Introductory Information on
Supporting The Work of the Source



Why It Is Important to Support The Work of the Source


In order to build a World that Works – a world that is sustainable – it is necessary for the Source to support all of Life and for all of Life to support the Work of the Source which sustains Life.


The Joint Venture between the Source and the Manifest Beings that was embarked on in the beginning of the Creation was based on the Source creating and sustaining the miracles that manifest as material forms and beings generating the Material Energy that grounds these miracles in the level of the Material World where they are needed. 


If Manifest Beings generate the Material Energy that grounds the miracles that the Source gives freely, the world can be the Heaven that it was meant to be.

Now during The Transition of the Implementation Aspect back to the Unmanifest Level, beings will need to man their positions in the Life System of the Creation in order to maintain vital functions that the Implementation Aspect has been sustaining on their behalf.


Only those who contribute to the sustainability of Life in the Creation will be able to stay in The Heaven Field which will, as of December 15, 2015, be the energy medium in which they will need to reside in order to retain their Source Connection.  


This means that beings will have to learn how to support The Work of the Source to support Life in the Creation like they have never had to do before. 


Failure to perform can result not only in the loss of an individual life but in the loss of Life in the Creation as as whole.


It is, therefore, of urgent importance that Heaven Agents get trained and equipped to do their parts.


Training is available through The Source Connection Coaching Program.  Opportunities to contribute to sustaining Life in the Creation are available through Inner Heaven Projects that are can be performed through a being's Extended Range and through Outer Plane Heaven Projects such as the ones outlined below.



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How Material Energy is Manifested

There are two ways in which Material Energy can be generated: 

The Suit as a Material Energy Factory

The Suit – body/mind – is a natural Material Energy Factory.  If the particles of which the Suit is made are Integrated, then the Material Energy Factory produces 100% of its potential in Material Energy.  If the Suit is Spiritually Fragmented, then it will produce less Material Energy.  


At present most Suits are so highly Fragmented that they produce less than 1% of the Material Energy that they were designed to produce.  


Without enough Material Energy, Manifest Beings lack the Material Energy to ground the miracles that manifest the Heaven of:

  • Total Abundance
  • Perfect Health 
  • Love-Based Relationships 
  • Life Purpose Fulfillment 


The little energy they produce they often use to try to attract what they desire to themselves using Self-Directed Spiritual Technologies that further Fragmentation.  As they use their Material Energy to attract the Small Picture goals valued in their Cultural Story, they miss out on using this energy to manifest the Big Picture miracles that the Source alone creates which can transform their lives into the Heaven of true happiness.  As a result they become more impoverished even while sitting in the midst of more material possessions.  Their sense of emptiness then drives them to do more manifesting of Small Picture goals – driving the shopping and consuming engines of their mind.  The end result is further Fragmentation which eventually will destroy their Material Energy Factory so that no matter how artful they are with their Self-Directed Spiritual Technologies, they will not be able to manifest anything at all.  


This is the ultimate state of bankruptcy – the Spiritual Bankruptcy that plunges a life into the Hell of mental, emotional, physical, social, and spiritual suffering.


The Self-Directed efforts of beings to manifest their own idea of a sustainable, Heaven Way of Life have resulted in the World of Suffering that we have today – a world in which war, crime, oppression, abuse, scarcity, disease, and lovelessness blight the lives of every being.


When beings commit themselves to generating the Material Energy needed by the Source, these energies are given to the Source when they are generated.  The Source then uses them to ground the miracles individuals need in their personal lives as well as the miracles that they need in their life in the Community.


From this Material Energy comes a Life that is Heaven.


Financial Exchange as an Interim Source of Material Energy

The second way in which Material Energy can be generated is through a Financial Exchange. The Material Energy that people generate when they work for a living is connected to whatever currency that they use to trade with others for their material needs.  It can transfer with a Financial Exchange.


A Financial Exchange carries with it a very low vibrational level of Material Energy but this Material Energy, in the right quantity, can be used by the Source to ground miracles.  It is often the only way in which beings who produce low levels of Material Energy in their Suits can generate enough Material Energy to ground the miracles that they need to heal their Suits.  Once their Suits are healed, they can begin producing the high levels of Material Energy that are needed for a Miracle-Based Way of Life and go beyond the need to exchange financially.


At present most beings are better at producing Material Energy through a Financial Exchange than they are in producing Material Energy from the Material Energy Factory of their Suits.


The 14 Prototype Communities that I founded many lifetimes ago currently ground all of the miracles that they need for a Miracle-Based Way of Life through the production of Level 14 Material Energy which is the highest level of Material Energy. I taught them the Principles of Correct Exchange and they worked hard to Integrate their Suits so their Material Energy Factories could produce the requisite amount of Material Energy. 


They have transitioned out of the Brute Force Cash Economy they previously had into a Heaven Economy where they produce the Material Energy and the Source provides them all of the material things that they need such as food, clothing, and housing.  They neither farm nor manufacture.  Neither do they go to work at onerous jobs that take up most of the years of their lives.  They live in a simplicity of beauty and Heaven that is far more wonderful than any life that beings on the Earth can imagine.  Their time is spent Supporting The Work of the Source in their Communities and in the Universe as a whole.  This is how they generate the Material Energy needed for their own Heaven Way of Life.  This is their “work”, as it were.


This work is exhilarating and fulfilling.  They rise to the challenge of helping to manifest the unique aspect of Heaven that they were created to manifest and then sharing this Heaven with everyone else in their Community.  In this way they express their love for the Source who has gifted them their life and their abilities and their love for the others in their Communities.  Others in the Community are also working to provide for everyone in the Community the Heaven that they alone are equipped to build.


Their work of Supporting the Work of the Source is their time with the Source – working alongside the Source to build and sustain the Heaven that they enjoy in their lives and that one day others in the Creation will also be able to enjoy. Through this time with the Source they deepen their Love Connection to the Source which is what sustains them and fulfills them on every level.


Since most people on the Earth have Suits that are not capable of producing the right amount of Material Energy that they need to transition out of suffering into the Heaven of a Miracle-Based Way of Life, it is necessary for them to begin providing the Material Energy needed through a Financial Exchange.  This Financial Exchange provides the Financial Support needed for the Work of the Source that is done through my incarnation. As the Implementation Aspect of the Source, I have returned to the Earth in this, my final incarnation, to work with beings on the Earth to build a Global Community that will be the Prototype for a Universal Community.


In order to build a Global Community it is necessary for people to come forward to provide the Financial Support that is needed to:


  • develop and disseminate the educational materials for a Global Truth Campaign that will help build a love-based Global Community 
  • train Heaven Agents to join in the Work of the Source, providing scholarships when needed so that every Heaven Agent who wants to receive Miracle-Based Training in The Miracle School can do so.  Through the financial support of fellow Heaven Agents, each Heaven Agent will be able to ground the miracles that they need for their training and to become adequately equipped to work at The Construction Site of Heaven.
  • build Ultimate Spiritual Healing Centers worldwide to provide Heaven Agents with a protected Spiritual Space – a place of Perfect Spiritual Integration – in which to work together to develop an Integrated, Heaven Way of Life that will replace the Fragmented, Story Way of Life that exists today.  
  • supply the Material Energy needed to ground the miracle of Source Power that I work with to build the essential, large scale Spiritual Structures of a Life that is Heaven for individuals and for the Global and Universal Community.  The Source working through my Manifestation does 70% of the work that is needed to transition the world out of suffering into a Miracle-Based Way of Life that is Source-Connected and of Heaven.  Without Material Energy this work which I am here to do will not get done and beings throughout the Creation will suffer unnecessarily for lifetimes to come. 



Funding is also needed for the Heaven Projects & Campaigns that are Next Steps in the Developmental Sequence outlined for the Source to Build Heaven on the Earth and in the Universe as a whole.



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The Call to Support The Work of the Source

The Source calls every being to step forward to provide the Financial Support needed to ground the miracles that these Heaven Projects need to be completed.  


Those who contribute will:

  • begin to Integrate their Suits so that they can eventually produce the Material Energy they need without a Financial Exchange. 
  • generate Catalyst Energy which is needed to bring a grounded miracle into full manifest form.  Due to recent Universal Shifts, I no longer provide the Catalyst Energies needed to catalyze the final stage of the Manifestation Process. The only way to generate Catalyst Energy is to give to The Work of the Source. Whenever you give to Build Heaven whether it is to your own Individual Life that Works Fund for the miracles that you need individually or to The World that Works Fund for the miracles needed by you and all others in the Universal Community, you generate Catalyst Energy.  With this Catalyst Energy I am able to catalyze whatever miracles are needed.


Whenever you exchange financially for Source Support for either yourself or for others:

  • the Material Energy is used to ground the miracles  
  • the Catalyst Energy is generated and stored in an Inner Plane Catalyst Energy Fund which can only be accessed by the Source on your behalf.  It can be used for miracles needed by you or your loved ones or for the Community as a whole.  
  • the funds themselves are used to exchange in the Cash Economy for the things that The Work of the Source requires that cost money – such as paying the mortgage and maintenance for the Ultimate Spiritual Healing Centers, paying for the Internet Global Truth Campaign, paying for the service providers that enable educational materials such as videos and audios to be available to people worldwide, and developing educational materials such as movies, books, videos, and training materials for people of all ages and all language groups.


In the future a great deal of practical financial support for the infrastructure for a Global Community will be needed if a large Core Unit of Heaven Agents is to be trained and given support to train others.  Only through carrying the message of the Source into the world can the seeds of Heaven be sown on the Outer Plane in the time when I am incarnate on the Earth and able to work with Heaven Agents from all countries.  The Community that you invest in building now while I am here to help you will be the Community that nurtures you and your family for generations to come.


Through Individual Support and Community Support, you and all others can transition out of the Brute Force Economy into a Heaven Economy where all of your material needs are manifested from the Spiritual Level of Reality into the Physical Level of Reality through providing the Correct Exchange – which is the right amount of Material Energy – that grounds the miracles that are needed.


Time is of the essence since we must keep pace with the Developmental Sequence of the Source Perfected Universe that is coming into manifest form.  Just as there can be no delays in the firing of the DNA in the development of a baby in the womb or mutation or death can occur, so there can’t be any delays in the manifestation of the series of Developmental Stages that manifest a World that Works.  


It is, therefore, incumbent on beings in the Manifest World to step forward to provide the right amount of Material Energy that is needed so that each stage of the work can be properly supported.  This is the role and responsibility of Manifest Beings. 


The Source can’t step in and provide the Material Energy because the Source does not produce Material Energy in Its incarnate form in the Manifest World.  As the Manifestation of the Source in the Manifest World, I produce only the kind of Spiritual Energies that enable the miracles designed by the Design Aspect of the Source, who resides in the Unmanifest Level of Reality, to cross the border from the Unmanifest Level into the Manifest Level and to come to the border of the Immaterial World and the Material World.  It is up to Manifest Beings to provide the Material Energy that enables me to take the miracles across the border and to the level of the Material World where they are needed.  Without the requisite amount of Material Energy, the miracles can’t enter into the world and, therefore, remain in the Unmanifest Level.


So many have prayed earnestly for a miracle that the Source would gladly have sent to them had they done their part in providing the Material Energy needed for the delivery. Instead, Manifest Beings have erroneously concluded that the Creator didn’t want them to have the miracle and that It wanted them to suffer and learn something from the suffering.


The Source never wants any being in the Creation to suffer.  It only wants beings to have the Heaven that Life was meant to be.  Beings have forgotten their part of the Joint Venture and then projected onto the Source motives for creating the hardships that they have endured which have nothing to do with the intentions of the Source.


It is time for beings to awaken from their Cultural Stories and grow into the maturity of true understanding so they can resume the Joint Venture with the Source that alone will manifest Heaven in their lives and in their world.


The first step toward re-instating this Joint Venture is to give to Support the Work of the Source.  As you give you will receive miracles that will heal your Fragmentation, rendering your Suit capable of producing higher levels of Material Energy. As you Integrate your Suit you will one day be able to produce the high levels of Material Energy that enable you to enjoy a Miracle-Based Way of Life that is Source-Connected without a Financial Exchange.  In this way you will follow in the footsteps of the 14 Prototype Communities who proved that it is possible, through providing a Correct Exchange, to transition out of poverty, disease, war, crime, and lovelessness into the Heaven of Total Abundance, Perfect Health, Love-Based Relationships, and Life Purpose Fulfillment .  


As you give, you give the Source the Material Energy that enables the Source to give to you.  The Source is waiting to give you the opportunity to experience Heaven in your life.  All you have to do is to Support The Work of the Source.


If you lack the financial means to contribute to The Work of the Source, then you can learn how to generate financial income that can then be contributed to the work. I discuss Heaven Economy Options that teach you how to participate in the Heaven Economy and generate financial abundance through joining in The Work of the Source.  


Since the advent of Living The Heaven Experience equippment and training, it is now possible for Heaven Agents to draw on their unique Miracle-Based Abilities to generate Heaven Economy Miracles that are brought into the Community through their equipment.  Heaven Economy Miracles require a Joint Venture on the part of the Source and the Heaven Agent to bring in the miracles and enable them to be received by members of the Global Community. The financial income from Heaven Economy Miracles goes to The Work of the Source for the work that I do to bring through the miracles and to the Heaven Agent who is using his or her equipment to deliver them.


Heaven Economy Miracles offer Heaven Agents a grounded and more materialized kind of miracles that complete the Picture of a Heaven Way of Life that the Source has created for the Universal Community.


If you ask to "become what is needed" then the Source will work through you to enable you to bring into your life whatever is needed for your contribution to the Work of the Source.  Once you begin contributing to the Work of the Source, you are beginning to build the foundation for abundance, good health, love-based relationships, and life purpose fulfillment.


No amount of Skill Set Building without contributing to the Work of the Source will add up to Building Heaven in your life.  You have to understand how things work and then work within the Principles of Life.  Then you can do your part in the Joint Venture and work effectively with the Source to build a Life that Works and a World that Works.


The key concept that the Prototype Communities mastered is that most of the work that is involved in setting up and sustaining a Life that is Heaven is work that only the Source can do.  They, therefore, make it their #1 Priority to provide the Material Energy for this level of the work.  They understand that this is even more important than providing Material Energy for miracles that they need personally.  This is because the major Spiritual Structures that stop war, crime, disease, and lovelessness have to be put into place by the Source.  It is less effective to provide the Material Energy for lesser miracles to try to improve the quality of your life when the social context of your life is cast in a dangerous, dog-eat-dog world.  


In the Joint Venture the Source provides 70% of the work and Manifest Beings provide 30% of the work.  This means that every being in the Universal Community needs to be asking what they need to do to contribute to the Work of the Source through my Manifestation so that the 70% can get done because beings have thought ahead and provided the requisite amount of Material Energy.


This is how members of the Prototype Communities do it.  They seek Inner Source Guidance to track their World that Works Fund for Source Power to make sure that it always has all of the Funds that are needed for any upcoming needs.  In this way they are prepared with their end of the Joint Venture whenever a sudden draw on the Fund is needed to bring through a major miracle that is due in at a specific time.  


They know that miracles are Spiritual Intelligences that are born in the specific times when they are needed.  The Communities are always ready and waiting for the miracles that are to come through, providing not only the Material Energy to ground the Source Power for my part of the work but providing the Material Energy that enables me to provide them with the Work Energy and miracles to do their part of the work of welcoming in the miracles into their lives and nurturing them until they reach maturity. 


When the contribution is to ground the miracle of Source Power, beings give the Material Energy I need to do whatever level of the work is Next in the Developmental Sequence of Life as Heaven that is unfolding.  This is far more effective even than contributing to a specific Heaven Project even though it is possible to contribute to these individually as well.  What the Source needs is for Manifest Beings to step forward and ask how they can provide the Material Energy for the 70% of the work that the Source alone can do and then leave it in the hands of the Source to apportion this appropriately to whatever project is most in need of it at any given time.


In the cultures of the world, it is recognized that the Community has to provide resources for large scale work that benefits the Community.  People donate to the Red Cross, to dig wells in African villages, for disaster relief, to fund universities, to provide for the poor, etc.  These charitable operations relieve the suffering but they are incapable of stopping the suffering at its root.  The Red Cross, for instance, treats those who have been injured in war but doesn’t have the capacity to stop all wars.  Feeding the poor helps relieve their momentary suffering but doesn’t stop the phenomenon of poverty itself.  Universities teach people how to participate in the world economy but they don’t eradicate the devastation that many aspects of that economy visit upon the world or eliminate the long lives of often rote and tedious labor that is needed to participate in such an economy.


Only the Source knows how to lift people out of the Structure of Suffering that is like an interlocking grid that is generating greater and greater levels of Fragmentation.  The Spiritual Solutions of the Source are unlike the Man-Made Solutions that have demonstrated time and again their limitations and noxious side effects.  People cure one problem and generate several other problems because they lack the ability to calculate the global impact of their decisions on every life for decades to come and to know for certain that the path of action they have decided to take is truly a path of “No Harm”.  Only the Source knows how to design a path of “No Harm” that is capable of helping to build a foundation of true happiness for every form of life on the planet now and in the future.


It takes maturity to step back and see what is truly needed instead of just continuing to fund Surface Level Solutions that don’t cut to the root of the problem and eliminate it.  It takes being willing to stand up for the Source and Support the Work of the Source, valuing the Spiritual Solutions that the Source creates.  While other charitable work should not be discontinued, people need to begin putting serious effort behind providing the Financial Exchange that will ground the miracles of Spiritual Solutions for the Global and Universal Community.  These miracle are what will lay the foundation for a World that Works.  Only then will the Source have what is needed to build Heaven here while I am incarnate on the Earth and able to provide the necessary leadership and Source Work that is required.


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How to Contribute to The Work of the Source

In The Directory of Heaven Projects & Campaigns, you will find the Heaven Projects that need your support. Instructions for how to contribute to the Projects by providing the Correct Exchange for Source Support through a Financial Exchange is provided in each section.  Those who have trained in The Miracle School to generate Material Energy through the Material Energy Factory of their Suits, can work at The Construction Site of Heaven and generate Material Energy for these projects.  Whatever Material Energy is generated through an Energy Exchange will reduce the amount of Material Energy needed through a Financial Exchange.  


The Source encourages all beings to Integrate their Suits so they can transition out of the Cash Economy into the Heaven Economy which is based strictly on an Energy Exchange.  In this way, a sustainable way of life can be engendered for all beings.


Contribute to The World that Works Fund to Ground Source Power

I would like to contribute $.00 for Source Power for the Ongoing, Large Scale Work of the Source.



Contribute to
The World that Works Fund

I would like to contribute $.00 to The Ultimate Spiritual Healing Fund for a World that Works.





In light of the Transition in the Source Connection that is now occurring, it has become apparent that serious work on the Heaven Projects that the Source is directing to help beings transition into a 100% Source Connection, is essential to their survival and to the survival of their habitat, the Creation itself. 


Beings can no longer continue on in their unsustainable Story Way of Life and expect to retain their Source Connection.


Careful attention needs to be given to Source Communications and to the forms of Source Support that the Source is creating to enable beings to survive this Transition.


For the most up-to-date information on the Turning Points in the Transition, you can go directly to The Source Connection Project which can be access through the link provided below.



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