Individualized Vibrational Adjustment Interventions 

While the Universal Vibrational Shifts provide you with a free ride to a higher level of vibration where it is easier to become the Heaven you were created to be, to Build Heaven, and to Live Heaven, these Vibrational Shifts only establish the baseline Vibrational Levels that are needed for the Creation as a whole.  They do not provide you with the fine tuning in your Vibrational Level that enable you to travel your Path to Perfection and achieve  Perfect Integration and the highest level of Communion. 


Through a series of Individualized Vibrational Adjustment Interventions, I am able to take your Suit to the precise Vibrational Levels that it needs to attain in order to achieve the highest levels of Integration and Communion.  These kinds of Interventions will become more important after the August 8th Vibrational Shift and as the standard for Integration rises in the Source Perfected Universe.


Correct Exchange

Interventions of this sort are so individualized that there is no way to calculate the Correct Exchange that is needed without working with each Heaven Agent individually.  Those who would like an assessment of what is needed, should  request information on these Interventions and I will send them a Source Guidance Email with the specifics.




Vibrational Adjustment Interventions is part of The Perfect Health Project and is a Perfect Health Source Intervention. 


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