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Sherry Daniel, Ph.D. - Founder of The Miracle School

Sherry Daniel, Ph.D.

Director of The Heaven Project
Founder of The Miracle School



This is the place where you can come to connect with the Source Workflow Trainings in the Series entitled: Sustainability Timeline Trainings.


For an overview of the purpose of these Trainings and for a list of the Trainings, you can reference the Directory below.



What You Need to Know to Work with a
Sustainability Timeline Training


There are eight basic understandings that you need to have in order to work effectively with a Sustainability Timeline Training.  I will outline them here and will reference them in the Trainings.  It is important for you to study these understandings so that you are able to apply them to your work in the Trainings. 



The Sustainability Timeline 

The Sustainability Timeline was created by the Source to provide you with vital information about the Standards that your Suit – your body/mind – must meet by a specific Timeline if it is to be able to sustain its Source Connection now during the stages of The Transition and in the final stage when the Implementation Aspect of the Source leaves the Creation for the Source Level. 


You might call The Sustainability Timeline, The Build Heaven Timeline, because it marks the time period for all of the aspects of the Heaven that you need to build in order to sustain your Source Connection and become, thereby, sustainable.  Part of the Heaven that you build is the Heaven that you yourself become and the other part is the Heaven that you build for yourself and others. This is an aspect of the Heaven of the Source-Connected, Total Abundance Way of Life that your Suit needs in order to achieve Ultimate Sustainability by the end of The Transition.


There are several key understandings that you need to have about how the Source Connection works and how Heaven is built that will help you to understand the Standards of The Sustainability Timeline.


The Source Link Range

The Source Link is the technical aspect of the Source Connection. The Source Link is another term for The Source Connection Channel through which the Source sends your Suit the Life Energies that give it life and sustain its life.


The Source Link is a miracle that can only connect to a Suit operating within The Source Link Range.  The Source Link Range is the spiritual distance between the Implementation Aspect and the Suit.  This distance is changing daily in The Transition as the Implementation Aspect moves farther away from Suits toward the Source Level in preparation for its eventual departure to the Source Level.


Suits that do not maintain themselves within the rapidly ascending Source Link Range, lose their Source Connection.  The Source Link can’t reach them below The Source Link Range.  Already many Suits that did not value their Source Connection have lost it and become Empty Suits, the prey of the Negativity.  


The Sustainability Timeline Training was created to alert beings to the Standards that their Suits need to meet to remain in The Source Link Range.  If a Suit is on the edge of The Source Link Range but not in it, they still lose their Source Connection.  It is like being on the outside of the bubble that sustains life instead of being inside it where their Suit has what it needs to sustain its existence.


While the Implementation Aspect is still in The Manifest World, The Source Link Range will remain accessible to Suits that have less than a 100% Source Connection.  Once the Implementation Aspect returns to the Source Level, it will move to its final destination in that level.  The progression to this higher level was originally planned to take a few days, giving those with only an 80% Source Connection a chance to get to a 100% Source Connection.  The Design Aspect has altered The Source Plan with regard to this and is providing more powerful forms of Source Support to help Suits to make it to a 100% Source Connection by the end of The Transition. At this point in time, only those with a 100% Source Connection will retain their Source Connection by the end of The Transition.  This is because they will be the only ones that can position themselves in The Source Link Range where their Source Link can be maintained.


Most Suits are currently living a hybrid life created by their choices to do what brings them closer to the Source and also what distances them from the Source. They will have to work diligently with the Source Support the Source has created to make choices that enable them to stay within The Source Link Range if they are to continue to have the opportunity to work toward the Ultimate Sustainability that is needed by the end of The Transition and be living the Heaven that will enable them to stay in The Source Link Range after the Implementation Aspect has returned to the Source Level.


Precision Timing in Building Heaven 

Building Heaven is something like the DNA of life building the body of a baby in the womb.  For instance, if the DNA that creates the heart of a baby malfunctions and no heart is created, this ends the hope that a healthy baby will emerge at the end of the 9 months.  The chance for life has been unalterably lost because of this failure to meet the Standard for creating a functioning heart in the correct timeframe.


Precision timing is the essence of The Miracle of Life. Without precision timing what emerges is not a beautiful manifestation of Life but a mutation or death.


The resources for manifesting The Miracle of Life only manifest in the correct timeframe.  If that timeframe is missed then those resources are no longer available.  This principle is clear in the way that The Sustainability Timeline works.  If a Standard is not met by a Sustainability Timeline then the resources to meet this Standard cannot be given later on.  The timing of the entire manifestation process for the Heaven that is to emerge has been aborted. No further work on Building Heaven is possible. Therefore, the Suit becomes unsustainable at that point in the process.


I often used the metaphor of Heaven Agents working together to Build Heaven on The Construction Site of Heaven in The Manifest World.  This Construction Site is within their own Suit, in their life, and in their world.  Work on The Construction Site of Heaven operates like the DNA of Life working in the womb.  There is a precision logic that yields the miracle of Life as Heaven.  Those learning how to Build Heaven are those learning how to Steward The Miracle of Life which will be in their care when the Implementation Aspect has returned to the Source Level and they must Steward Life if it is to remain viable in the Creation.


Learning how to work with the precise, time sensitive Sustainability Timeline is how a Heaven Agent learns how to Steward Life.  They learn about the Standards that must be met to Build Heaven and sustain Heaven and how to gain the Skill Sets to do their part. They also learn about the miracles that the Source provides that enable them to do the flawless Heaven Agent Work that is needed to Build Heaven.


The Sustainability Timeline Training is the place for beginning as well as advanced Heaven Agents to come to get the news on what is next in The Sustainability Timeline and how to prepare to do their part. As they do their parts they build the Heaven that their life and world were meant to be. 



The Pilot/Co-Pilot Working Relationship 

Sustainability Timeline Trainings will reference The Pilot/Co-Pilot Working Relationship and provide examples of it and information on how to work with it correctly to meet the Standards for upcoming Timelines.  I will provide a brief overview of this kind of Working Relationship which most Suits throughout the Creation have now opted to enter in order to meet the Timeline Standards.


In The Pilot/Co-Pilot Working Relationship, the Source is the Pilot and the Miracle is the Co-Pilot. 


The Miracle is a Perfected Spiritual Intelligence that is onboard every Suit to govern Suit Functions. For a complete understanding of the Miracle, I recommend watching The Miracle Within You video and watching The Miracle You video which goes into the technical aspects of how the Miracle works in the Suit. The Miracle You Video is available for members of Connecting, a gifted membership that gives you access to all of the Gifted Source-Directed Activism Trainings on the website.


The Miracle can operate Suit Functions to the extent that the Suit has relinquished control over the Suit Functions. If the Suit is retaining control over part of the Suit Functions and refusing to allow the Miracle to operate the Suit Functions, then the Miracle will not be able to govern them sufficiently in order to meet a Timeline Standard. Since, historically, the Suit refused to allow the Miracle to operate Suit Functions even though it was never designed to operate them without the help of the Miracle, there can be pockets of opposition that abort the attempts of the Miracle to do its Co-Pilot role.


In such an instance, the Source can pilot the Suit to safety by temporarily taking over the operation of the Suit Functions from the Suit and encouraging the Suit to relinquish its control over them so that the Miracle will be able to operate them correctly in the future.  There is a training, called The Miracle Mirror Training that educates the Suit so that it can release its hold on the Suit Functions and allow the Miracle to operate them. Following this Training is The Miracle Mission Training that trains the Miracle to operate the Suit Functions. These Trainings are pivotal to the Suit and the Miracle doing their part in The Pilot/Co-Pilot Working Relationship.  You can learn about these Source Will Materialization Trainings at: Source Will Materialization Training.


When the Suit Function needs to be operated in a way that is outside of the range of the Miracle, as in maneuvering away from a very disguised Inner Plane  Energy Trap set by the Negativity or helping to bring in an aspect of Heaven that only the Source knows how to manifest, the Source will operate the Suit Function at the Source Range of ability. This is called Solo Source Piloting.


Since The Pilot/Co-Pilot Working Relationship came into manifest form, the Source has saved countless lives by piloting Suits away from Inner Plane Hell Pathways toward which they were eagerly advancing, beguiled by the Negativity. If the Suits had been left to their own devices they would have tried to overpower the Miracle and ignore Source Guidance and proceed toward what they had been conned by the Negativity into desiring.  Only the fast maneuvers of Solo Source Piloting enabled the Suits to miss the turn off into the Hell Pathways.


Solo Source Piloting has also been able to take Suits to higher levels of vibration where their Spiritual Intelligence can expand enough to enable them to see the Big Picture and realize what is happening in their life.  In the contracted Spiritual Space allotted them by the Negativity they had believed that what was actually a miserable way of life was what they really wanted because it was the only thing defined by their culture as desirable.  When they rose to a higher level of Spiritual Intelligence they could see that a Heaven Way of Life awaited them if they made the right choices.


While the Source can more easily pilot a Suit to safety away from what endangers it on the Inner Plane, it is not that easy for the Source to get the Suit to cooperate with making the Conscious Range, Outer Plane decisions and actions that ensure its safety on the Outer Plane. This is where education and Skill Set Training is important.  If a Suit knows how to get Source Guidance in their Conscious Range and is educated about The Source Perspective on what it takes to meet a Timeline Standard then it can more easily motivate itself to take appropriate action on the Outer Plane.  


If the Source has to pilot a Suit on the Outer Plane that is completely ignorant of The Source Perspective in its Conscious Range, the Suit may not be able to be piloted successfully in every instance.  It could fail to meet a Timeline Standard because it is refusing to cooperate to do the Outer Plane Heaven Agent Work that is required to meet the Standard.  This is why Training in how to work with The Pilot/Co-Pilot Working Relationship is important to the survival of the Suit.


The Source works with the Extended Range of the Suit to bring through Source Guidance into the Conscious Range of the Suit and provides the Suit with the expanded Spiritual Intelligence that enables it to see for itself what is happening in its life and world.  While this piloting opens the Suit to think in new ways about what is happening and what needs to happen, an uneducated Suit could still take some time, perhaps too much time, to make a decision that is critical to meeting a Sustainability Timeline. Since there are no reruns possible and Spiritual Death occurs when a Timeline is missed, the Source has brought in another set of miracles that accelerate the ability of the Suit to learn more rapidly.



Perfection Experiences and Perfection Impressions 

Heaven is Perfection. The Source has created an Inner Plane Heaven for Manifest Beings.  This Inner Plane Heaven is a Perfected Place. From this Perfected Place the Source can export a Perfection Experience that gives a Suit an experience of how to Live Heaven in some part of its Outer Plane life.


When the Suit begins tuning into a Perfection Experience and having the experience of what it would be like to Live Heaven in this aspect of its life, a Perfection Impression is generated.  A Perfection Impression gives the Suit a lasting Energy Impression of the Heaven experienced in the Perfection Experience.  The Perfection Impression is a deeply felt mental and emotional and spiritual experience that the Suit can reference for how to live in the way that was exemplified in the Perfection Experience.  It is strong enough to embolden the Suit to start living in this way. 


A Perfection Impression gives the Suit the equivalent of years of experience Living Heaven.  The Suit feels that this way of life is familiar, comforting and a part of who they are.  It isn’t like an awkward new set of rules that they are trying to apply to their way of life but feel completely at odds with when they first begin.


While there is a still a learning curve in applying the Perfection Experience in all circumstances, when the Suit has worked with a Perfection Impression long enough, the Suit just starts reaching for understandings coming from the Perfection Impression rather than from its old repertoire of behaviors. In this way, it is able to learn new ways of living fast enough to meet the Standards of The Sustainability Timeline.


Piloting helps the Suit to key into the Perfection Experiences and to spend the time experiencing them in whatever aspect of Suit Consciousness is receptive to them.  For some Suits the Perfection Experiences register primarily in the Pre-Conscious Range and then surface into the Conscious Range.  For others they come directly into the conscious awareness of the Suit through dreams at night and through waking dreamlike images that catch their attention and cause them to pause and consider what they just experienced. Most Suits can receive Perfection Experiences in their Conscious Range through experiences of this sort.  If they are educated to value these as gifts from the Source then they will give time to them and follow the clues to more complex understandings of the Heaven that the Source is enabling them to experience in this way.


In the Sustainability Timeline Trainings I will give you examples of how people are receiving and responding to Perfection Experiences and Perfection Impressions. This will help you to understand them when they are sent to you to help you with your preparations for a Timeline.


Each Training provides you with the Perfection Experiences and Perfection Impressions that help with the Timelines that are in focus in the Training.



Fast Track Code

Spiritual Code is what your Suit needs in order to understand all of the technical aspects of implementing what it is understanding from Piloting and from Perfection Experiences and Perfection Impressions.


Spiritual Code was originally designed to generate an Energy Imprint which then generated an Energy Template which then created an Energy Pathway in the Suit along which the consciousness of the Suit could travel to carry out the tasks for which the Code was created.  While this progression is natural and useful when there is plenty of time for the Code to generate the Imprint, Template, and Pathway, it is not fast enough to enable the Suit trying to meet a Sustainability Timeline to perform the task required to meet the Standard before the cut off point in The Timeline.


To accelerate this process the Source has created Fast Track Code which skips the Template stage and provides the Suit with Code, Imprint, Template, and Pathway already fully functional and ready for the Suit to use.  This is life saving in many instances when there just isn’t the time for the slower process to play out.


Fast Track Code is included in STT1. It is the Code needed to meet the Timelines in focus in this Training.



Ability Structure Code

Beyond Fast Track Code is Ability Structure Code which takes the processing of Code from the Imprint, Template, Pathway Stages to another stage where an Ability Structure is manifested. An Ability Structure is a kind of Action Pattern that the Suit can use to access the ability that that the Code is seeking to manifest.  


This falls short of a complete manifestation of the Code but it gives the Suit a Spiritual Structure that helps it to manifest the abilities that Code makes available to the Suit.  


This kind of Code is utilized in STT2.



Ability Miracles and Perfected Abilities 

In STT2, I introduce a new level of Code when Ability Structures become catalyzed to produce Ability Miracles which are Spiritual Intelligences that work with the Ability Structures to generate Perfected Abilities.  How this happens and its implications for life in the Creation are discussed in this Training.  



Entry into Source Reality 

Another piece of the puzzle of what it takes to meet the Standard of a Sustainability Timeline is living in Source Reality. This can’t be done completely until the Suit makes the decision to depart from Story Reality, which is based on the Cultural and Personal Stories that create Story Reality. When a Suit gets its Reality Coordinates from Stories about reality, it makes its decisions about how to define what is happening and respond to it based on these Stories. Once these Story Reality Coordinates are set in, they fundamentally de-legitimize Source Truth that is being sent to them about Source Reality.  Since Source Reality characterizes the way things really work in the Creation, which is a Source Creation, blocking Source Reality by living in Story Reality seriously impairs the ability of a Suit to validate and take action on Source Truth because it is keying off of Story Truth.


On November 6, 2021, the Implementation Aspect, including my Manifestation, left Story Reality behind to enter into Source Reality at a level that completely severed all of the ties to Story Reality.  Prior to this time the Implementation Aspect has been in its own Source Reality within the Energy Field of the Story Reality in order to try to provide support to Suits trying to strengthen their Source Connection.  At this Turning Point, the Implementation Aspect broke all ties to Story Reality and entered entirely into Source Reality.


Most Suits decided to enter into Source Reality in order to preserve their Source Connection. They were elated when this made it much clearer how to make decisions that are in keeping with Source Logic rather than Story Logic. 


Those who did not enter into Source Reality are finding it very difficult to retain their Source Connection.  Most of those who did not enter into Source Reality were Empty Suits who have already lost their Source Connection and with it their Soul but who must understand how to provide the Correct Exchange that enables some level of Source Support to reach them to sustain their physical lives.  The are piloted by devices At-a-Distance to help them to survive but are in a difficult position because of the confusing values of Story Reality pulling them into the traps of the Negativity without any Source Presence there to help them to recognize Source Truth.


Suits living in Source Reality are doing much better at meeting the Standards for the Timelines and are finding that it is  easier to understand the need to build a Source-Connected, Total Abundance Way of Life.


[UPDATE: Those in Source Reality have moved into a Universal Community Spiritual Space since this was written.  They have been joined by those formerly in Story Reality who have made the decision to work in Source Reality because their Story Reality Spiritual Space became unsustainable.]



The Standard of Correct Exchange

On October 30th, the Creation reached a Turning Point with regard to the Correct Exchange that is needed to sustain the physical life of a Suit. The Creation was Source-Created to function on the basis of Correct Exchange.  Correct Exchange occurs when Manifest Beings do what is theirs to do to balance the exchange with the Source who gives them life and sustains their life moment to moment.


A big part of what it takes to sustain a life is grounding the miracles needed to sustain the spiritual and physical life of the Suit.  Suits were equipped with onboard Material Energy Factories that generated the Material Energy needed to ground miracles whenever they did good Heaven Agent Work.  If they did their part then they would generate all of the Material Energy needed to ground the miracles that not only sustained their lives but made Life Heaven. [For more information on grounding miracles you can reference the article: How Miracles Come into Your Life and World.]


Because Suits departed from following The Source Plan for how to Build Heaven in the world and opted to build their own version of Heaven, which is whatever they thought served their Self Interests, they have built the Hell of Suffering that has created The World of Suffering that exists today. Most Suits have not tried to learn how to do Heaven Agent Work, which supports The Work of the Source to sustain their lives, and have clogged up their Material Energy Factories with Negative Energies that prevent them from producing the quantities of Material Energy needed for all of the miracles that they require to sustain their lives.  As a result they have experienced scarcity, disease, misfortune, struggle, and suffering and have created a world in which the conflict over scarce resources has ravaged populations through wars, crime, slavery, sexual exploitation, and the like.


In 2011, beings ignored the call of the Source to defend The Universal Source Connection Channel from the attacks of the Negativity. When it died they lost their Spiritual Home and the Power Station that the Source had been using to provide the Material Energy that they were not supplying through Heaven Agent Work. When the Channel disintegrated, the remaining reserves have been used by the Implementation Aspect to keep Suits alive. Now those reserves are gone and the Implementation Aspect is no longer in a time in its own Transition back to the Source Level when it can do the work of trying to find Material Energy to keep Suits from dying for the want of the miracles that sustain their lives.  Now Suits either have to do the Heaven Agent Work and generate the Material Energy the natural way through an Energy Exchange or lose their physical lives. 


What this means is that we have entered a No Nonsense Time in the Creation when Suits must pull their weight in order for the Source to be able to sustain their Source Connection and provide them with the energies that sustain their physical forms. They can no longer assume that the Source is going to make up for their Incorrect Exchange.  The energy reserves are no longer sufficient and the Implementation Aspect is no longer in the mode of being able to sub for Suits.  Suits need to be working to provide Material Energy to the Source not only for the basic miracles that sustain their physical lives but to ground the miracles needed in the work of building the Heaven that they must build to survive the end of The Transition.


In the Prototype Communities the focus is always on how much Material Energy is needed to sustain the Heaven that they have built and what Heaven Agent Work the Source is piloting them to do to generate this amount of Material Energy. Because of this attentiveness they have enjoyed a Source-Connected, Total Abundance Way of Life for thousands of years.


This same understanding and attentiveness is needed for Heaven Agents throughout the Creation to sustain their physical lives and preserve their chance to have a life in the Creation. Only those doing the Correct Exchange will sustain their Source Connection at this point in The Transition.



Prototyping Projects

In The Sustainability Timeline Training I will share with you information on the Prototyping Work that I am doing with Heaven Agents worldwide for how to work with the Source Support that I am providing to prepare to meet the Timeline Standards.


The work is primarily Inner Plane Work, although I also do Prototyping Work with Heaven Agents working with me in the Miracle School on the Outer Plane.  


The purpose of the Prototyping Work is twofold:

  • the first is to observe the Source Support created to help Suits meet the Timelines in action.  If the Negativity has developed technology to interfere with the Source Solution Miracles that have been created then upgrades and additional Source Solution Miracles will be developed.  If the Suits are not responding as well as they need to respond then the Source Solution Miracles may be upgraded or additional ones brought in to help achieve the desired result. Prototyping is how the Source determines whether the Source Support created will work for the wide range of beings that exist in the Creation.  When a complex of Source Solution Miracles has been created for a Timeline and observed in action through the Prototyping Work, then these forms of Source Support are made available to beings throughout the Creation.
  • the second is to develop the Secondary Code which comes from the understanding of those participating in the Prototyping Work. The best Secondary Code comes from Suits that register the work in their Conscious Range and can report in to me to explain what they have experienced.  This Secondary Code can be seeded to beings throughout the Creation with whom I will not work in person on the Outer Plane. This helps to strengthen their ability to work with the Source Support effectively.  The Secondary Code from the first Prototype Community that I founded was seeded to the 13 Prototype Communities that I did not visit on the Outer Plane. They were able to replicate the results of the first Prototype Community by working with the Primary Code I sent them and the Secondary Code from the first Prototype Community.


The Prototyping Work is generally requested by the Extended Range of the Suit and if the type of challenges would contribute to the Prototyping Work, I will take on the work and supply the Material Energy needed from The World that Works Fund. The World that Works Fund is an Inner Plane Reservoir that stores the Material Energy gifted to it by Heaven Agents working with me throughout the Creation.  It is used for Prototyping Work and to ground miracles needed by the Community. 


When I use names for the beings participating in the Prototyping Work, I always create a Pseudo name to protect their privacy.


When I share an account of my work in the Prototyping Project, I paraphrase the essence of what participants said rather than trying to preserve their comments word for word.  In paraphrasing I help you to connect to The Source Perspective on what is happening in their experiences.



The Negativity

In the Training I refer to the Negativity.  The Negativity is the criminal element that operates on the Inner Plane and works through Suits that have lost control over their spiritual boundaries.


The Negativity consists of Empty Suits that have embraced an ethic of Death and Destruction. They set up Suits with a Source Connection to compete with another and battle one another for scarce resources. In the ensuing conflicts, the Suits do the dirty work of the Negativity. They damage one another and make it easier for the Negativity to invade the injured Suits to harvest their Life Energies. The Negativity can siphon off the Life Energies coming in from The Source Connection Channel of a Suit and live off of these stolen Life Energies. The Suit is left weakened and enslaved by the Negativity that continues to syphon its Life Energies until there is nothing left of the Suit.


The Negativity promotes Story Culture where a Suit is socialized to think that it is just a Story Character in the Story Culture Play.  This blocks the True Self from surfacing as the Identity in the Suit and suppresses the Miracle that was Source-Created to operate Suit Functions. The result is a Suit governed by an Entity-Like Persona that lacks the intelligence or desire to protect the Suit from the Harvesting Operation of the Negativity.


The Negativity works to maximize the chance that a Suit will fail to meet a Timeline Standard and will experience Spiritual Death, where the Soul loses its link to the Suit, and become an Empty Suit. An Empty Suit is more easily attacked and even inhabited by the Negativity that then operates its Suit Functions to harvest other Suits.




It takes miracles to meet the Standards of The Sustainability Timelines.  The Sustainability Timeline Training is where you can come to connect to these miracles.  Fast Track Code and Perfection Experiences and Perfection Impressions are transmitted through the sound of my voice.  The training that you need to have to work with these miracles and to understand how to work with the miracle of The Pilot/Co-Pilot Working Relationship, Source Reality, and all of the other miracles to which you will be introduced in this Training Series is provided through the explanations and Prototyping Work examples that I provide.


To find out more about the focus of a particular Timeline Training, you can go to the Directory and access the link for that Training.  There you can learn more the Training and also request it.




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