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Listed Source Solution Miracles 

The Source Solution Miracles listed are not all of the Source Solution Miracles that have been listed on the website over the years. They are the ones that the Source finds most relevant at this point in time. Many Source Solution Miracles were created to meet a need at a certain historical time and Suit changes and Universal changes have altered the playing field so that these miracles are no longer needed and other miracles that are in keeping with the changes have been created in their place.


The pages linked to in these Directories provide descriptions of the miracles and information on how to request them. The recent miracles that have been created are in a new Source Solution Miracle page format and others are in the original page format. All of the pages provide the essential information that is needed to understand the reason why the Source Solution Miracle was created by the Source and the functions that it was created to perform and what it will take to bring it into your life and world. 



Miracle Tools

Miracle Tools are miracles linked to an object that exists either as a physical object or an object made of energy such as an Inner Plane Energy Disc. Miracle Tools are to the Source-Directed Activist like a hammer is to a carpenter.  They are tools for building Heaven in their life and world.  


To discover more about these miracles, you can go to: The Miracle Tool Directory.

Source Interventions

A Source Intervention is Distance Energy Work performed by the Source. It can occur at any hour of the day or night whenever the circumstances are most favorable.


To discover more about these miracles, you can go to: The Source Intervention Directory.

Building Block Perfected Abilities

Building Block Perfected Abilities provide Suits with the ability to function perfectly. Perfected Abilities are Intelligences that can also operate outside of a Suit to provide the Perfected Abilities needed for a Build Heaven Project.


To discover more about these miracles, you can go to: The Building Block Perfect Ability Directory.  


There is also a Hub overview article at: Building Block Perfected Abilities.

Miracle-Based Adventures

Source-Created Miracle-Based Adventures provide a Path of Miracles that enables the person to successfully complete the goal of the Adventure, which is to have an experiential, transformative life experience.


To discover more about these miracles, you can go to: The Miracle-Based Adventure Directory.