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Gifting Source Solution Miracles


How to Gift Source Solution Miracles
to Yourself or to Someone You Know 


You have the opportunity to gift a Source Solution Miracle to yourself or to someone you know when you request the Source Solution Miracle. The request can be done from the page which describes the miracle.  


You can enter into the Comments Box on the form you fill out to process your request any information about yourself or the person for whom the gift is intended.  Information about age, gender, and any life circumstance information can be helpful.


It is important to understand that a Source Solution Miracle can only come into your life and world when the conditions are right on The Spiritual Level of Reality.  To understand the conditions that are needed, you can read the article: How Miracles Come into Your Life and World.


You do not have to talk to the person to whom you are gifting a Source Solution Miracle. The Source will contact them on the Inner Plane.  If the Suit – body/mind – of this person is willing to receive the Miracle then it can be given.  If it is not willing, then your Financial Exchange will be voided or refunded.


Payment Plans

If you lack the financial means to provide the Correct Exchange that is needed to ground the miracle you would like to request then you can request a no interest Payment Plan.  


Payment Plans are set up when there is enough Material Energy in The World that Works Fund to provide the Material Energy needed to ground the miracle.  The World that Works Fund is an Inner Plane Energy Reservoir that stores the Material Energy gifted by those contributing to it. [Material Energy is explained in the article listed above.] 


As you make your monthly payments, you reimburse The World that Works Fund so that the Material Energy coming from your Financial Exchange can be used to help other Heaven Agents.  


You determine how much of a Financial Exchange you can provide per month and I seek Source Guidance about whether this constitutes a Correct Exchange. If it constitutes a Correct Exchange and there is enough Material Energy available in The World that Works Fund, then a Payment Plan can be set up.



How to Gift Source Solution Miracles
to The Global Community


If you wish to gift a Source Solution Miracle to The Global Community, the Source will direct the miracle to those most in need of it when you provide the Material Energy, through a Financial Exchange or an Energy Exchange, to ground the miracle on their behalf.


Most Source Solution Miracles have a Campaign listed on the Source Solution Miracle page. This Campaign has been created to provide the miracle to others in The Global Community. Some of the miracles that were created many years ago may not have a Campaign listed on the Source Solution Miracle page.  In this instance, you can make your contribution to The World that Works Fund directly and specify in the Comments Box the particular Source Solution Miracle that you would like the Source to gift to those in need of it.  


The Material Energy from your Financial Contribution goes to grounding the miracle and the funds themselves are given to support The Work of the Source in The Heaven Project on the Earth.  


You can access The World that Works Fund through utilizing the form provided below or going to: The World that Works Fund.


For contributions over $4500, contact me for instructions on how to make your contribution.



Contribute to
The World that Works Fund

I would like to contribute $.00 to Source Solution Miracles for a World that Works.