Report on The Twister Attack Mechanism

November 6, 2016


A Soul Talk Eyewitness Report came from a white woman in her 50’s in Maine who wants to know if the Negativity that has been behind the racial conflict between Black people and White people has planted the 6 foot high columns of dark energy that she occasionally sees in the fields and uninhabited areas of the rural countryside near where she lives.


She said that she walked near one and felt like it twisted up her Spiritual Body like twisting a rag around a pole.  She said that after that she was not herself and couldn’t breath easily and couldn’t get clear in her thoughts.  After about 10 days or so she said that she felt herself spinning as she unwound from being twisted in this way.  Then she returned to normal.


I responded back to her that this attack mechanism was not something created by the beings who had set up the Hell in the Southern States that has afflicted Black people and White people. Another part of the Negativity designed these this Twister Attack Mechanism.  It was designed to impair the defenses of the Suit so that it can be Harvested wholesale. Such devices were beginning to be created in greater number since the collapse of The Universal Harvesting Network in the August 15th Transition.


I was able to pinpoint these devices and their creators and eliminate the threat that they pose to life. Those damaged by them, who lack the spiritual clarity of this woman who is very Source-Connected and turned to the Source for healing from this attack, are in serious condition.  I am researching a Source Solution Miracle to fix them. 

The twisting, if not removed within a 2 week time frame, can rupture the organizing mechanism of the body and lead to a bizarre kind of distress, loss of energy, and internal nightmarish mental and emotional functioning. Once this organizing mechanism is destroyed, another one has to be created, as the mechanism can not be repaired.  This is not an easy matter and requires a lot of Material Energy. 

Heaven Agents in the Creation need to generate Material Energy to help those who have been damaged in this way as it will destroy their ability to survive the stages of The Transition.


Although this attack device is not specifically relevant to The Safety Project for Black people, it is very relevant to The Personal Safety Project itself since these devices devastate a Suit and leave the being in the Suit impaired in ways that no secular medical or psychological help can alleviate.

It was important that she report in so that this Twister Attack Mechanism could be destroyed before it was used to destroy the lives of more people.

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