Eradicating the Spiritual Roots of the Diseases of the Body, Mind, and Spirit


While preventative care in stopping further Fragmentation is important, most of the population of the Creation has already suffered from extensive Fragmentation from which Negative Spiritual Structures have been built that form the spiritual foundation for the diseases of the body, mind, and spirit that manifest on the Physical Level of Reality.


When the Negative Spiritual Structures have been eliminated, then the diseases that manifest on the Physical Level will lose power much as a plant that is uprooted loses the power to sustain itself.  While continued care on the Outer Plane Level will be needed even once the power supply from the Spiritual Root has been eradicated, this care will be minimal compared to the attempt to eradicate the problem by cutting down the plant without eliminating the root system from which it can re-grow itself.


With the support of the Community, it is possible to destroy the Spiritual Root of all disease and leave the Community disease-free at this level.  Eventually the physical manifestation that had grown from the Spiritual Root will vanish and the Community will be disease-free on the Physical Level of Reality.  

Eliminating all disease is critical to the success of the Community because disease disables members of the Community and ties up the energies of others who are taking care of those who are disabled.  This is a huge loss of manpower to build a World that is Heaven.  

In a Heaven Community every member needs to be healthy and contributing to the work of building Heaven in the world since they have a unique contribution to make that no other member of the Community can make.  It is, therefore, imperative that members of the Community contribute to eradicating these diseases rather than just asking for Source help to heal from them.

What it takes to eradicate the Spiritual Root Structure of a disease is:

  • Material Energy to ground the Source Power that I need to do Direct Source Work. It takes my Source Abilities backed up by ample grounded Source Power to crack the code on the Negative Programming behind a disease and to uproot it.  Considerable research is needed as well as careful timing and work with a myriad of different kinds of miracles that are grounded by Source Power.  
  • Heaven Agent Work to research and tackle the aspects of the work that are given by the Source to specific Heaven Agents as a part of their Mission.  Team Work is the key to eliminating disease at its Spiritual Root.
A good example of a Prototype Project for eliminating a Spiritual Disease is The Spiritual Intelligence System Prototype Project which was successfully completed due to the timely financial support contributed by three Heaven Agents.
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NOTE: Instructions for how to contribute to this Project by providing Material Energy through a Financial Exchange are provided below.  Those who have trained in The Miracle School to generate Material Energy through the Material Energy Factory of their Suits, can work at The Construction Site of Heaven and generate Material Energy for these projects.  Whatever Material Energy is generated through an Energy Exchange will reduce the amount of Material Energy needed through a Financial Exchange.  

The Source encourages all beings to Integrate their Suits so they can transition out of the Cash Economy into the Heaven Economy which is based strictly on an Energy Exchange.  In this way, a sustainable way of life can be engendered for all beings.

For more detailed information on how Material Energy is generated you can read the article entitled: Supporting The Work of the Source.


What Is Needed for Direct Source Work

Destroy The Disease Network

The Disease Network is built on the Negative Spiritual Structures established by the Negativity to create the conditions in which the diseases of the body, mind, and spirit can flourish.  Those who are diseased drop in vibration to the level at which the Negativity can Fragment their Suits and harvest the Life Energies that they have as a result of being more Source-Connected.  This Harvesting Operation is how the Negativity survives.  Having forfeited their Source Connection by choosing to Disconnect from the Source, the only way in which they can survive is by stealing the Life Energies that other beings have received from the Source through their less attenuated Source Connection.  The Harvesting Operation is one of the biggest businesses of the Negativity in the Creation as a whole.  It is at the core of their strategy to survive and to profit at the expense of others who they enslave and destroy through the Network.
While destroying the basic Network of the Negativity in the Making the World Safe for Heaven Project will help to undermine the Disease Network, more work is needed to free Suits from this Network.  They have been grafted onto a Pseudo System of Life and altered in their Spiritual Genetic Code to serve this Negative System of Life. Destroying the Disease Network means not just topplying the Network but re-tooling all of the Suits that have been mutated to serve the Network even while being harvested by it. This is a complex operation that has to be done with great care in order to re-establish the Suits once they have been separated from The Disease Network.
US $10 million is needed to eradicate The Disease Network in the Creation. US $50 million is needed to re-tool the Suits on the Earth Plane.  Those in the Universal Community residing beyond the Earth Plane will have to supply Material Energy through an Energy Exchange in order to receive the help needed to re-tool their Suits.

Establishing The Sound Field for Perfect Health

The Negativity has kept those caught in its Disease Network in a Hell Sound Field that furthers Fragmentation and the suffering it creates.  When The Disease Network is eradicated, the Hell Sound that it produces can be destroyed as well.  It is then possible for the Source to build a Heaven Sound Field that all beings can live in which will foster Spiritual Integration.
Since Spiritual Integration is the condition in which Perfect Health can occur, building the Heaven Sound Field is a very necessary and important step toward establishing the spiritual conditions in which Perfect Health can manifest.  
The Weeds of Disease and Suffering grow in a Hell Sound Field. The Flowers of Heaven – particularly the Heaven of Perfect Health – grow in a Heaven Sound Field.  The Direct Source Work that is needed to create this Sound Field is key to eradicating the spiritual conditions in which disease can manifest and creating the optimal conditions in which Perfect Health can become a reality.
US $19 million is needed to ground the miracle of a Heaven Sound Field that will be material enough to sustain those who live on the Earth, which is the most material level in the Creation.  Communities outside of the Earth will need to provide Material Energy to ground the Heaven Sound Field in their part of the Creation.   
To put the amount needed for Direct Source Work into perspective, the annual budget for medical care is in the trillions.  This doesn't include mental health care or the trilions spent dealing with the social diseases that cause crime, child abuse, discrimination, etc. These aren't one time expenses but an ongoing, yearly expense that drain the financial reserves of the Global Community and of individuals in that community.
The amount of Financial Exchange needed to ground the miracles that can undercut the ruthless Harvesting Operation of the Negativity so that disease can stop manifesting is, in comparison, a minor financial investment.
You have to stop and think about the logic of cause and effect to understand how to evaluate what is important.  Is it important to keep investing billions in researching a cure for each type of disease when the Direct Source Work that could eradicate the conditions for all diseases is the only real cure and the only lasting solution to disease?
While eradicating the Spiritual Conditions that create disease will not instantly eradicate what has already manifested in the causal chain of manifestation, it will pull the plug on the driving force behind disease and, in time, Perfect Health will be the only reality that people of future generations will know.
In the 14 Prototype Communities that I founded many lifetimes ago, I destroyed The Disease Network in their communities and established the Heaven Sound Field. They gave me the Material Energy to do this Direct Source Work.  It took 29 years to effect the transition out of disease into Perfect Health but to this day, thousands of years later, they know nothing but Perfect Health.  So many generations have been born into the ideal conditions of Perfect Health that the fear, pain, loss, grief, and devastation caused by disease is unknown to them.  
They invested in the Direct Source Work and did the Heaven Agent Work that made it possible to uproot Disease and create the fertile Field of Heaven in which the Flower of Perfect Health could grow.
Now it is time for the Universal Community to follow in their footsteps and uproot Disease throughout the Creation and build a universal fertile Field of Heaven in which the Flower of Perfect Health can grow in every community.
The Source calls every being to help with this project.  The only Source Support that the Source can give is to work on the project of Building Heaven in the world in the most efficient way possible.  This is to request the support of Manifest Beings to cut to the root of the problem instead of clamoring for a miracle to stop a loved one from dying while persisting in perpetuating the conditions in which such a crisis can occur.
There is no more energy available for Stop Gap Miracle Cures.  Manifest Beings allowed the Universal Source Connection Channel which was their Spiritual Home to die.  It supplied my Manifestation with the additional energies that I used to send to those in crisis for those Stop Gap Miracle Cures.  Without this Power Source, beings must learn how to live sustainably.  They must eradicate the causes of disease and learn how to live in harmony with the Principles of Life so that they do not enter into a crisis that there is no longer any Stop Gap Miracle Cure to get them out of it.
In the Source Perfected Universe the major miracle of Ultimate Spiritual Healing is available to every individual and to the Creation as a whole.  It is to this effort that the Source can give Its energies.  Only those who work to heal themselves at an ultimate level will be in alignment with the Source Support that is available.

What Is Needed for Educational Materials

While Direct Source Work can eradicate the Negative Spiritual Structures that create the conditions in which disease can flourish and can build the optimal Spiritual Structures that foster Perfect Health, it is also necessary for every being in the Creation to understand what they need to do individually and collectively to build a world that is conducive to Perfect Health.
Many of the social practices such as smoking, drinking, violent sports, drugs, working with toxic chemicals, and creating toxic chemicals, have no place in a Life that is Heaven.  In a Life that is Heaven the Heaven Energies supply the comfort, joy and stability that enables beings to be drug free and to be Source-Connected enough to transition their economy out of the dangerous mode of producing what destroys life into working with the Source to sustain life.
Without educational materials such as videos, articles, movies, and training materials for children and adults translated into many different languages, it is not possible for every man, woman, and child to know how to transition out of the destructive social practices of their culture into the Culture of Heaven that the Source has created for them.  The Culture of Heaven gives every person a structured way of life that engenders true happiness and from this Perfect Health.  It engenders Total Abundance which alleviates the stressful conditions of scarcity and competition.  It engenders a Love-Based Community which removes the stressful and damaging experiences of lovelessness that undercuts health.  It engenders a social structure that shows people how to nurture every life so that every person can achieve life purpose fulfillment.  
Without educational materials, the old dog-eat-dog paradigm will go unchallenged and beings will continue to build Negative Spiritual Structures out of their own ignorance of how these Structures destroy their health and well-being.
The budget for making one movie with sophisticated special effects can be US $170 - $250 million. While a Source-Directed movie can be made for far less since movie stars are not required to depict Source Truth, the whole effort will require Financial Support from Heaven Agents who understand that they need to support The Work of the Source at this level as well as at the Spiritual Level where Direct Source Work is done.

How to Contribute to the Work of Eradicating Disease


Contribute the Heaven Agent Work that is needed

Train to work alongside me through completing the Six Step Process for entering into The Ultimate Spiritual Healing Program of The Miracle School and learning how to do the Heaven Agent Work that is essential to the success of this project. 

Contribute the Material Energy that is needed

Ask to "become what is needed to support the Work of the Source through my Manifestation" and the miracles and Source Guidance that you will receive will enable you to know how to contribute the Material Energy that is needed.  For those for whom a financial exchange is not possible, you can learn more about other Heaven Economy Options and how to prepare yourself to contribute to the work.
To contribute to the Source Support needed for this Project, you can fill out the form below.  The Material Energies, Catalyst Energies, and Funds will be directed by the Source where they are most needed.
To contribute the financial exchange that provides the Material Energy needed, you can fill out the form below.  If your contribution is greater than US $4000, then email me for information on how to proceed.


Contribute to
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