000 to keep it running for the first four days which is the time that is needed to complete the Set Up of the Spiritual Space.  It takes about $2400 to shut down the Sleep Hell created by the Negativity and about $40,000 to eradicate their induction method for trapping children in their Hell counterpart of the four Heaven Spaces.

To maintain the Sleep Heaven requires $1 million per year.  This is for beings universally.

The Source Progress Report

To date, I have received enough Material Energy to build The Sleep Heaven and to complete the Set Up which is a four day process.  This came from a contribution of $25,000 in Material Energy.


As yet, none of the young in the Creation is enjoying The Sleep Heaven because Material Energy is needed to help them transition out of The Sleep Hell that most of them are in and to ground the miracle of the Source Support that is needed to transition them into The Sleep Heaven and provide for their needs during their hours of rest.


Most urgently needed is the $2400 to shut down The Sleep Hell created by the Negativity and about $40,000 to eradicate their induction method for trapping children in their Hell counterpart of the four Heaven Spaces described in this Project. It is only when a young being is not trapped in a Hell Space that they can transition into a Heaven Space.  The total amount of Material Energy that is needed is US $42,400.

Once I have successfully freed the young to make the transition into The Sleep Heaven, your contributions of Material Energy will ground the miracle of Source Power that will enable me to transition them into The Sleep Heaven and provide for their needs once they arrive. 


It is estimated that this will require about US $1 million in Material Energy per year to provide for all of the young throughout the entire Creation.


It is important for you to contribute whatever you can toward this amount and not be discouraged if you can't see how the entire amount can be provided. 


What you and other Heaven Agents contribute can enable a whole generation of children on the Earth to reach adulthood without being damaged by the Negativity during their hours of sleep.  This will provide the Community on the Earth with a generation of adults who will be more Source-Connected and better able to work with the Source to transition the Global Community into a Heaven Way of Life.


Your investment in Nurturing the Young is an investment in building a Foundation for a Heaven Way of Life that will transform life on the planet and throughout the Creation at the most fundamental level. 


To contribute to this Project, you can enter the amount of your Financial Contribution in the form that is provided below.



Contribute to The World that Works Fund to Ground Source Power

I would like to contribute $.00 for Source Power for the Ongoing, Large Scale Work of the Source.


The Joy Heaven

This is one of the most important Spiritual Spaces.  The full expression of joy in Life and joy in the beauty of one's self as a Soul is strictly forbidden by the Negativity.  When a child is too joyful, there is a swift Inner Plane reprisal by the Negativity that frightens the joyful child and makes them leery of expressing joy in the future.  They learn by this Inner Plane socialization process to only value surface level joy and not to attune to and celebrate the real joy that makes Life Heaven.  Since the energies generated by the young when they Celebrate Life are some of the most potent energies of Life that there are, the Negativity strictly monitors and censors the production of such energies.


Instead, it favors the development of a taste for pseudo joys so that children grow up to feel joy over material possessions, over being socially accepted by others, and for conforming to social goals for what is defined as "making you happy". This is how teenagers are primed to drink, to take drugs, and to indulge in sex at very early ages.  These are the "joys" that the Negativity is directing them toward rather than toward the more complex experience of Life as Intelligence that they are capable of understanding in their younger years.


In The Joy Heaven, there is protection and a structured support for Celebrating Life as Heaven.  In this Spiritual Space children can let down their guard and really experience the Heaven that they are within themselves and can celebrate the Heaven that lies latent within all of life.  In this way they build the foundation for a way of life that is based on Celebration which provides the catalyst for the manifestations that underlie a Miracle-Based Way of Life.


The young have what it takes to not only experience joy in their individual lives but to infuse their families and communities with joy and to lift the ceiling on joy in the Creation as a whole.


Once the ceiling on joy is lifted in the Creation, adults who have been ground under by the sense of futility in achieving any real joy or who have accepted superficial pleasures as the only joys of life, will be able to stand tall and move decisively toward a future in which the Negativity can no longer suppress the natural gift of joy that the Source has given to all beings.


It takes $25,000 to set up this Spiritual Space.  It takes $27,000 to protect the Space.  When it is completely set up it doesn't require any further Direct Source Work to maintain it.


This is a very small amount for you and your fellow Heaven Agents to contribute to achieve such a huge outcome that will change life in the Creation as a whole.


The Source Progress Report

All but $6000 has been contributed to set up this Spiritual Space.  The $27,000 needed to protect the space is still to be contributed.


Your contributions are of the utmost importance to bring this project to fruition.  The contributions that you provide will take the Joy Levels up in the Creation as a whole since the combined horsepower of youthful energies celebrating life will be able to lift the pall of hopelessness and despair that has engulfed much of the Creation.


Contribute to The World that Works Fund to Ground Source Power

I would like to contribute $.00 for Source Power for the Ongoing, Large Scale Work of the Source.


The "Yes" Heaven

This Facility is a place where it is safe for a child to say "Yes" to Life as Heaven instead of being afraid of the punishments of the Negativity for standing up for what is truly beautiful, wholesome, and of Life.


A child who grows up in this Facility will draw the line on the Negativity because they have experienced what it is like to do this and have many years of being validated for doing this.  This is the opposite of the experience of most children who have been rewarded by the Negativity and by their peers and adult caregivers for letting the Negativity do whatever it wants with them and with their lives irregardless of how harmful this is for all concerned.  


Most beings are like the restaurant owner who serves the Mafia when they come to the restaurant without asking for payment.  In this way they avoid being attacked by the Mafia themselves.  While this buys a kind of peace, it also is an experience of being harmed and coerced by the Negativity on the Outer Plane.  Giving into this is a way of perpetuating the social wrongs perpetrated by the criminal element.


If the Universal Community is going to stand strong against the Negativity and finally close the door on their exploits, they will need to allow their young to learn how to do this.  Supporting the creation of the "Yes" Heaven is one way for adults to set the stage for the eventual ousting of the Negativity in its entirety.


It takes US $4 million to set up this Spiritual Space.  This is because of the complexity of the Space as well as the heavy investment in security that is needed to build it and protect it from the Negativity.


It then requires US $5 million to maintain it for a 5 year period.  After this point in time it will become self-sustaining to some extent.  At that point it will require $38,000/year to maintain.


The Source Progress Report

To date, an Energy Exchange has contributed the equivalent of $1 million to set up The "Yes" Heaven.  The project is still in need of $3 million for the set up and $5 million to maintain it for the first 5 years.


The Community needs to give this Spiritual Space full support as without it they will be rearing a generation of young beings who will cater to the Negativity and lay the foundation for a continuation of the suffering that has made life unsustainable in the Creation.


There is little time left for all beings in the Creation to transition into a sustainable way of life.  If the young are not given the complete support of the Community, they will be unlikely to attain a state of wisdom in time for the massive Universal Transitions that lie ahead.  


For further information on these Universal Transitions, you can watch The Next Step Video entitled:  The Source Plan for Transitioning into The Source Perfected World


Contribute to The World that Works Fund to Ground Source Power

I would like to contribute $.00 for Source Power for the Ongoing, Large Scale Work of the Source.


The Education Heaven

Children need to reside in a place where it is ok to know the Truths of the Source and to make decisions based on the Source Guidance that they receive.  If what they are advised by the Source to do is contrary to the cultural traditions in which they are being raised, then they need to be able to discuss the situation with the Source and work out a way in which to be true to Source Truth and still navigate in the society.


In this way, children learn how to be Source-Guided and yet to deal with the social expectations of adults who are not Source-Guided.


Without this kind of support children don't know how to retain their connection with the Source since it is rigorously disrupted by their parents and other caregivers who do not have a connection with the Source and who are enforcing their own Self-Directed Way of Life on the child.


In The Education Heaven children can learn about the Source Perspective and also learn about what is really happening in the Creation as a whole.  While most of this information may be imparted only to the Preconscious Mind, it can become conscious if the child works with what is given and brings it into consciousness.


It takes US $2 million to set up this Spiritual Space so it will encompass all learning for every child in the Creation.  It will require US $40 million to maintain it during the first 5 years.  After this it will be completely self-sustaining.


Compared to the cost of secular education in the Story World, the overall cost of this Project is minuscule.  It does require action now, however, in order to meet the Development Sequence that will build toward a Heaven Way of Life in the Community. 


The Source Progress Report

Thus far, $20,000 has been contributed toward this Project.  Since this Project is the backbone of a Heaven Way of Life, full support for this Project is needed for the Community to rise to the challenge of providing adequate Source-Given Education to the young.


It is a miracle that the Source is able to provide individualized education to each child throughout the Creation for so little Material Energy and that the Educational System itself, once set up, can be self-sustaining.


This is a project that adults throughout the Earth Community should step forward to fund since the Material Energy they provide will enable the young to evolve into adults who will understand how to support a Heaven Way of Life.



Contribute to The World that Works Fund to Ground Source Power

I would like to contribute $.00 for Source Power for the Ongoing, Large Scale Work of the Source.



What Is Needed for Educational Materials

While Inner Plane Source Support can provide the safety and Source Direction that the young need, it needs to be supplemented on the Outer Plane by parents and caregivers who work in harmony with what the children are learning about themselves and Life in the four kinds of Heaven.


Educational Materials for children and adults need to be developed that help both of them to bring into their conscious awareness an understanding of the Source Support being given on the Inner Plane. 


Since adults have to create the social context in which the Soul of the child can be expressed without censorship in the society, adults need to discuss with the Source how to provide the support that is needed. Through developing a Soul-Friendly Culture of Heaven, adults will create the conditions in which their own Souls can be expressed as well.


Right now the Story Culture is not Soul-Friendly.  Only the entity of the Story Character that is developed to fit into the Cultural Story is allowed.  The Soul is silenced in most cases and censored in every aspect of the culture.


People reference the existence of a Soul but don't make room for it to be the identity in the life.


Since the Soul is an already perfected Miracle Intelligence that is Source-Connected and interested only in building Heaven, the Negativity works overtime to create the conditions in which the Soul is not allowed to be on the stage of a person's life.  


It will take Direct Source Work and Heaven Agent Work to break the rigid structures of social censorship so the Soul can express in a life.  Learning how to provide the social context in which the young can grow to maturity as the Souls that they truly are rather than having to fabricate a Story Character Identity, will transform the culture and make it safe for adults to be the Souls that they are as well.  In this way a complete nurturing of Life from youth through adulthood can occur.



How to Contribute to Nurturing the Young

Contribute the Heaven Agent Work that is needed

Train to work alongside me through completing the Six Step Process for entering into The Ultimate Spiritual Healing Program of The Miracle School and learning how to do the Heaven Agent Work that is essential to the success of this project. 

Contribute the Material Energy that is needed

Ask to "become what is needed to support the Work of the Source through my Manifestation" and the miracles and Source Guidance that you will receive will enable you to know how to contribute the Material Energy that is needed.  For those for whom a financial exchange is not possible, you can learn more about other Heaven Economy Options and how to prepare yourself to contribute to the work.
To contribute the financial exchange that provides the Material Energy needed, you can fill out the form below.  If your contribution is greater than US $4000, then email me for information on how to proceed.


Contribute to
The World that Works Fund

I would like to contribute $.00 to The Ultimate Spiritual Healing Fund for a World that Works.