Countering Racial Hatred Technology

January 26, 2017



A White man in his 60's from Selma, Alabama contacted me via The Soul Talk Network to let me know that a hideous Hate Template that had been knocked out of alignment with humans during the Civil Rights demonstrations in the 60’s has started to align with humans once again. 


He said that he was there when the Hate Template was at its prime and worked with me on the Inner Plane to move it out of alignment with the White people perpetrating the violence against Black and White Civil Rights protestors.


He says that although racial hatred has continued since that time, it has not escalated to the level of violence that it reached when the Hate Template was fully aligned with the police force and many in the White population.


He expressed fear that if the Hate Template got out this time, it would spread throughout the nation and ignite violence toward Black people and their supporters.  He said that it is very disturbing that a re-run of that former pitch of hatred could resurface after all of the efforts of so many to establish greater protection for Black people.


Source Response

I saw the Hate Template that he was referring to and destroyed it at its root.  Its root was in the fear that White people have that Black people will retaliate at some point for the brutal way that they have been treated. This fear leads to pre-emptive brutality to prevent Black people from gaining power in the society.


His Response

He commented that this fear is imprinted on every White person in the South.  It is the legacy of the former fear of a slave insurrection.  He said that even he had it but was conscious of it and did not give energy to it.


He says that there is another Hate Template underneath the one that I just destroyed.  He said that this one was even worse.  He thought that this second Hate Template could spread worldwide and trigger hatred between any groups that are in conflict for any reason, whether it be race, religion, or economic inequality. 


Source Response

I destroyed this Template as well and felt a quietness settling over the area.  This second Template did not exist at the time of the Civil Rights Movement of the 60’s.  It has been reproduced from the energy of the first Hate Template and held in readiness to be fired at this point in time to incite White people to increase their persecution of Black people rather than try to ameliorate the unjust social circumstances in which they continue to struggle to survive.


After the second Hate Template left the area, there was a large Hell Vortex in the ground that started to rise and spin people into the center of itself to put them into a Hell Reality that would cause them to be fearful and lash out at Black people and anyone who they feared might try to compromise their self interests. This Hell Vortex was harder to get rid of because of the people who were already trapped within it.  I slowed it down and then they were able to get out.  I then destroyed the Vortex.


They, however, have been mutated by the experience of being in this Vortex and will need remedial care to re-instate their shattered Mid-Brains. I have used Heaven Phase Technology to replace the Mid-Brain of one of them.  This Prototype is now being used to help the others recover.


When the Negativity set up slavery in the Southern States it set up this Hell Vortex which formerly trapped White slave owners and their families, driving them to create Hell on the Outer Plane by their cruel treatment of their slaves.  When slavery ended, only a few White people remained in the Hell Vortex.  After many generations the Vortex went underground and began working to generate the Hell Template which the Negativity hoped could pass to every member of the human population.


Now that all of this technology is gone, it will eliminate the worldwide escalation of Hate Crimes which could have erupted from this epicenter.


Eradicating this technology has not eliminated the problem of racial persecution but it has eliminated key weapons that the Negativity had been counting on to ignite violence on a scale that would have taken it far beyond the levels of the 60’s.


His Response

He expressed his relief that this technology is now terminated but wondered how he could help to prevent other technology from erupting to accomplish the same goal.


Source Response

I told him to ask for the Total Abundance that I need in order to address this issue.  I explained that when he asks for the Total Abundance that I need, then this will include the Total Abundance that everyone supporting The Work of the Source needs to tackle this problem.  It is a fast and comprehensive request that opens the door to Total Abundance at the highest level.


He immediately asked for this and a hidden Emblem created by the Negativity to foster mind bending racial hatred rose up out of the ground in Memphis, Tennessee.  It self destructed, ending the havoc that it could have caused. The Emblem was a weapon that could create the conditions in which racial hatred could erupt and override the willingness of those affected to abide by any laws restricting their violence.


After this Emblem was destroyed, another Emblem, that could have gone worldwide, rose up where it had been. This was also destroyed.


Shortly after this a short stick appeared above the ground where the Emblem had been buried. The short stick broke into two pieces and reproduced the two Emblems.  I then destroyed these Emblems and it appeared that their ability to reproduce themselves had ended.


His Response

He said that he felt that he couldn’t pick up on the Emblems anywhere so he felt that they had been completely destroyed.


He said that it is clear to him that asking for the Total Abundance that I need is the best way to see what is lying in wait to attack and to get Source Support to get rid of it before it damages anyone.  


He said that he would continue to work with this Total Abundance Technology and report back to me on anything else that occurred.


Source Response

I thanked him for bringing these emergent problems to my attention and helping to prevent them from harming life on this planet.  I told him to keep up the good work of Holding the Line for Heaven particularly in this most difficult time when some White people are attempting to resurrect the specter of White Supremacy as a way to more openly persecute Black people and other populations that are not a part of White Culture.




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