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How to Search in the Hub
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Search by Type of Source Solution Miracle 

Go to Search for Miracles by Type of Miracle.  Select the category of Miracle that you would like to explore and go to the Directory for that Category.


This will take you to pages with links to the Source Solution Miracles.  You can tune into Inner Source Guidance to see which links "light up" for you and explore those.


The categories into which the Source Solution Miracles are organize help you to get some idea of their purpose.


If you would like to explore Source Solution Miracles more by Purpose, you can access the information below.



Search by the Purpose for Which the
Source Solution Miracle Was Created

The Source Solution Miracle Search Bar

Search by Project

Go to The Source Solution Miracle Hub Search Bar, click on the button for Source Solution Miracles, and enter in the names of the Five Build Heaven Projects for which the Source Solution Miracles were created.  These Projects give you a general sense of the purpose of the Source Solution Miracles.  To find out more details, click on the links in the Search and explore the Source Solution Miracles individually.


Search by Your Own Search Terms

Alternatively, click on the button for Source Solution Miracles in the Search Bar and enter in your own search terms.  This will bring up Source Solution Miracles that contain those terms.


NOTE: Many Source Solution Miracles have multiple purposes which can best be understood by going the Source Solution Miracle page and reading about the miracle.  As you read you will come to understand The Source Perspective on Building Heaven in the world and why the Source has created these Source Solution Miracles.



Search by Requesting a
Source Solution Miracle Recommendation

If you don't find a miracle that matches what you feel that you need, you can request a Source Solution Miracle Recommendation.  If you explain what you are trying to achieve, I will be able to see if the Design Aspect of the Source can create a miracle for you if one of the listed miracles is not appropriate.  I will respond by email in accordance with the principles that govern a Source Response. For information on these principles you can read the article: How Miracles Come into Your Life and World and also the article on Miracle-Friendly Fields of Energy.