Vibrational Healing Interventions


Vibrational Healing Interventions can be administered only through work in the online Station of The Tranquility Center.  Tranquility Energies that are given to those doing a Session Work in this Station are essential to the Vibrational Healing Intervention.

When enough Tranquility Energy is present, it is possible to increase the vibrational level of the Suit so it breaks out of any Negative Energy Structure that might be attached to it, encapsulating it, or infiltrating it.  Depression, cancer, anxiety, ill fortune, scarcity, a destructive relationship, an Inner Plane attack by the Negativity all involve some form of negative energy structure that is around or linked to the Suit.  


A Suit struggling to free itself from such a structure gets worn down.  As its energies are expended in the struggle, the negative energy moves in on it more and more.  This is how the illnesses of the body, mind, and spirit and the social illnesses of dysfunctional relationships can become more entrenched and debilitating over time.


Through increasing the vibrational level of the Suit to an unusually high level for a short period of time, it is possible to break the Negative Energy Structures that only have the ability to hold their structure in lower levels of vibration.  Once these Negative Energy Structures are shattered, the Suit can escape from them and come back down to a more normal vibrational level surrounded by the blue white light of the Source that is very protective.  Any remaining negative energies are dissolved in this Source Light.


Since all illnesses begin on the Spiritual Level and then manifest on the Physical Level, it is important to break the Negative Energy Structure of the illness on the Spiritual Level in order to break the power behind what it has materialized on the Physical Level.  Then the materialization on the Physical Level can be eradicated more easily.


What is broken in a Vibrational Healing Intervention is the Spiritual Electrical System of the Negative Energy Structure.  This causes the disintegration of the Negative Spiritual Intelligence System which is like the brain of the material manifestation. 

If the Negative Energy Structure exists only on an energy level, this method very effectively eliminates every aspect of the manifestation of the Structure. If the Negative Structure has materialized a physical manifestation such as a cancer tumor, then the dissolution of the spiritual underpinnings of the cancer will prevent it from getting any spiritual energies to survive.  It will still have some residual physical energies from its attack on neighboring cells in the body and can try to continue its operation even after the supporting spiritual energies are removed, but it can more easily be defeated.  


If the person with the cancer maintains a Source Connection that is strong and does not create the spiritual energies of anger, fear, despair, and the like into which the Negativity can land more spiritual reinforcements for setting up a replacement Negative Energy Structure, then the disease can die out quite naturally.


A Vibrational Healing Intervention is an immensely powerful and important Intervention for anyone wishing to perfect their Suit through freeing it from the Negative Energy Structures that it has accumulated in this lifetime and in lifetimes past. 

It is designed to be used in conjunction with other Interventions and understandings that correct the conditions that allowed the negative energies into the life in the first place.  Only through a holistic approach to the problem can there be ultimate healing.  This is particularly true in cases where the Negative Energy Structures have materialized on the physical level as physical diseases or negative events in a person’s life.


NOTE: The Vibrational Healing Intervention is not designed to treat the physical level but to eradicate on the Spiritual Level the causal forces that are manifesting disease on the physical level. It is best used in conjunction with modern medicine and other Ultimate Spiritual Healing Training and Source Support.  

The Correct Exchange for a Vibrational Healing Intervention is based on the nature of the negative energy structure that is to be eradicated.   If you would like to request Vibrational Healing, email me with a description of your circumstances and I will respond by email with a Source Recommendation for the amount of power needed for the Intervention.  Information on the amount of Material Energy needed through a financial exchange for the power level of the Intervention will also be provided.  I will then instruct you how to set up time in The Tranquility Station online to receive the Vibrational Healing Intervention.


Vibrational Healing Interventions are part of The Perfect Health Project and are Perfect Health Source Interventions. 


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