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Sherry Daniel, Ph.D. - Founder of The Miracle School

Sherry Daniel, Ph.D.

Director of The Heaven Project
Founder of The Miracle School



This is the place where you can come to learn about Working Relationship Sessions and how to request them.



Working Relationship Sessions 

At any phase of your work in The Miracle School, you can request a Working Relationship Session to receive individualized Source Support for understanding what your Suit needs and what Next Steps the Source is directing you to take. These Sessions take your ongoing Inner Plane Working Relationship with the Source to another level by enabling you to work with the Source on the Outer Plane.  


I am the aspect of the Source that mans the Source end of The Working Relationship on the Outer Plane and connects you to the other aspects of the Source Identity that work with you on the Inner Plane. Through working with the Source Identity in its entirety, you learn how to build the strong Working Relationship that is the key to your ability to retain your Source Connection both during the stages of The Transition and after the Implementation Aspect leaves for the Source Level at the end of The Transition.


For an overview of The Working Relationship, you can watch the Next Step Video, Life's Greatest Treasure: A Love-Based Working Relationship with the Source that Preserves Your Source Connection, Your Link to Life, and Enables You to Have a Life that is Heaven.  Members of Connecting can use their login to access this video.  

There is also The Working Relationship Training Series that provides recorded Trainings that walk you through how to understand The Working Relationship and how to work with the Source to build every aspect of the Source-Connected, Total Abundance Way of Life that you need to build to retain your Source Connection in this time of The Transition. The Working Relationship Training WRT1: How to Get Started Building a Full Power Working Relationship with the Source, is an important place to begin.



Setting Up a Working Relationship Session  

Types of Working Relationship Sessions 

Working Relationship Sessions can be set up for either:

  • In-Person Sessions by phone or in the Seattle Source Connection Center or by Online Conference or
  • At-a-Distance Sessions through password protected Online Stations or password protected PDFs sent by email   


The type of Session is based on the Miracle-Friendly Energy Field that your Suit is producing. 


Miracles for In-Person Sessions require a Miracle-Friendly Field of a +6 to +10.  Miracles for At-a-Distance Sessions require an Energy Field of at least a -6 to +5.  For more information on Miracle-Friendly Fields, you can read the articles: How Miracles Come into Your Life and World and Miracle-Friendly Fields.


Request a Gifted Assessment for Setting Up for a Working Relationship Session

The first step is to request information about the set up for a Working Relationship Session – whether it will be an In-Person or At-a-Distance Session.  


You can do this by accessing the link provided below.  I will email you in accordance with the principles that govern a Source Response that are described in the articles cited above.


If your Suit is producing an Energy Field that enables us to work in a Working Relationship Session then I will email you with information on how to proceed to set it up.



Correct Exchange  

The amount of Material Energy that is needed to ground the miracles for a one hour In-Person Session is US $397.   


The amount of Material Energy needed for a one hour At-a-Distance Session is US $290. An At-a-Distance Session includes the amount of time that I spend researching your situation with my Source Identity, writing up the Source Guidance I receive on your behalf, and responding to your questions and comments when you receive the Source Guidance.  



Prepayment for Working Relationship Sessions is needed to provide the Material Energy for the miracles that will be brought in for the work.  I provide information on the kind of Session and an estimate of the amount of time it will take for the session when you request a Gifted Assessment.  You provide the prepayment in a Life that Works Form and sign online a Standard of Heaven Agreement. 


If an In-Person Session exceeds the amount of Correct Exchange that you have provided in advance, you can opt to continue the Session and then bring the Correct Exchange into balance at the end of the Session. I will temporarily draw on the Material Energy of The World that Works Fund to enable the Session to complete without interruption. 


If an At-a-Distance Session exceeds the estimated amount of time due to back and forth communications between us after I provide you with the initial Source Guidance, then I will email you or notify you in an Online Station and provide you with an Online Form to bring the Correct Exchange into balance. A temporary draw on The World that Works Fund for the additional Material Energy that is needed, will cover the work in the interim.




Setting up a Working Relationship Session is an important step in learning how to work with the Source in accordance with the Principle of Life that determine the nature of the Working Relationship.  It is an opportunity to develop the personal Working Relationship that will enable you to sustain your Suit now and after the end of The Transition when only those with a strong Working Relationship with the Source will be able to sustain their Source Connection and the Source Support that comes with it that is essential to the preservation of their life in the Creation.