Building a 100% Source-Connected Way of Life by
Establishing the Source-Created Culture of Heaven 

The Story Culture has been designed and sustained by the activities of The Negativity – the criminal element that operates on the Inner and Outer Plane.  This culture can't sustain a Heaven Way of Life.


What is needed is the new Culture of Heaven that has been designed by the Source to enable a Universal Community to be united in their efforts to create a World that Works.


Work by Heaven Agents needs to be done to discover the different aspects of the Culture of Heaven and to develop educational materials that will help others in our Global Community to understand what it means to transition out of the Story Culture into a Heaven Culture – what this entails and what it will look like when it is complete.  As humans establish a Culture of Heaven on the Earth, the Secondary Spiritual Code that they generate from their understandings will help Heaven Agents throughout the Creation to establish a Culture of Heaven in their communities.  


An important part of this work is the actual Prototyping Work that needs to be done by Heaven Agents who learn how to Live Heaven in their everyday lives and who pioneer creating new social traditions and institutions that foster the Source-Connection and make room for the Soul to manifest through the Suit.  The social institutions of the Story Culture block the Soul from coming through the Suit and reward those who develop a very two-dimensional Story Character that fits well in the Story of the Culture.


Work in this Project would include work on all Five Prototype Projects of The Heaven on Earth Project.  Part of this work will involve the development of a Core Group of Heaven Agents who work to eradicate scarcity on the planet through pioneering a Materialization Economy that can bring what is needed to the Physical Level directly from the Spiritual Level.


What is needed is a new Heaven Way of Life that is Source-Directed and Miracle-Based. Through following the Development Sequence for establishing the Culture of Heaven, this Heaven Way of Life can be built on the Earth and in the Creation as a whole.

NOTE: Instructions for how to contribute to this Project by providing Material Energy through a Financial Exchange are provided below.  Those who have trained in The Miracle School to generate Material Energy through the Material Energy Factory of their Suits, can work at The Construction Site of Heaven and generate Material Energy for these projects.  Whatever Material Energy is generated through an Energy Exchange will reduce the amount of Material Energy needed through a Financial Exchange.  

The Source encourages all beings to Integrate their Suits so they can transition out of the Cash Economy into the Heaven Economy which is based strictly on an Energy Exchange.  In this way, a sustainable way of life can be engendered for all beings.

For more detailed information on how Material Energy is generated you can read the article entitled: Supporting The Work of the Source.



The Direct Source Work that Is Needed

What it takes to establish a new Culture of Heaven is Material Energy that grounds the Source Power that I use when I activate my Source Abilities to bring through the miracles that enable humans to transition out of the Story Culture into the Culture of Heaven.


There are six major Spiritual Structures that need to be manifested in order for The Culture of Heaven to become the comforting refuge of all beings – uniting them in a shared vision of reality that engenders a Love-Based Community that nurtures all of its own.


Each of these major structures requires Heaven Agent Work as well as Direct Source Work to establish.  This work can be done at the Conscious Range Level of The Construction Site of Heaven.  Heaven Agents working with me online and through Teleconferences can help set the stage for the Spiritual Structures to be put into place.  


When enough Material Energy has been supplied for these Structures and the Spiritual Space has been prepared by the Heaven Agents, I can bring them into manifest form.


Each Spiritual Structure requires about $10,000 to bring it into manifest form. With six of them, US $60,000 is needed.  Once the Structures are in place, it will take $50,000 to link them together to form the core unit of The Culture of Heaven.  Once the Core Unit is built, those entering into this Spiritual Structure can man different positions in the Structure and not only see the future of The Culture of Heaven but access miracles that enable them to accelerate the manifestation of this Culture on the Outer Plane.


The Six Structures are the Structures for:

  • Total Abundance
  • Perfect Health
  • Love-Based Relationships
  • Life Purpose Fulfillment
  • The Love Connection with the Source
  • The Heaven Experience
These Structures are the 5 basic projects of the Universal Heaven Projects which all lead to the goal of The Heaven Experience which is experienced in your Inner Life, Outer Life, and at an Ultimate Level when you transcends your incarnate life and experience The Heaven Experience of both your Suit and your Soul.
Once the Six Structures are manifested, The Culture of Heaven will become a living Spiritual Intelligence that can nurture, teach, guide, and structure the world of every being so they can see the Path to Perfection that lies before them.  They still have to make the choice to work with this kind of ultimate support, but the support will be readily available.
It will then be time for work to eradicate the Negative Intelligences that the Negativity has installed in culture.  These Negative Intelligences are created by the Negativity out of the collective energies of participants in the culture who give their energy to their value system and their beliefs.  The Negativity takes this energy and uses it to create an entity that then works through those beliefs to control, Fragment, punish, and manipulate members in the culture.
Negative Intelligences of this sort are formed in social groups ranging from family units to local, national, and global communities.  They run institutions, businesses, and other organizations.
For example, a couple of people might come together to create a business.  The partners in the business would collectively get behind their vision of the business and the Negativity would take this energy and create a Negative Intelligence that then drives them to conform to their original vision taken to a dysfunctional degree.  Many a business that began as a hopeful venture to earn a living and provide a good service becomes transformed into an organization where the founders of the business are driven to make more and more money, to overwork and underpay their employees, and to begin to skimp on the quality of the service provided in order to make more money for less effort.
What might have begun with a vision of a better life can end in the ship wreck of the individual lives of the founders themselves who experience so much stress and duress that they neglect their families and end up in divorce and in ill health.
The driving force behind this kind of locked in frenzy is the Negative Intelligence working behind the scenes to take a vision for a better way of life and turn it into a force that Fragments the lives of those involved in implementing the vision.
This kind of tyranny rules the lives of most beings throughout the Creation.  The only way to end this kind of control by the Negativity is to create the support structures for nations, organizations, businesses, communities, families, etc. that enables them to have a structure that is Source-Supported so they can let go of the structure that is supported by the Negativity.
The Direct Work of the Source is needed to eradicate this kind of Pseudo Support Structure and the Negative Intelligences that man them.
If enough of these Pseudo Structures are removed and replaced by Culture of Heaven Support Structures, then a Tipping Point will be reached at which beings in the cultures of the world will rise up against this tyranny and will topple the rest of the Negative Structures.
It will take US $10 million to reach this Tipping Point.  After this it will take $55 million to provide Heaven Agents with the Source Support to re-build their social world through rehabilitating themselves and their institutions, organizations, and other social units.
This is the Core Work of this Project.  Only when Source-Direction provides the structure of support will a Love-Based Community arise that Builds Heaven rather than the Hell of overwork, exploitation, ambition that is out of control, an obsession with making money at all costs.

What Is Needed for Educational Materials

The work of the Project is to provide Heaven Agents with the information and miracles to build The Culture of Heaven.
This takes more than films, videos, articles, books, and training materials.  It takes developing a Core Unit of Heaven Agents who are involved in active work at The Construction Site of Heaven online.  Through this Point of Connection they can work with one another to prototype  the Culture of Heaven.  They can then develop the educational materials that will enable others to understand what is possible and to follow in their footsteps.
Funding to support the training of the Core Group of Heaven Agents will be essential to the development of this part of the project.
Many Heaven Agents who have Miracle-Based Abilities that are key to this Project but who lack the financial means to ground the miracles that they need to receive the training required, need to be funded by their fellow Heaven Agents. Only then will the Team Effort that has been designed by the Source for the work of the next 30 years get done.  There is no Heaven Agent who is needed that should be left on the sidelines for want of the funding to support their work in The Miracle School.  This is a loss of critical abilities that can't be allowed if this Project and all of the other Projects are to reach a successful conclusion in the time that I have to direct them.
Not only is primary training of Heaven Agents needed but Heaven Agents need to be trained to train other incoming Heaven Agents.  Only in this way will the world community receive the kind of support that is needed to transition out of the old way of life that engenders Fragmentation into the Heaven Way of Life that engenders Integration.

How to Contribute to the Work of Establishing a Culture of Heaven


Contribute the Heaven Agent Work that is needed

Train to work alongside me through completing the Six Step Process for entering into The Ultimate Spiritual Healing Program of The Miracle School and learning how to do the Heaven Agent Work that is essential to the success of this project. 

Contribute the Material Energy that is needed

Ask to "become what is needed to support the Work of the Source through my Manifestation" and the miracles and Source Guidance that you will receive will enable you to know how to contribute the Material Energy that is needed.  For those for whom a financial exchange is not possible, you can learn more about other Heaven Economy Options and how to prepare yourself to contribute to the work.
To contribute the financial exchange that provides the Material Energy needed, you can fill out the form below.  If your contribution is greater than US $4000, then email me for information on how to proceed.


Contribute to
The World that Works Fund

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