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The Heaven of True Happiness Grid
















The Heaven of True Happiness Grid


To work with this Miracle Tool Graphic, enter into a receptive, meditative state, and ask to see if you see any small bright light appearing in any of the squares of the Grid. These lights will indicate that miracles are coming into that aspect of the Grid. The Grid is made up of the Five Build Heaven Projects. Welcoming in miracles coming into these five aspects of your life help you to Build Heaven in your life and world. Building Heaven is the basis for your Happiness since Heaven is the Source Term for the highest level of Happiness that is possible for you.


If you see miracles coming into a certain section of the Grid, ask your Inner Intelligence, the part of you that knows how to connect with the miracles that the Source is sending you, to help locate in The Source Solution Miracle Hub the miracles that correspond to the ones you saw landing in the Grid.


You can go to The Source Solution Miracle Hub Search Bar and search there for the miracles created for the Build Heaven Project that corresponds to the place in the Grid where you saw the light of the miracle appearing. For instance, if you saw lights in the squares in the Grid for Perfect Health, then you would enter The Perfect Health Project in The Source Solution Miracle Hub Search Bar after clicking on the button for Source Solution Miracles at the top of the bar. If you saw more than one light, then you need to search for several miracles.


If you need additional Source Support in finding the miracles, you can request a Source Solution Miracle Recommendation.