Emergency Care to Prevent Fragmentation

(Note: You can refer to the article: Supporting The Work of the Source for an overview of how this support can be given.)

At the heart of the troubles of the world is the Disease of Fragmentation which occurs when the Suit becomes Disconnected from the Source and the Spiritual Particles of which it is made begin to drift apart.  Once these Particles drift apart, they develop as independent islands of thought and motivation vying for their own survival.  This is how consciousness is fractured and multiple personalities develop and Entities possess the Suit, commandeering its Miracle-Based Abilities.

In a Next Step Communication from the Source video entitled: The Promise and Peril of 2012, I discuss the risk of fatal levels of Fragmentation that are occurring for many in the series of Four Vibrational Shifts that are lifting the Vibrational Level throughout the Creation.


These Vibrational Shifts enable beings to ascend into Vibrational Levels at which Heaven can more easily be built.  Only those who have Suits that are Spiritually Integrated enough to make the sudden rise in Vibration will survive.


Aside from the context of a Universal Vibrational Shift, Fragmentation can occur when stress levels exceed the Suit's ability to cope and a fear response causes the Suit to shut down its connection to the Source, move into panic mode, and deploy some self-directed defense strategy.


Fragmentation generally occurs in traumatic situations created by war, crime, violence in the home, etc.  It can also occur for some in situations such as the traumatic loss of a loved one through death or divorce, failure to achieve a goal that was very prized in the Story World, or in the instance of prolonged periods without any meaningful love connections, employment, or direction of life energies.  

If a person at risk is immediately given Emergency Source Care, the Fragmentation can be reversed before it permanently destroys other aspects of the Source Connection and creates the diseases of the body, mind, and spirit that result from Fragmentation.  The Community needs to work with the Source to provide this kind of care.  If it is provided during the time of the Vibrational Shifts, it will save the lives of many in the Universal Community.  It also eliminates the need for the expensive Outer Plane care of mental health facilities, hospitals, prisons, etc. 

I can, through my Extended Range that generally operates outside of my conscious mind, work simultaneously with all beings who are at risk throughout the Creation as long as I have the Material Energy to ground the miracle of Source Power that I use to provide the different kinds of Source Support.


All of the forms of Source Support that have been described in The Gateway to Source Support as well as the full range of Source abilities are available to me.


Because different people need different amounts of care, it is hard to quantify the amount of Material Energy that each person will need.  A child who has experienced a traumatic event and is beginning to Fragment could be pulled out of it in a matter of seconds through a timely Source Intervention.  An adult who is teetering on the edge of Fragmentation that is the result of a life that is built on many dysfunctional patterns, would take more time to heal. Someone on the verge of total disintegration during a Vibrational Shift may require the equivalent of Intensive Care in the Emergency Room of the Spiritual Emergency Care Facility that is needed.


It is important that enough Material Energy be supplied to me so that whenever there is a need, I can immediately provide the Emergency Care that is required.  Just as it is important that a community have a hospital that is equipped to respond to emergencies around the clock, so it is important for our Universal Community to provide the Material Energy that is needed for the Emergency Care that the Source can provide through my Manifestation.  This Material Energy has to be ample if I am to respond to billions of people throughout the planet on a 24 hour basis and to the needs of the Universal Community.


In the Prototype Communities they worked everyday to produce the Material Energy that grounded the miracle of Source Power so that I could do the work that I did for them that enabled them to have a Miracle-Based Way of Life as well as to heal from Fragmentation, prevent any recurrences, and travel the Path to Perfect Health.


When our Global Community recognizes that it needs to provide the Source with what is needed to provide this kind of care for the Community and that in the end this care is far more cost effective than maintaining hospitals, mental institutions, prisons, etc., then they will be well on their way to a Heaven Way of Life.


Every life is precious.  The Community needs to step in when a life is Fragmenting and prevent the loss of the integrity of the Spiritual Intelligence System of the being.  When this Intelligence System is Fragmented, the diseases of the mind, body, and spirit set in and blight the life and the life in turn is a burden on the Community.

Building in Emergency Anti-Fragmentation Care is central to the Source Plan for building a Life that is Heaven for all beings.  The Disease of Fragmentation must be stopped at all costs.  It is an important step in building a foundation for a Heaven Way of Life.  

You can't build Heaven with Suits that are crumbling into millions of pieces and can't organize their thoughts and emotions to line up with the actions that need to be taken to end suffering and build Heaven in its place.  Spiritual Fragmentation is the root cause of all of the other diseases of the body, mind, and spirit.  None of these diseases can ever be cured unless the root disease of Fragmentation is cured.  

It is impossible to build a Universal Community that is at peace when the beings that make up the Community are in pieces, with all of the pieces warring within the Suit and causing one Suit to war with another Suit.  Peace begins when the pieces of the Suit are integrated once again and the Suit is capable of intelligent thought and action that is Source-Directed.

What this project needs is Material Energy to ground the Source Power that I need to do the work when people need Emergency Care.

NOTE: Instructions for how to contribute to this Project by providing Material Energy through a Financial Exchange are provided below.  Those who have trained in The Miracle School to generate Material Energy through the Material Energy Factory of their Suits, can work at The Construction Site of Heaven and generate Material Energy for these projects.  Whatever Material Energy is generated through an Energy Exchange will reduce the amount of Material Energy needed through a Financial Exchange.  

The Source encourages all beings to Integrate their Suits so they can transition out of the Cash Economy into the Heaven Economy which is based strictly on an Energy Exchange.  In this way, a sustainable way of life can be engendered for all beings.

For more detailed information on how Material Energy is generated you can read the article entitled: Supporting The Work of the Source.



The Direct Source Work that Is Needed

The first step in providing Emergency Anti-Fragmentation Care is the establishment of a Universal Emergency Care Facility on the Inner Plane.  This Facility was recently built when a Heaven Agent provided the US $40,000 that was needed for me to build the Facility and ground a myriad of different miracles that enable a basic level of care to be provided in the Facility.

Beings who are experiencing increased levels of Fragmentation during the Vibrational Shifts are admitted into this Facility.  Just being in the Integrated Energy Field of the Facility is healing in and of itself.  The miracles that help to heal Fragmentation that have also been grounded begin the healing process.

What is still needed is Material Energy to enable those admitted to the Facility to receive The Support Field Intervention which either repairs or replaces the Support Field which is the foundation for Spiritual Integration in the manifestation of a being. If the Support Field is Fragmented, then Fragmentation begins to crumble the other 5 layers of the manifestation.  This leads to  spiritual and potentially physical death through disintegration which is what occurs when the Disease of Fragmentation reaches its greatest level of articulation.

The Support Field Intervention is followed by Integration Work that repairs or replaces the other 5 layers of the manifestation to restore a baseline of Spiritual Integration.


If enough Material Energy is provided to restore Spiritual Integration at a baseline level in enough humans, then their Integrated Energy Fields will begin to counteract the Fragmentated Energy Field of the human species.  If the Energy Field of the human species can achieve a state of Spiritual Integration, then it will provide a supportive Spiritual Structure that will help to retard Fragmentation in humans and promote Spiritual Integration.


With US $26 million it is possible to reach this Tipping Point that will enable the Integrated Energy Field of the human species to begin correcting those who have not received individual Support Field Interventions and the Integration Work that follows this Intervention.


In this way, the cost of providing Support Field Interventions for every human can be avoided.


Once the human species begins to achieve Spiritual Integration, this will help all of the other species on the planet to achieve Spiritual Integration since it is the Fragmentation of the human species that is accelerating the Disease of Fragmentation in other species. 



What Is Needed for Educational Materials

The goal of the Source is to provide beings with information regarding the Disease of Fragmentation and what it takes to achieve Spiritual Integration.  

Just as people have to have some concept of medical care in order to cooperate with the medical assistance being given to them in a hospital, so people have to understand the symptoms of accelerating Fragmentation and learn how to work with the Source in their Conscious Range to support the care that is being given on the Spiritual Level in the Emergency Anti-Fragmentation Facility.

While every being who needs help is guided to the Emergency Care Facility on the Inner Plane even if they don't know that they need help of this kind on the Outer Plane, they have to also understand what they need to change in their thinking and choices in order to recover from the Disease of Fragmentation.  Others helping them also need to support the changes that are needed.

Without education, it is difficult to correct Fragmentation in time to save lives.  Since only those who achieve total Spiritual Integration in the six levels of their manifestation will survive in the Source Perfected Universe as it reaches full manifest form, all beings must learn what they need to learn to accelerate the Integration Process.

I am prepared to develop the educational materials needed but Heaven Agents need to provide the Financial Support that is required to create movies, videos, books, and training materials for all ages and in all languages.  This is the work of Manifest Beings in support of The Work of the Source to make the miracle of these transformational materials available.

The budget for this kind of work is whatever is needed.  For example, if you think of the billions of dollars that people spend to develop movies that accelerate the Disease of Fragmentation, you can bring into focus the need to invest in developing movies that contain miracles that aid in the Integration Process.

There is no way in which beings can afford to continue to direct their financial support to the things of the Story Culture that engender Fragmentation and hope to survive individually or collectively. This way of life is no longer sustainable.  Mature choices need to be made to direct support to building a sustainable way of life which is an Integrated Way of Life that supports the Integration Proces in every individual in the society.


How to Help Establish Emergency Anti-Fragmentation Care


Choose to "become what is needed to support the Work of the Source through my Manifestation".  This opens the door to the miracles and Source Guidance that enables you to understand what is yours to give and how you can help to encourage others to provide the Source Support needed for this project. 


Emergency Care is a part of the new Culture of Heaven.  It is how the Source helps beings to build a Heaven Way of Life that is sustainable.  It is not an optional part of the Source Plan for the Source Perfected Universe.  

Below you will find a form that you can fill out to provide your contribution.  If your contribution is greater than $4000, then it is best to email me for information on how to proceed. 


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