Racial Violence Technology Aborted


November 6, 2016

In a Soul Talk report, two Black men from Southern California told me that they have been watching a dark wave of energy rising up over the coast line and onto the land for the last seven days.  Some days it came across the land for about 7 feet or so and then receded.  On other days it went several miles across the land and seemed to deposit some negative residue and then recede.


They say that they think it is the beginning of a set up for racial conflict, pitting White people against Black people, in the Los Angeles area in particular.


I brought the wave into focus, although it tried to hide from me.  I then commanded it to Dream Heaven and it began to self-destruct.  I then sent Action Downloads to the Black people who were standing knee deep in the residue so that they could clear it before it incited violence toward them by White police officers and White people in the population in general.  

The tactic of the Negativity in this case was to surround the target, in this case, Black people, with negative energy that invokes a feeling of fear and dread in White people and triggers a response in racist White people to attack the Black people as if they were a threat to their safety.


This tactic has played itself out in many different ways historically.  Getting rid of this particular wave of negative energy is not the end of this strategy of driving communities in conflict into violent episodes when the dominant community fears the Hell Energies around an oppressed community.


A similar tactic was used effectively to trigger the genocide of Jews in Nazi Germany. 


I asked these two Heaven Agents to research what was behind this attempt to set up racial conflict in this instance.


They reported in that they saw two Golden Spheres hovering over Los Angeles.  The first Golden Sphere contained the energies of the Heaven that was trying to land there and the second Golden Sphere contained energies to clear the space for this Heaven to land. The Negativity was trying to drop the vibration in the region through stirring up racial conflict so that it would be too Miracle-Unfriendly for these Spheres to land.  


When I looked at the Spheres, I could see that they were old technology dating back about a decade when Heaven was to land on the Earth in this way.  Since this kind of Heaven is too fragile to land and take root in our current times, I withdrew the Spheres and the Negativity pulled out of the region.  It looked like they were ranged 360 around the Los Angeles area ready to strike with more weaponry than I had time to counter.


I then lowered down a blue container over the part of the city where the Negativity had ignited a column of Hell Fire. The container acted like a candle snuffer and snuffed out the Hell Fire. When Hell Fire is ignited, it burns the part of the Suit that enables the Suit to think clearly and function in a Source-Guided Way.  It is the fastest way to derange a Suit and get it to act violently without any thought about the meaning of its action.  This was part of the set up for racial violence.


With this Hell Fire extinguished, the violence it would have caused will not occur.  Since there is no longer any attempt to lower down a Sphere containing Heaven Code into the region, the Negativity has lost interest in targeting the area. This will give things time to cool down.


In this phase of The Transition, a Heaven Way of Life can only be built when beings rise up to Level 12 of The Transition stages.  They will have to work to build the sustainable System of Life in order to reach Level 12. The earlier plan of action of lowering down Heaven into the midst of The Hell Reality that beings have created was the method used prior to entry into The Transition.  Now that The Transition is underway, beings will have to move with The Substratum to Level 12 if they are to build the Heaven that is possible in this naturally Miracle-Friendly Environment.



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