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How Miracles Come into Your Life and World















What You Need to Know to Bring
Miracles into Your Life and World


Miracles are Gifts from the Source that can come into your life and transform it into the Heaven that it was created to be when you provide:

  • the Material Energy for the Source to build the Energy Nest miracles need to be born into your world
  • the Miracle-Friendly Field that enables miracles to help you once they reach a State of Full Manifestation 



Providing Material Energy

Miracles Are Perfected Spiritual Intelligences 

Every miracle is a Source Creation.  It is a Source-Created Being, a Perfected Spiritual Intelligence that is sent into the world to perform a Mission. The Mission is to build the specific aspect of the Heaven of Total Abundance that this being was created to build for itself and others.


Miracles Require an Energy Nest

Incoming miracles need to land in an Energy Nest in a Landing Zone created by the Material Energy provided by Manifest Beings. In this Energy Nest the miracle is brought to life after it arrives in the Nest and is nurtured by the Source until it reaches a State of Full Manifestation. It is then able to leave the Energy Nest to do its Mission.


Miracles coming in as living beings such as humans, do not require this kind of Energy Nest. Source Solution Miracles such as Miracle Tools and Source Interventions require an Energy Nest.


No Material Energy is Needed to Create the Miracle

Every miracle is a Gift from the Source that does not require any Material Energy to be created. The Correct Exchange references the amount of Material Energy needed to build the Energy Nest.  


Manifest Beings Create Material Energy

A Manifest Being has an onboard Material Energy Factory in their Suit/Manifestation which is their body/mind.  This enables them to generate all of the Material Energy needed to create all of the Energy Nests for all of the miracles that will make a Life that is Heaven/Happiness. 


If Manifest Beings don't provide the necessary Material Energy, the miracles that they need will not be sent to them by the Source because they could not survive without the Energy Nest. 


The Correct Exchange for Building the Energy Nest

The Correct Exchange is a Source calculation of how much Material Energy is needed to build the Energy Nest for the miracle so that the miracle can enter into The Manifest World and be brought to life and given the start it needs to do its Mission. The amount of Material Energy that is needed varies according to the needs of each particular miracle.


A Correct Exchange occurs when a Manifest Being provides the right amount of Material Energy for a miracle to come into their life and world.  


Energy and Financial Correct Exchange

Energy Exchanges provide the Material Energy that is generated in the onboard Material Energy Factory of the Suit. Material Energy is generated when the Suit does the Source-Directed Activist Work that Stewards Life for itself and others.


Financial Exchanges provide Material Energy that is generated from the labor involved in producing the funds for the exchange.


While the natural way to provide Material Energy is through an Energy Exchange, The Financial Exchange Miracle has enabled a Financial Exchange to substitute for an Energy Exchange in instances in which the being requesting a miracle is not producing enough Material Energy for an Energy Exchange.


Due to the Disconnection from the Source, the onboard Material Energy Factory has become impaired in most beings who are producing less than 6% of the 100% Material Energy that they were designed to produce. This is why the Source brought in The Financial Exchange Miracle to enable people to receive the miracles they need to restore the functioning of their Material Energy Factory so they can return to providing Material Energy through an Energy Exchange. Without a Financial Exchange option, most Suits would be unable to receive the miracles that they need to get out of the rut of being unable to produce Material Energy the natural way.


While a Financial Exchange provides only a low level of Material Energy, it is a blessing to those who have not yet healed their Suits enough to generate the Material Energy for an Energy Exchange.


Information about the financial equivalent of the amount of Material Energy that is needed is provided by the Source for those who lack the skill to generate the right amount of Material Energy for an Energy Exchange.



Providing the Miracle-Friendly Field

Another aspect of receiving miracles into your life is creating the right conditions in which the miracle can work with you once it arrives in its Energy Nest and prepares to do its Mission. If you request a miracle and are not producing the right level Miracle-Friendly Field into which the miracle can come, the Source will not be able to send it to you. This is because the miracle will not be able to interface with you if you are in a Miracle-Unfriendly Energy Field that prevents it from helping you. If it can't help you, then there is no reason to send it to you even if you provide the Material Energy for the Miracle-Friendly Energy Nest that enables it to come to life and prepare to do its Mission.


For a full understanding of the Spiritual Principles involving sending a miracle to you, I recommend that you read the article on Miracle-Friendly Fields. There are ways to improve your Miracle-Friendly Field in order to receive miracles that are discussed in the article on Miracle-Based Coaching.


Miracle-Friendly Fields also affect your ability to receive the miracle of an Individualized Source Response. For example, if you request a Gifted Assessment of some sort, the Source Response contains the miracle of Individualized Spiritual Code. Your Suit has to be producing an Energy Field of at least a -6 on a -79 to +10 Miracle-Friendly Field scale to receive the miracle of Spiritual Code at the level of an Individualized Source Response. Below a -6, an individualized Source Response is unable to be sent and communications need to shift to an Indirect Method of Communication described in the article on Miracle-Friendly Fields. While there are forms of Source Support that can operate in even -79 Miracle-Unfriendly Fields, the most hardy miracles cannot go below a -39.




Educating yourself about Source-Created Miracles will help you to understand how to do the Correct Exchange that enables you to receive these Gifts from the Source. Once you understand these Spiritual Principles you will be able to welcome in and work effectively with all of the miracles that manifest the Heaven of a Source-Connected, Total Abundance Way of Life.


For more in-depth training on Source-Created Miracles you can go to the Gifted Source Workflow Training on Source-Created Miracles.


Video explanations of Material Energy and Miracle-Friendly Fields are available in The Miracle You Video Book Training entitled: The Miracle You: How to Manifest the Miracle the Source Created You to Be.


Both of these Gifted Trainings are available through a membership in Connecting.  If you are not yet a Connecting member, you can request Gifted Membership at: Connecting Signup.