Actions to Take
Clear Negative Spiritual Programming


An Action Plan from
The Personal Safety for Black People in America Project

September 18, 2016

In a number of Trainings, Heaven Agents have raised issues that trace back to Negative Spiritual Programming, which can be likened to Negative Spiritual Software. This Negative Programming can be passed down through the generations as a kind of Energy Imprint or Implant. It can be materialized as the result of being socialized to see the world through a Cultural Filter that installs a sense of “reality” that eventually materializes an Energy Imprint that influences behavior. It can also be installed in the Suit by the Negativity, the criminal element that operates on the Inner and Outer Planes, through its socialization process of Inner Plane suggestion and coercion. 


Since the Suit runs like a computer off of the Spiritual Software/Programming that it has onboard, it is necessary to delete Negative Spiritual Programming so that the Suit does not have access to it.  If the Programming is onboard and the Suit is socialized to use it, then your best efforts to follow a Source-Directed Path will be an uphill battle against your Suit that is choosing, at some subconscious level, to activate the Negative Programming that it has available to it.  


You, as the Source-Created Identity,

can make an Executive Level Decision

to delete Negative Spiritual Programming. 


Next Steps

The First Step is to ask the Source to work with you to delete the Negative Spiritual Programming. 


The Second Step is to work with The Source Methodology to effect this outcome. For a detailed description of how to work with this Methodology, you can reference the article entitled: How to Work with The Source Methodology.


When working with The Source Methodology, you first enter into The Vision Center, above your heart chakra, to understand what life will be like without a particular kind of Negative Programming.  Sometimes the Suit has anxiety about releasing a familiar Negative Program even if it knows that it is creating trouble in its life.  Going into The Vision Center and seeing what life will be like without it, is a first step to winning the cooperation of your Suit in the process of letting go of the Negative Program.  


A good example of this occurred in the August 9, 2016 Training when a Black woman had to go into The Vision Center to be willing to let go of The Oppression Program that has been passed down through the generations as the legacy of slavery.  It is a shared Program in the Black Community and one that she felt she needed to retain to feel accepted in the Black Community.  Only when she worked in The Vision Center did she see that she could still be accepted without it and that getting rid of it would help her to avoid a Program Match when her Oppression Program matched up with The Oppressor Program of a racist White.  


When there is a Program Match, this locks in a dynamic that is stronger than the two people engaged in the dynamic.  It triggers the whole history of racism and suffering and engulfs the two people in an energy field that enforces a limited range of options for coping. A dysfunctional interaction is often the end result.


Since Program Matches can occur even with White people who are not consciously endorsing racism and with Black people who have been successful in the society and are far from the oppression of slavery, it is important to get rid of the Negative Programs themselves so they don’t trigger subconscious thoughts and behaviors.


The Third Step is to go into The Action Center, in the center of your heart chakra, to work with the Inner Plane Trainings that I will send to you to learn, in general, through dreamlike experiences what it will take to implement The Vision in your life.  While this gives you simulated real life episodes that you work through at some level of your consciousness, these are just general preparation for the kinds of Outer Plane actions that you may need to take to implement the Vision.


The Fourth Step is to go into The Source Communication Center in your Spiritual Mid-Brain to attune to the Source Directives that will provide you with the specific Next Steps that you need to take to bring about the Outer Plane changes that are needed.  

Training in how to work with The Source Methodology is given in Source Workflow Trainings.


Examples of Negative Programming

The Source Workflow Trainings walk you through examples of the kinds of Negative Programming that is being discovered at the heart of the problems that Black people and White people are experiencing in transcending racial conflict.  In most cases, it is important to understand the nature of the Negative Programming and then work with The Source Methodology to release it.  Through working in your Personal Workflow in alignment with my Source Workflow, you can hit upon the issues that uncover the Negative Programming that is behind the problem.  


A good example of this is the series of discoveries made by a Black man from Mississippi who worked with me in the August 12th Training. What he discovered are major Negative Programs that are a problem for Black people in particular but which also affect all races.


I will list these issues so that you can ask specifically to get rid of these Negative Programs.


Conflict Matches

The matching Negative Programs of Abuser and Abused can play out in many situations in which the Abuser is in a position of power over the Abused. This was explored in a work situation in which the Black man’s boss, a White man, was abusing him and he was ineffectually trying to deal with the abuse within the context of a racist overlay to the conflict.


It is possible in this kind of a situation for the Abused to jettison the Abuse Programming so that it doesn’t lock into the Abuser Programming like two lego blocks snapping into a locked configuration. While getting rid of the Abused Programming doesn’t change the Abuser Programming in the Abuser, it does prevent it from gaining power from the locked in Abuser/Abused Dynamic that occurs when the Program Match creates a reinforced Dance of Conflict between the two people.


Fear Programming that Manifests What Is Feared

A Fear of Being Murdered Program that had been passed down from an ancestor in danger in the slavery days, had materialized in the Third Eye of this man from Mississippi. He was aware that this could attract the conditions in which he could be murdered in this life. He was concerned about this and presented me with this problem which was resolved by discovering this Program, which can be eliminated through the method I gave him to deal with deleting Negative Programs.


Source Interventions

Some Negative Programming can be deleted by working with The Source Methodology.  Other Negative Programming may require a Source Intervention because the Programming may be reinforced by external Negative Networks that supply additional power to the Program.  Getting rid of it then requires the Source going to battle against the forces of the Negativity that are enforcing the Negative Programming and have well developed Inner Plane Systems of defense to prevent individuals from getting rid of the Programming.


Gifted Source Recommendation

If you have worked effectively with The Source Methodology, and are still having trouble with a Negative Program, you can request a Gifted Source Recommendation.  Describe your situation in detail, what the problem is, what you have worked with it to resolve it, and I will respond with an email assessment of what is needed to clear the Negative Programming.  


To request a Gifted Source Recommendation, you can access the link provided below.


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