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An Action Plan from
The Personal Safety for Black People in America Project


September 18, 2016 

There is no common ground that makes for good social relationships at the level of the Cultural Story.


The Cultural Story groups people together on the basis of the roles that they play in the Cultural Story. These roles are defined by gender, race, ethnic and religious traditions, socioeconomic status, education, etc.  People in these groups are treated without reference to who they are as unique individuals. 


Black people have been grouped together according to their race and discriminated against in American society regardless of their abilities.  Room has been made to allow them to succeed if it served the commercial or social interests of White people but this has not lifted the overall racial prejudice against them as a group. A good example of this is President Obama who has been accorded the highest political position amidst the continuing racial prejudice that has resulted in police murders of unarmed Black people as well as the continued incarceration of Black people to serve the Neo Slavery of the prison system.


White people and Black people are caught in a system of Cultural Stereotypes that presents individuals with a Cultural Filter through which they see themselves and members of the other race. This Cultural Filter projects the stereotype for the racial group and interferes with the ability of one individual to see another individual as a unique being.  The Cultural Filter blocks the perception of individual traits that are based on the Socialized Identity and blocks the ability to see the True Spiritual Identity of the being. 

For instance a White racist looking through a Cultural Filter will project first general assumptions about Black people onto a particular Black person before they have had time to even observe the Black person in action and see whether any of these filters have any relevance to the Socialized Identity that they have developed.  


This is evidenced in the projection of the Cultural idea that Black males are dangerous criminals which has resulted in the police killings of unarmed Black children, teenagers, and adults.  No effort was given to observe the actual behavior of the person before they were executed. The Cultural Filter fed back to the White police officer the idea that they had seen “reality” and they took action on the basis of the belief that they were dealing with a real threat to their personal safety and to the safety of others in the society and that this threat was severe enough to bypass the due process enjoined by the law in favor of an on-the-spot-execution.

This ability of a Cultural Filter to feed back a read of “reality” is its greatest danger since most people don’t question the Cultural Filters through which they see the world. They feel justified in the actions that they take on the basis of these Filters.  This is why White people sitting on juries, looking through their Cultural Filters, perceive the need to exonerate White police officers involved in killing Black children and adults because they feel that they are controlling an otherwise dangerous element of the population against which they have to hold a strong line.  This belief is the result of the Cultural Filter that Black people, as a group, are a dangerous discontent minority who could rise up against White people and present a threat to their way of life.  As long as this Cultural Filter is in place, White jurors vote to exonerate actions taken by their police officers to control the Black minority that is perceived to be a potentially dangerous insurgent group within the society.


While Black Lives Matter protests and re-education of White people can cause them to question their Cultural Filters, those who don’t wish to question them, continue on promoting the racism that they believe is necessary to keep Black people from becoming a threat to their dominant position in the society.


Because it is not possible to take a Cultural Stereotype of a being and make it into a less egregious desecration of the True Spiritual Identity of a being, it is necessary to lift up above the Cultural Story and its Cultural Stereotypes of individuals based on the roles assigned them in the Cultural Story.  It is necessary to see individuals not as Story Characters in the Story of the Culture but as Perfected Spiritual Intelligences that need to be nurtured if the Miracle that they are and the miracles that they are uniquely equipped to bring into the world, can come through in their lives.


If people saw one another as Source-Created Miracles lying latent under a layer of Story Character personality traits that have been forced upon them in the socialization process, then they would turn to the Source to find out how to nurture one another so that the Miracle of who they are, that lies hidden within them, can manifest and fulfill its Mission in their life.


One of the best ways to lift up to the level at which you can see the Miracle of Life itself and the Miracle of each being, is to work in The Vision Center.  In the August 12th Source Workflow Training, several White women worked in The Vision Center to understand how to rise above the Cultural Filters that were preventing them from knowing how to think differently about racial relationships so that they could become nurturing in a way that was not also a part of the stereotype of nurturing behaviors in the Cultural Story. This Cultural Nurturing Stereotype is also a dysfunctional part of the whole system of stereotypes and does not lead to real healing of the underlying problem behind racial prejudice which is not that one group is targeting another group with discriminatory behaviors but that both groups are caught in The Box of the Cultural Story and in the roles assigned to them by the Cultural Story.  These Story Character roles are like cartoon character roles that do not allow them to be who they really are. When they can’t be who they really are, they can’t relate to others as the beings that they truly are.


It is, therefore, necessary, to escape from The Box of the Cultural Story and rise up to the level of expanded Spiritual Intelligence from which you can see yourself as the Miracle that you truly are and see others as the Miracles that they are. When you enter into this level, you are also in the Presence of the Source who loves you and all others and wishes to see all of you become the manifestation of Heaven that you were created to be.  In the Presence of the Source, it is not difficult to understand the Miracle of Life and to receive clear Source Guidance on how to nurture your own life so that the Miracle that you are becomes manifest and to recognize and nurture the Miracle in others.


In this Training, these women made it to this level and talked about their experiences.  It was an important Prototype for the way out of the dilemma of being caught in the stereotypes of the Cultural Story about yourself and about others. These stereotypes and the Cultural Filters which they create through which you perceive yourself and others, have to be transcended. They can’t be edited by political correctness or culturally enjoined actions to patch up the bad feelings between racial groups. 

The problem isn’t the particular Cultural Stories about the particular social groups caught in a Culturally-Created Conflict. The problem is living in The Box of Cultural Story about reality and not ascending into the expanded range of your True Intelligence from which you can see the reality of the beauty that life was created to be and can still be if you make it to this level.


Those who can see the True Self of a being are not fighting to overcome racially prejudiced Cultural Filters. They are able to respond directly with Source Love flowing through them to nurture the Miracle in other beings regardless of their roles in the Cultural Story.  The love that flows through them is the love of the Source for all beings.  They become Rivers of Love capable of acting as Source-Directed Activists to bring about real change at the level where the change needs to occur, which is in the hearts and minds of the people locked in a dysfunctional and destructive social interaction.  When beings transcend The Box of the Cultural Story, they are beyond racism.  They then don’t have to fight their way through all of the Cultural Stereotypes engendered by racism.  They are free to follow Source Directives for how to right the wrongs on the social level that have occurred because of racism by taking active steps to bring about Source-Directed Social Change.


It is like they step out of the Nightmare of the Cultural Reality, in which racism is a basic structural component, into the Heaven of Source Reality where it is possible to love and nurture the Miracle of each life without exception.


This process starts by working with The Source Methodology which begins when you enter into The Vision Center to see the Vision of what this is like, then work in The Action Center with Inner Plane Trainings that give you the understanding of how to take action in a different way in Cultural Story settings, and finally, enter into The Source Communication Center to receive the specific Source Directives that guide you to know precisely what to say and do to bring the Vision into reality.  Through all of this work, you draw on the structure provided by The Social Safety Imprint, which you can connect to through the August 9, 2016 Source Workflow Training or through an Individualized Social Safety Imprint available as a Miracle Tool.


Source Workflow Trainings are where you need to go for practice in understanding this whole process in action so that you can work more effectively with it in your life.


Next Steps

Step One is to understand the problem of the Cultural Story and the way that it sets up a Cultural Reality that is itself a nightmare that can’t be fixed but has to be transcended.


Step Two is to work with The Source Methodology to transcend the Cultural Story by working in The Vision Center, The Action Center, and The Source Communication Center to connect to the Imprint for Social Safety. This Imprint will help to guide you through the stages of your own escape from the nightmare of the Cultural Story into the Heaven of the Source Reality where you are free to become the Miracle that you are and to nurture the Miracle that lies latent within all others.


Once you make your escape, you will be given Source Directives to know how to transition cultural traditions into ones that nurture the Miracle that you are and the Miracle that is within all others. 


Work on transcending The Cultural Story is one of the most basic Puzzle Pieces of your work on this Project for securing the Personal Safety of Black People in America.  

Those who transcend will be able to help others to transcend.  This is how entrenched racists in the Prototype Communities were eventually moved to transcend and escape from their attachment to the Cultural Story and to seeing the world through a Cultural Filter.

Now that we are in the midst of The Transition when beings must achieve this transcendence in order to preserve their lives, the Source is sending all beings, especially racist beings, the clear message that to survive is to learn to love and to contribute to the building of a sustainable System of Life which is founded on establishing a Love-Based Community.  In a sustainable System of Life there is no room for cruelty and exploitation. All beings will have to evolve beyond this or lose their place in The Substratum of Life that sustains them on spiritual and physical levels. 

This is motivation for racist White people who are still trying to retain their Source Connection. They are listening to the Source and trying to evolve.

For racist White people who have already lost their place in The Substratum and who are declining into Ultimate Death, danger still exists since they represent a lawless group of people who have sacrificed their Source Connection to continue on in their racist ways. This group is still governed to some extent by Source Directives but carefully guided Source-Directed Social Activism is needed on the Outer Plane to put into place the correctives that will prevent them from carrying out the hate crimes to which they were so committed that they sacrificed their own lives.


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