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The Portal to Source Solution Miracles


To work with this Miracle Tool Graphic, enter into a receptive, meditative state, and ask to see in the circle images that provide you with clues regarding the Source Solution Miracle that the Source has created for you. If you don't see an image with your Inner Vision, then close your eyes and ask to see it on your Inner Screen. Be aware that the Source might choose to communicate with you through a dreamlike sequence, a series of memories or associations, words you hear, or kinesthetic sensations. Be attentive and ask your Inner Intelligence to help you to be guided in your search by whatever information was imparted to your Suit.


If you have not yet developed your Spiritual Senses, you may not pick up on what the Source is communicating to you. In that case, your Inner Intelligence, which is the part of you that knows how to work with the miracles of the Source, will guide you on your Miracle-Based Adventure to find the miracles. This subtle guidance can help you to feel drawn to a particular miracle when you see its name on the page. It might "light up" for you by having a certain kind of energy that other miracles on the page do not have.


Practice seeking Source Guidance and attuning is how you awaken your Spiritual Senses and enable yourself to learn how to get guidance from the Source. By continually asking for Source Guidance and only Source Guidance in order to find the Source Solution Miracles that the Source has created for you, you will be able to find them.


Even if finding them involves asking me to help you to find them, this is also a possibilityy through requesting a Source Solution Miracle Recommendation.