A Negative Mechanism Driving Child Abuse


November 6, 2016



A Soul Talk report came in from a 6 year old Black girl who lives in an inner city ghetto in Washington state.  She said that both of her parents are on drugs and have beaten her since she was a baby, often so severely that she has fallen unconscious. She said that she was regaining consciousness from a beating when she remembered a previous lifetime she had with me. We had been childhood friends and she said that in remembering this lifetime she realized that life was about love and that her life could be about love instead of living from one beating to the next.


She said that she felt like she had awakened to what she wanted her life to be and this emboldened her to go to her uncle and ask him if she could live with him since her parents are on drugs and abusing her.  He has many children of his own and is a loving parent. He gladly took her in.  Her parents were glad to get rid of her since they experience her only as a liability when they want to be on drug highs and not encumbered by the needs of a child.


She asked me if there was anything that could be done to help people like her parents who have lost the sense of wanting to nurture themselves or their children.  She said that she felt that they were in a state of deep despair.


I looked in on them and saw The Spiral to Hell in their Mid-Brains that leads to profound desolation that is hard to fathom.  I also saw a Black Sound Tunnel wrapped around their reproductive organs that was draining down their Spiritual Reproductive Energies so they lacked the ability to reproduce themselves as Spiritual Intelligences in their Suits. When this happens the Suit can go into a state of extreme panic. This often drives people to turn to drugs to try to alleviate their sense of terror at what is happening to them on the Inner Plane.


She said that this Black Sound Tunnel was beginning to wrap around her sometimes when she was lying down and drifting off to sleep. She was afraid that she would be destroyed by it and lose her ability to be a loving person.


I could see that the parents were being Harvested rigorously by a mechanism set into motion by the Hell Agents who started up the persecution of Black people through slavery. I looked to see if anyone was manning this Network. It looked like the Network was functioning like a machine left turned on with no one manning it anymore since I have largely eliminated this group of Hell Agents who I call Dragon Beings. 


I call them Dragon Beings because they could breathe Hell Fire, by which I mean an Inner Plane Fire that burns the Intelligence System of the Suit.  (Note: Hell Fire has nothing in common with the Christian idea of Hell as a place created by the Creator where sinners are burned eternally in the fires of Hell.  Hell is a Source Term for suffering. Hell is something that the Negativity creates since the Source only creates Heaven and does not engage in anything that creates suffering.)


The girl said that she saw someone dart in and flip a switch and the mechanism became more powerful and could then run for a longer period of time on its own.


I told the machine and the Entity that rushed in to operate it to Dream Heaven. The Dream Heaven Command is now causing the Intelligence in the machine and in the Entity to self-destruct.  This is freeing up the parents and the many others who are caught in self-destructive Hells that cause them to resort to child abuse, drugs, and lives that are lived in one of the darker levels of The Hell Experience.


Now that the machine is disintegrating, the Sound Tunnel is breaking down and The Hell Spiral is starting to dissipate. I am sending the parents an Action Download that will guide them step by step on a path of recovery.


The little girl is very relieved.  Although she has suffered greatly at the hands of her parents, she is a wise and very advanced Soul and is able to see the Bigger Picture about what is behind the violence from which she has suffered.  Now that she is working closely with me again in this lifetime, she has the guidance that she needs to grow up to be the loving being that she has always been in all of her lifetimes.

While this Source Solution does not address all of the myriad of Hell Technologies used to induce parents to abuse their children, it has undone a major mechanism that is behind about 20% of the child abuse that is occurring not only in Black families but in families of all races on the planet.

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