The Black Post Clue

November 6, 2016


This Soul Talk report came from a White woman in her 70’s who lives in New Jersey. She says that the White people she knows take it for granted that the Black people in their area have always been in low paying jobs without much opportunity to earn higher incomes and assume that they probably always will be in this position in the society.  They don’t really think about how this inequality of opportunity has occurred or what needs to be done to remedy it.  She asked me if there was something that she needed to be doing to change the climate of acceptance of this situation which causes White people to continue to support the restrictive social structure that results in Black people remaining at the lower end of the economic hierarchy. 


I asked her to seek Inner Plane Source Guidance about what she sees in White society that is behind this kind of tolerance for this situation.  


She said that she saw a rope around a Black man’s neck as in a lynching.  She said that she felt that this meant that what was behind it was racism.  She then saw something in the rope that looked like it would suck the life energies of the Black man as he died. She then saw that the noose had been tied by two White men.  One had a Darth Vader mask on and the other was dressed like a priest.  Behind them stood two women.  One was dressed as a devil worshipper and the other was dressed as a pious church goer.  Behind both of them was a crowd of White people aligned with either the Dark Side represented by the Darth Vader male and the devil worshipper female or with the priest and the church goer female.


But behind all of this she saw a Black Post about 7 stories high that was spinning slowly clockwise.  All of the White people were attached by strings to this post and when it spun the strings that attached to their root chakras tightened up and began to syphon off power from them.  


When their power got dangerously low, they would search out a Black person to Harvest and would try to compensate for their lack of Life Energies by stealing the Life Energies of the Black person.


She concluded that if this Black Post was to be annihilated then White people would not be drained down to the point at which they felt like they had to Harvest the Black people by creating the suffering that generates the low vibrational energies that can be Harvested.  


I sent her an Action Download to team up with other Heaven Agents outside of the Earth Plane to take down this Black Post.  They are now dismantling it and freeing the White people from bondage to this Harvesting device.


It looks like this Black Post affects White people throughout the Earth, not just in the United States.  It is taking many Heaven Agents outside of the Earth to disarm it.


Now that it has just been dismantled and the White people attached to it are free, the motivation for Harvesting Black people will end, at least from this cause.


This Heaven Agent had a role in bringing in not only this Puzzle Piece about the problem but in helping to ground the effort of taking down the Black Post.


This is a good example of how important it is for people to share their insights even if what they are Source-Guided to share is just an observation about a situation in the society that relates to the racial conflict.  Through working with me, she was able to access the clues through a series of images that led to the discovery of the Black Post.


Up until the discovery of the Black Post, her images were pointing to information that we already have about what underlies the persecution of Black people.  It took sticking with the images and letting the image sequence advance until she finally spotted the spinning Black Post.  Only then did this, the real clue, come into focus along with the Source-Directed Action that needed to be taken.  

Many Heaven Agents make the mistake of not watching an image sequence until it completes. Their information is then not conclusive since they didn't get the Treasure on their Treasure Hunt for the clue.  It is important to stick with the process and ask for Source Guidance about whether you have gone far enough to get the clue that is needed.

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