Miracle-Friendly/Miracle Unfriendly Energy Fields



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How Your Energy Field Affects the Way
that Source Support Can Be Delivered 

Source Support can only be delivered in accordance with the kind of Energy Field that a Suit is producing. Suits producing a high level Miracle-Friendly Field can receive the full range of miracles and Source Will Materializations and Interventions. Those producing the lowest level Miracle-Unfriendly Field cannot receive any Source Solution Miracles and can only receive Source Will Source Support.


This is because Source Solution Miracles require a certain level of a Miracle-Friendly Field to do their Mission. If this Field isn't provided, the Miracle cannot be sent in to help a Suit. The Source will not bring a Miracle to life in The Manifest World if it cannot succeed in performing the Mission it was created to perform.


Source Will Support can reach Suits even in the lowest range of the Miracle-Unfriendly Fields because Source Will is not a miracle.  But even in cases where Source Will can reach a Suit in a low Miracle-Unfriendly Field, the Suit may lack what it needs to work with the form of Source Support if the Source Support is in the form of a more advanced Source Will Materialization Training. Those operating in the -79 range are existing in a very contracted and low vibrational field that limits the ability of the Suit to access the more expanded levels of Spiritual Intelligence that are needed for more advanced Trainings.


No one requesting Source Support is ever turned away. The Source sends in either miracles or Source Will Support.  The person requesting the Source Support needs to understand the conditions in which Source Support can be given, particularly the Indirect Communication System that the Source has created to enable communications to occur when the Miracle-Unfriendly Field is preventing Outer Plane communications by phone or email.



The Indirect Communication System 

This system of Indirect Communication applies to requests for any form of Source Support be it a Gifted Assessment, a Source Solution Miracle, or Miracle-Based Training.  The System works a little differently according to the type of Source Support that is being requested.  I will outline the differences in the sections below.


Requests for an Individualized Source Response

Individualized Source Responses are requested through the Contact Us Form, through a Gifted Assessment Form,  through emails sent to a Miracle School email address, or through a Heaven Agent Report Form on the website.


In every Individualized Source Response is the miracle of Individualized Spiritual Code.  This miracle can function in a -6 to +10 Energy Field.  If the person requesting the Source Response is functioning below a -6 Energy Field then this miracle cannot be sent because it cannot perform its Mission.


Individualized Source Response Miracles require Material Energy to ground, like every other kind of miracle.  In order to enable the Source, working through my Manifestation, to provide this level of Source Support to those requesting a Source Response, the Material Energy for these miracles is drawn by the Source from The World that Works Fund.  It is gifted by the Source to those learning about joining in The Work of the Source.


All Heaven Agents throughout the Creation contribute part of the Material Energy they produce through an Energy Exchange to The World that Works Fund to support The Work of the Source. The Source determines how to direct these Material Energies. Gifts from The World that Works Fund provide scholarships to students of The Miracle School who need Source Support and lack the financial means to provide the Material Energy. The World that Works Fund  also provides Material Energy for the gifted Source Communications that provide introductory information about The Work of the Source. 


If a person requesting an Individualized Source Response and does not receive a response by email, then this is my Indirect Communication to them that their Energy Field is below a -6.  To correct this they can ask the Source, in their own inner meditation, to help them to clear away whatever is blocking their Suit from producing a Miracle-Friendly Field. 


They can work with the article entitled: How to Generate a Miracle-Friendly Field. It contains steps that they can take to correct this problem. 


When they have taken these steps and achieved at least a -6 Energy Field, I will be able to send them an Individualized Source Response.


Requests for Distance Healing

An alternative to working on your own without the help of miracles to get the Miracle-Friendly Field to a higher level is to request Distance Healing.  This form of Source Support enables the Source to bring in the miracles that can work with someone producing a Miracle-Unfriendly Field of a -39 to a -6. These miracles are often critical to freeing the Suit from the Energy Traps of the Negativity that are preventing it from rising up to the higher levels of vibration at which it can begin generating a Miracle-Friendly Field.  


Because all Suits must meet the Standards of The Sustainability Timeline in this time of The Transition, those who are floundering in a Miracle-Unfriendly Field are at risk of being unable to meet these Standards. This would mean that they could lose their Source Connection and with it their ability to have a life in the Creation. It is, therefore, important that they receive Source Support to help them to get out of any Energy Traps that might be impeding them, fend off the Negativity, and clear any Negative Patterns that may be standing in the way of their ascent to higher levels of vibration.


Distance Healing can provide help even if there is no Outer Plane communication possible because the Suit is producing an Energy Field that is below a -6.


Those wishing to have this kind of support need to access The Life that Works Fund Form to enter the amount of Material Energy, given through a Financial Exchange, they are providing to ground whatever miracles they may need.  


If the Energy Field that they are producing is at least a -39, I will process the request and do the work on the Inner Plane.  It may take some time for people in this situation to get free and rise to higher vibrations.  I recommend that they continue to provide Material Energy for the work until I am able to contact them by email to communicate to them where we are in the work and what Next Steps they need to take.


If they are producing an Energy Field that is below a -39, I will not be able to accept the Financial Exchange because no miracles can be sent to them at these lower levels of a Miracle-Unfriendly Field.  I will send in Source Will Support to help them to whatever extent is possible. They must work on their end with the materials on the website to change whatever is in their way of life that is contributing to the production of this level of a Miracle-Unfriendly Field.



Requests for Source Solution Miracles 

If a person requests a Source Solution Miracle and provides a Financial Exchange online but their Suit is producing an Energy Field below the level at which it can work with the miracle, I will respond with an emailed Individualized Source Response to the request if their Energy Field is above a -6 and they can receive and work effectively with an Individualized Source Response Miracle.


If their Energy Field is below a -6, I will not send an email but will provide the miracle if they are producing the Energy Field that the miracle needs in order to work with them in their life.  Some miracles can do their Mission in a -39 Energy Field but no miracles can work below this level.  The type of Energy Field that a given miracle requires depends on the miracle.


If their Suit is not producing the Energy Field in which the miracle can survive and do its work, I will void the transaction online. They can then follow the instructions given above for how to generate the Miracle-Friendly Field that is sufficient to receive this Source Solution Miracle.


Requests for Source Workflow Trainings 

If someone requesting a particular Source Workflow Training, for instance, is not producing the level of an Energy Field that enables me to deliver the recorded or written Training, then it may be possible to deliver the Training on the Inner Plane, The Spiritual Level of Reality. 


For example, The Miracle You Mirror Training requires a +6 Miracle-Friendly Field in order to work with the recorded Training.  Those who have Suits that are producing an Energy Field from a -39 to a +5 can work with the Training but it has to be administered through my At-a-Distance Work on the Inner Plane. I send in Source Communications explaining to the Extended Range of the Suit how to work with the Mirror and I send in the miracles of Source Power and Spiritual Code which can be sent into this range of an Energy Field.


Suits producing a -79 to -40 Energy Field cannot receive the recorded Training or the full power At-a-Distance Training. I cannot deliver any Source Solution Miracles in this range.  What I can do is to provide a less powerful version of the Training through Source Will Support, using Source Will Interventions for the delivery of the power to expand Spiritual Intelligence and a less complex Spiritual Code that enables the Suit to work with the Training.  I then send in Source Communications for the instructions for how to work with the Mirror. This less powerful Training is still transformative for Suits operating in this level of energy.  It gives them help in producing a more Miracle-Friendly Field so that they can qualify for Trainings that require a higher level Energy Field.


The way to communicate indirectly is for the person seeking to do the Training to provide the Financial Exchange for the Training online. If I cannot deliver a link to the recorded Training then I will void the transaction so the funds return to the person. They can then re-submit the Financial Exchange if they would like to work with the Inner Plane version of the Training. This is their request to me to consider them for the At-a-Distance Version of the Training.  If their Suit is producing an Energy Field in the -39 to +5 range then I will accept the second Financial Exchange and use it to ground the miracles for the Training.  If the Energy Field that their Suit is producing is below a -39 then I will void the transaction a second time.  This is my communication to them that I will deliver the Source Will Technology version of the Training. Since Source Will Support does not involve miracles that require a Correct Exchange to build the Energy Nest, I can deliver Source Will Support without a Financial Exchange. I refund the Financial Exchange because it is not needed for me to deliver a Source Will Support version of the Training.


If a person is requesting a particular Source Solution Miracle, I will have to review whether they are producing the requisite Miracle-Friendly Field in order to work with the Miracle.  If they are producing it, then I will send them the miracle.  If they are not producing it and they are below a -6, I will void the transaction because I will be unable to communicate directly or send the miracle.


Requests for Individual and Group Miracle-Based Coaching

These requests are responded to in a similar way to a request for a Source Solution Miracle.  You can reference the information and steps to take that are outlined in this section


Alternate Methods for Increasing

Your Miracle-Friendly Field 



This method of communicating enables us to work together correctly, observing the Spiritual Principles that govern a Correct Exchange.


In general, if it is apparent that your Suit is in the -39 to +5 range and you need to help it to produce a more Miracle-Friendly Field, then you can provide Material Energy through a Financial Exchange in The Life that Works Fund online.  I will use this for whatever form of Source Support is most efficient in helping your Suit to start producing a higher level Miracle-Friendly Field.


To fully understand The Spiritual Science of Correct Exchange, I refer you to The Miracle You Video and also to The Video Book Training on The Transition. You can learn more about Source-Created Miracles by reading the gifted Source Workflow Training. These videos and the Source Workflow Training are available to members of Connecting.  For a brief synopsis on Correct Exchange you can go to the article entitled: How Miracles Come into Your Life and World.


Information on the Energy Field requirements for specific Source Workflow Trainings is provided on the page for the Training.  Most Source Solution Miracles that are not Source Workflow Trainings can be delivered up to the -39 range.  


To access The Life that Works Fund, you can go to: