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Gifted Source Recommendations

If you are uncertain whether you have been successful in working with the Miracle-Based Adventure to find the miracles that the Source has created for you, then you can request a Gifted Source Recommendation.


It is important to provide information about yourself and your situation and what kind of Source Solution you are looking for in the Comments Box in the Recommendation Form.  If it is a Source Solution for someone else, then provide whatever relevant information you feel will be helpful.


I will respond by email in accordance with the principles that govern a Source Response.  For information on these principles you can read the articles: How Miracles Come into Your Life and World and Miracle-Friendly Fields.


I will provide you with a Source Recommendation which may draw on the Source Solution Miracles that are listed or it might draw on a miracle that has not been created but which can be created for your circumstance. Along with the Source Recommendation I will provide information on the amount of Material Energy that is needed to bring the miracle into your life. For further information on Material Energy and miracles, you can access the article listed above on How Miracles Come into Your Life and World.


To request a Gifted Source Recommendation, you can fill out the form below.