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Sherry Daniel, Ph.D. - Founder of The Miracle School

Sherry Daniel, Ph.D.

Director of The Heaven Project
Founder of The Miracle School



This is the place where you can come to connect with the Source Workflow Trainings in the Series entitled: Source Will Materializations.


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What You Need to Know to Work with a
Source Will Materialization Training


What Is Source Will?

Source Will is what created The Manifest World and everything within it.  It is the most powerful force and has the highest range.  It operates beyond Time and Space and well above the range of the Negativity, the criminal element that operates on the Inner Plane.


Source Support Based on Source Will Technology 

In recent times Source Will has been used to generate a new kind of Source Support that can reach beings struggling to survive in very Miracle-Unfriendly Fields of Energy where most Source-Created Miracles cannot operate.


Most miracles require a very Miracle-Friendly Field in which to perform their Mission. What is optimal is a +10 Miracle-Friendly Field which is the highest level Miracle-Friendly Field.  Some miracles can operate below this range but the number of miracles that can work in very low ranges is greatly reduced. If a Suit is producing a Miracle-Unfriendly Field below a -39 only Source Will based Source Support can reach them. No miracle can land and function in such a toxic Miracle-Unfriendly environment.


While Source Will based Source Support can reach the otherwise unreachable, this form of Source Support is also appropriate for those producing a +10 Miracle-Friendly Field.


Source Will Materializations

Source Will Materializations are materializations made of energy that exist on the Inner Plane, The Spiritual Level of Reality. For example, The Miracle You Mirror is an Inner Plane Mirror made of energy that can be looked into by your Suit – your body/mind. You Suit can either use its 6th Sense in its Conscious Range or its Extended Range, which is generally outside of the conscious awareness of the Suit. The Suit, using its Energy Body, which operates on the Inner Plane, can touch an Inner Plane mirror and work with it as naturally as its Physical Body can pick up and hold a physical mirror on the Outer Plane.


The purpose of a Source Will Materialization taking the form of The Miracle You Mirror is to enable the Suit to experience the Miracle that the Suit was created by the Source to be.  Until the Suit sees what it will be like if it works with the Source to bring this Miracle into a State of Full Manifestation, it is not able to understand that it is not the Social Identity that it has been socialized to think that it is.  It is not the summation of the roles that it plays in the society but is a Miracle with a Mission. When Suits can really see who they were created to be they respond with enthusiasm and are willing to do what it will take to become this Miracle and to perform their Mission.  I have yet to see a Suit turn down their Miracle Self in favor of a Social Self that is based on the social roles they play in the society.


The Source Will Materialization Series

In this series of recorded Source Workflow Trainings I will be introducing you to a new Source Will Materialization in each new Training. I will describe the Materialization and will provide you with instructions for how to access the Materialization. I will also provide you with the Source Power to work with the Materialization. This is important because these Materializations are high ranging and very ethereal and it takes some additional Source Power to connect to them at the highest level. The Source Power is used to expand your range of Spiritual Intelligence so that you can work with the Materializations.  


Additionally, I will be providing your Suit with the Code that is carried in my words for how to work successfully with a Source Will Materialization. Without this Code, your Suit will lack the understanding of how to do the technical work  to relate to this kind of Source Creation.


I will also share with you my observations of how different people in widely different circumstances have experienced working with the Materialization.  This gives you a clearer idea of how the Materialization functions and it gives me an opportunity to complete a Spiritual Prototype for this type of Source Support.  Once a Spiritual Prototype is completed, I can give it to others working with the Materialization to help them to work with it more effectively.


Each Training provides you with an opportunity to write in your Eyewitness Report on how you have experienced working with the Materialization.  I take into account your experiences in my work on the Series.


If you would like additional Source Support that enables me to work with you on the Inner Plane as I did with the people working with me on the Prototype, then you can request a Gifted Additional Support Assessment.  I will email you with my recommendations.  


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