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Search Bar Instructions

STEP ONE – Click on  the button for Source Solution Miracles at the top of the Search Bar. 


STEP TWO – Source Solution Miracles are created for the Five Build Heaven Projects.  To search by Project, which will give you a sense of the purpose for the Source Solution Miracle, you can copy and paste the names of the projects listed below.

The Total Abundance Project

The Love-Based Relationship Project

The Life Purpose Fulfillment Project 

The Perfect Health Project 

The Love Connection Project 

Or you can type in your own search term and you will get Source Solution Miracle that have that term in the description of the miracle.


STEP THREE – Click "Search"


STEP FOUR – Click on the links that you feel Source-Guided to select as a part of your Source Solution Hub Miracle-Based Adventure. Attuning to what links "light up" for you is one way that you can practice picking up the guidance of the Source who is directing your search to find the Source Solution Miracles that the Source feels are most important to you at the time of your search.  


STEP FIVE – To continue your Miracle-Based Adventure you can access The Source Solution Miracle Hub Navigation Box which is immediately above the image at the top of this page.