Actions to Take
Nurture Every Life

An Action Plan from
The Personal Safety Project for Black People in America

October 12, 2016 

In the August 16th Source Workflow Training, we explored some of the things to keep in mind with regard to nurturing every life.  This came in light of The Universal Source Directive to Nurture All of Life without Exception


This Universal Source Directive holds all beings personally accountable for following the Individual Source Directives that they are given, in The Source Communication Center in their Mid-Brain, for the specific actions to take to nurture every life.

All beings are held accountable for learning how to nurture every life regardless of how far they might be from doing this given the cultures into which they have been socialized.  What this means is that racist White people and counter racist Black people need to learn how to nurture one another as Spiritual Intelligences placed in different racial Suits by the Source for the specific contributions that they can make through these kinds of Suits to the community as a whole.


White people who are not engaging in racist behaviors toward Black people are not exempt from following Individual Source Directives about how they can help to stop the continuing persecution of Black people and can help both Black people and racist White people to heal from the conflict. 


Every being is called to do whatever is in their individual Mission to do with regard to helping with this Project.  


This includes beings outside of the Earth Plane who can see, from their birds eye view, many of the Negative Spiritual Structures that the Negativity has created that are keeping the racial conflict from healing.


For example, during the Training, two Heaven Agents outside of the Earth Plane reported in that a Negative Spiritual Structure, which was an engulfing field of negative energy that was starting to surround the Earth during the Training, was cutting off the conditions in which Source Love can manifest on the Earth. This was part of an attempt by the Negativity to reinstate the conditions in which new kinds of Harvesting Operations could be put into effect after the collapse of their Universal Harvesting Network on August 15th. This dark field of negative energy was rapidly damaging the ability of the Earth to survive as a Spiritual Intelligence.  


The two Heaven Agents had tried to eliminate the field but lacked the power to take it on.  When they brought my attention to it, I was able to eliminate it and the entity that had created it.  This freed the Earth to recover. 


The Earth, as a being, informed me that the Source Love Levels on the planet were very low because of this encapsulation attempt.  I was able to bring in more Source Love to the planet to restore this most basic level of Spiritual Energy. Without high levels of Source Love, social conflict, such as racism, can build rapidly and beings can engage in senseless cruelty toward one another which is untempered by the experience of Source Love.


This is an example of how Heaven Agents working with us from outside of the Earth Plane on the Safety for Black People Project are helping to monitor the general Spiritual Climate on the Earth which affects not only the Earth as a being, but all beings living on the Earth.  Even though these Heaven Agents are not immediately affected by the conflict between Black people and White people, they were working with me on this Project and noticed this more large scale attempt to reinstate Harvesting, which is at the heart of the conflict of all social groups on the Earth, including the conflict between White people and Black people.


In another example, during the Training, an Energy Oppression Box that was trapping Black Americans who come from a lineage of slavery, was destroyed by White people, using Heaven Agent technologies.  This Oppression Box was zinging electrical currents through the box to cause emotional turmoil, mental anguish, and physical debilitation to the Black people trapped inside it.  While Black people have been managing to function remarkably well in this energy torture chamber, it has taken its toll on them.  It has made life a struggle at some very unseen and basic level of their existence.


Black Heaven Agents working with me in the Training reported in that they felt a sense of relief once the Oppression Box was destroyed and could now get in touch with The Essence of Life, something that they have always connected to but which was very difficult to sustain a connection to in the Box.


The history on this is that thousands of years ago the Source sent advanced Spiritual Beings into the Suits of the Black race in order to help all humans to reconnect with The Essence of Life. Other races had been damaged by the Negativity so they were relating primarily to their Cultural Concepts about life and not to the spiritual energy of The Essence of Life as it is Source-Created.  The advanced Spiritual Beings incarnating into the Black race were to help other races to make this connection so that they would Awaken and make the Direct Source Connection that is needed for the work on The System of Life to be successful before the end of The Transition.


The Negativity, seeing the ability of Black people to make this connection to The Essence of Life, tried to throw off their natural ability to make this connection and help other racial groups to make the connection. They inspired White people to institute slavery and to colonize Africa.  The trauma inflicted on Black people was designed to derail their ability to make the connection. 

Where White people went they created the Oppression Boxes that they had been trained by the Negativity to produce, that limit the natural range of those they subjugate. The Negativity knew that an Oppression Box could create the right kind of Spiritual Electrical Chamber that would throw off the ability of Black people to connect to the natural Spiritual Electrical Field that is their link to The Essence of Life.

While the Oppression Box was partially successful, it could not suppress entirely the ability of Black people to connect to The Essence of Life.  The connection came out especially in their dance, music, and sports, all of which demonstrate a natural link to The Essence of Life. Many White people have been drawn to this Essence even while retaining their cultural distance because of the racial conflict between White people and Black people.


When White Heaven Agents came through to lift the Box of Oppression from around the Black people so that they could be restored to their natural abilities, this was a true expression of the ability of White people to respond from the perspective of their Spiritual Intelligence rather than seeing Black people through a Cultural Filter.


Since White culture specializes in creating Oppression Boxes that trap different individuals and social groups and limit their natural range, it took White people to crack into the negative Spiritual Technology taught to them by the Negativity to get rid of the Oppression Box around Black people.  


Now White people can get rid of similar Oppression Boxes around themselves that confine them to their socialized range of understandings and don’t allow them to make a connection to The Essence of Life.  Box Technology, developed first in Greek culture, has shaped Western culture and have led to the unnatural ways in which White people relate to themselves and to one another and to their physical environment. 

Dominance without an understanding of The Miracle of Life that is Source-Created has been the overarching feature of the kind of Cultural Filters created in Western Culture. While one set of Cultural Filters and the Boxes that arise from them is often replaced with another set as the culture changes, there is still a big gap between the Direct Perception of the natural that is somewhat intact in Black culture and the Socialized Perception of what is culturally defined as natural in White culture.  


Many White people have lost an essential link in the chain of Life that enables them to connect back to The Essence of Life.  Most White people could benefit from the help of the Black people to make this connection.  Whether Black people can regain their own ability to do this and help White people to make the connection, remains to be seen. 


But it is my hope that Black people, now that they are no longer being bombarded by unnatural Spiritual Electrical pulses inside The Box of Oppression, can recover their ability to connect to The Essence of Life and help to make that connection possible for White people.


In summary, this Training was a good example of what it takes to nurture life.  It takes rising above the social roles into one’s true Spiritual Identity and then following precise Source Guidance to do the Heaven Agent Work that can eliminate the traps of the Negativity that are suppressing life on this planet and in the Creation as a whole.


Next Steps

In this Training, I discussed a number of Next Steps that can be taken to begin Nurturing Every Life.

Step One

The first step is to transcend your Socialized Identity and connect to your Real Self Identity, to the Perfected Spiritual Identity that the Source created for you.  You can do this by working with  The Source Methodology and referencing the information provided in the August 16th Training.


Step Two

The second step is to educate yourself about your Real Self Identity – who you are as a Spiritual Being, what your Spiritual Function is, what your Mission is in this lifetime, what your Miracle-Based Abilities are, and how to use them. Educating yourself about the history of the Creation is key to understanding the backdrop of what is happening universally and how this relates to who you are and why you incarnated in this particular point in time.  


There are many Gifted Source-Directed Activist Training materials available through Connecting. The individualized support needed to discover how to fulfill your Mission can be given through The Source Connection Coaching Program.


Step Three

The third step is to follow the Universal and Individual Source Directives being sent to you that enable you to know what general and specific Next Steps need to be taken.  This takes the guess work out of how you can help and where you can put the lever to roll the boulder down the hill, clearing the path for progress to be made.  


It is apparent that no one is exempt from helping regardless of their age or relationship to the conflict between White people and Black people. This Project is a Prototype Project about Prototyping how to resolve social conflict. The principles involved apply to all forms of social conflict, between individuals and groups.

The Source is calling all beings throughout the Creation to contribute to the work on developing this Prototype. 


Step Four

The fourth step is to follow the secular news and research the specifics about what is happening in the situations in which Black people are experiencing persecution. Follow Source Guidance with regard to which issues to focus on and then work with The Source Methodology for getting information.


Step Five

The fifth step is to post an Eyewitness Report so that your research can inform the ongoing work on the Project.  Sharing what you are concerned about and receiving Source Guidance about, is critical to finding the Puzzle Pieces that will enable different parts of the Project to be completed correctly in the correct time frame.  


Even if you don’t know what an image that you believe you received from Source Guidance might mean, send it to me in an Eyewitness Report.  If it is from Source Guidance, I will be able to interpret the message within it. 

If a particular issue regarding the racial conflict comes to mind and you think that you are Source-Guided to share it with me, then do so.  It may be the next Puzzle Piece, not because you have an answer to it, but because it is important that you bring it to my attention.

Step Six

The sixth step is to remember that the Source may call on you to use your unique Miracle-Based Abilities either solo or with a Team of Heaven Agents to destroy Negative Spiritual Structures like the Oppression Box that are supporting the racial conflict.  Ask to “become what is needed” to help in all such projects even if the help that you give is primarily through your Extended Range, which is generally outside of your conscious awareness.


Step Seven

The seventh step is to get Trained & Equipped.  Only those who can work with complex Source Directives will be able to achieve the 100% Source Connection that is needed to survive the completion of The Transition. If you are not Trained & Equipped, then you can only be sent very simple Source Directives which will leave you performing at such a low level of your Mission Potential that you will not evolve rapidly enough to make it to a 100% Source Connection.

Ask me about how to begin this process in a way that is correct for who you are, where you are in your spiritual development, and in terms of the structure of your unique Spiritual Mission.  You can do this by requesting a Gifted Source-Directed Activist Assessment which will give you the basics of where to begin your work in training to become a skilled Source-Directed Activist.



Step Eight

The eight step is to seek Source Truth and avoid the Pseudo Truths of the Cultural Story.  Only when you are willing to see The Source Perspective on what is happening in the social arena, will you be able to crack out of the Energy Box of your own Personal Story and see what is truly happening in the social interactions in the world community.  


Unlike the truths expoused in the Cultural Spiritual Story, that are general values expressed for how to live a better life, Source Truth is very specific Truth

It is the detailed analysis of why a particular white policeman killed a particular Black person and what of that incident can inform the creation of Source Solution Miracles that will help to prevent future tragedies. 

It is the detailed truth about what the Negativity is doing to cause White people and Black people to get caught behind their Cultural Filters when they look at one another so they don’t see the Spiritual Identity but only the Social Stereotype. This takes analyzing specific instances of this behavior.

It is the detailed truth about what has happened historically to contribute to the racial conflict and what needs to happen now to end it and establish a Love-Based Community that nurtures all of its own.  This takes being Source-Guided to look at different aspects of the conflict, so that key discoveries can be made.  A good example of this is the work in the September 28, 2016 Training where major discoveries about what brought the Hell of slavery into the South resulted in Source Interventions that eradicated many of the Negative Spiritual Structures that were a part of this history.




There are many Puzzle Pieces that need to be put into place to complete the Picture of the Heaven of a Love-Based Community.  Ask to find and contribute the Puzzle Pieces that are yours to contribute so that all of the Puzzle Pieces can be assembled in the correct time frame.


Our work is operating in a tight time frame that is based on The DNA of Life at the Social Level.  Precision work in finding the Puzzle Pieces is how you nurture all of life.  Through your diligent work you help to transition all of life out of the Hell of Social Conflict into the Heaven of a Love-Based Community that is Source-Connected.

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