The Tranquility Intervention


In order to help you understand The Tranquility Intervention, I will give you some background information that will enable you to see why my Source Function created this Intervention. 

Why Tranquility Energies Are Important

Your Suit has a Spiritual Electrical System that is the central nervous system of the Spiritual Energy Body. It directly controls the Physical Electrical System which is the central nervous system that runs the physical body.  


Your Suit is like a robot that is “wired” first at a Spiritual Level which controls the wiring at a Physical Level.


If the wiring at the Spiritual Level is broken or impaired, then this will affect the wiring at the Physical Level.  


A Suit that has excellent wiring for the Spiritual Electrical System is like a robot that has all of its bells and whistles working.  Such a Suit is a good vehicle for the Soul that is the intelligence that manifests through the Suit.


The Negativity – the criminal element that operates on the Spiritual Level of Reality – has had a longstanding commitment to damaging the Spiritual Electrical System of every form of life born into the Creation.  A damaged Suit is one that they can easily control and harvest to sustain themselves.  They have become so Source Disconnected that the only way that they have survived is through tapping into the Life Energies coming from the Suits that are still somewhat Source-Connected.


Very Source-Connected Suits can’t be broken into and controlled or harvested.  All of the lights of the Spiritual Intelligence System are lit up and the Suit immediately repels attack and turns to the Source for protection.


From the point of view of the Negativity, Source-Connected Suits are a liability. They can’t be used and they tend to support other Suits becoming Source-Connected.  


In order to limit the number of Source-Connected Suits, the Negativity has set into motion a very extensive system of attack that is aimed at every Suit born into the Creation.  In the Prototype Communities and in another Community that I call the “Other World” that is beyond our universe, the Negativity has been warded off so effectively that no Suit ever has to endure such attacks.  But, for the majority of Suits in our World, this kind of attack is rampant.  


When a child is born, the Negativity bombards the Spiritual Electrical System with currents and force fields and Negative Sound that begins shattering electrical connections.  As the electrical connections are broken, the lights of the Spiritual Intelligence System dim or go out.  


By the age of 16 or so, most Suits have lost about 50% of the lights of their Spiritual Intelligence System and their physical central nervous system is firing at only about 40% of its Source-Given capacity.


The end result is a lack of intelligence on both the Spiritual and Physical levels and a Suit that is beginning to decline as an electrical unit.  It is like a robot that has been hit by bolts of lightening until some of it is shorting out and internal connections that would enable the robot to be much more intelligent are broken.


People often experience the stress of this Inner Plane attack and turn to drugs, alcohol, food, sex, video games or whatever other addictions distract them from the pain of this attack. They try to dull out their senses that are jangled by this violent form of abuse.  When they do, they fall into another trap of the Negativity.  The Negativity connects to the greed and fear and self-abuse currents the Suits are running.  In this fertile negative medium, they are able to further  infiltrate the Suits and take over more of the controls.


Instead of trying to restore their Intelligence, many people try to dumb themselves down because when they do so, the abuse diminishes. This is one of the motivating factors for people trying to suppress their own Spiritual Identity and trying to adopt whatever Story Character Identity fits within the parameters of the Cultural Play.  When they do this the Negativity lessens their attacks on the Suit and even gives some support to the person developing a big Story Ego and succeeding in the world as long as this success Disconnects them more and more from the Source and from their true Identity and Mission in life.  


The Negativity then works through these Suits to encourage others Suits to do the same or to oppress other groups of Suits so that in their suffering they become more vulnerable to attack and harvesting. Economic oppression and social discrimination on the basis of gender, age, race, and cultural difference have been encouraged by the Negativity.  It embroils people in a struggle against one another so they never stop to notice that they all have one common opponent – the Negativity – that is working against all of them equally.  It is a clever tactic to get the population to dumb themselves down and attack one another and do the dirty work of destroying their own Suits for the benefit of the Negativity.   The kind of loss of Intelligence that is behind this willingness to be led to the slaughter begins with the damage to the Spiritual Electrical System which in turns damages the Spiritual Intelligence System which sustains the Suit’s connection to the Source.


Heaven Agents in the past who have tried to battle against this constant debilitating kind of attack have called upon Source Support and I have given them infusions of Source Energies from the Universal Source Connection Channel to enable their Suits to ward off the attack and retain their electrical systems in good working order.  These energies have also enabled them to respond positively to Source-Created Changes on the Spiritual Level which require adjustments in the Spiritual Electrical System of the Suits.  Because the stress of a Spiritual Change has been eased by the presence of  supportive Source Energies, the Suits of those seeking Source Support have adjusted to the change without breaking down during the transition.


When in May of 2011 the Universal Source Connection Channel crashed, the infusions of Source Energies stopped since there was no Power Source available.  Heaven Agents then were without the support needed to ward off this attack or to adjust to the massive Spiritual Changes that have occurred that require rapid alterations in the way the Spiritual Electrical System functions.  


They have been suffering more debilitation as has the population of the Earth as a whole that has been breaking down not only at a Spiritual Electrical System level but at a Spiritual Intelligence System level.  (For more information on this problem, you can read my report on The Spiritual Intelligence System.)


In the interim I have been searching for a way to help Heaven Agents to keep their Suits in good working order even without the supportive energies of the Universal Source Connection Channel.  


In the summer of 2011, I established in the Seattle Source Connection Center a Tranquility Center.  This Tranquility Center produces the kind of high intensity energies that heal the Spiritual Electrical System and strengthen it so it retains its ability to function optimally even in the face of attack. It gives the Suit an experience of deep structural tranquility which stabilizes it during the rapid changes that are occurring in the Creation as a whole.  Without Tranquility Energy, the Suit can start to break down even if the most positive changes are occurring.

The Source has created three kinds of Tranquility Interventions to provide Heaven Agents with the Source Support that is needed to respond to challenging situations whether they are of a positive or negative nature.


Types of Tranquility Interventions

The Comprehensive Long Term Tranquility Intervention

Because the Suits are in need of repairing the Spiritual Electrical System and sustaining it over time, I have established a Five Level Series of Source Interventions. These Interventions build a Tranquility Network on the Inner Plane that dispenses Tranquility Energies as needed to the Suit. This Network can be built over time, as outlined for this version of the Intervention, or it can be accelerated.


The Comprehensive Accelerated Tranquility Intervention

In recent times it has become possible to accelerate The Five Level Series to enable Suits to have the infusions of Tranquility Energy that they require in order to survive a Vibrational Shift or respond to an emergency situation or life transition and then complete the Intervention over time once the immediate need for an infusion of Tranquility Energies has been met.  


Emergency or Life Transition Tranquility Interventions

It is also possible to request an infusion of Tranquility Energies that provides the quantity of Tranquility Energy that is needed by the Suit in the instance of a Vibrational Shift, a traumatic event, ill health, life transition, etc.  These are the times when the Spiritual Electrical System is most challenged even when the transition might be a positive one.  Change causes stress to the System and Tranquility Energies are what keep the System functioning in a stable and balanced manner.


What follows is a more indepth description of the Comprehensive version of the Intervention followed by information on how to request the different types of Tranquility Interventions.



The Comprehensive Long Term Tranquility Intervention


Level One

In Level One which requires three months of work, the Tranquility Network is built at a very basic level and the majority of the restorative work is begun on the Spiritual Electrical System of the Suit.


Level Two

In Level Two which requires two months of Source Interventions, the work on the Network is stepped up to allow for more high power Tranquility Energies to come through so the repair of the Spiritual Electrical System can reach a deeper level of the damage.


Level Three

In Level Three, which lasts for one month, the Tranquility Energies that are brought in are even more powerful and the Network is built at a more substantial level.


Level Four

In Level Four, which lasts for eight months, the most high power Tranquility Energies are brought in and the most complex Network is created. This is when the Spiritual Electrical System is brought up to optimal levels of functioning. This takes time and a lot of power and vigilance on my part as I work through the power of the Tranquility Center to help your Suit heal and be transformed into a Suit that functions optimally.


Level Five

In Level Five we have the Suit functioning and the Network built completely and it is time to set up a Maintenance System where Tranquility Energies come through the Network to your Suit as needed. This is a System that I recommend that Heaven Agents continue with throughout their life since they will always need Tranquility Energy to sustain their Spiritual Electrical System. A steady stream of Tranquility Energy is your Suit’s best defense against the debilitation cause by the failure of the Spiritual Electrical System that is one of the primary causes of aging. It also prevents the loss of Intelligence and the loss of a sense of well-being that occurs whenever the Spiritual Electrical System is malfunctioning.


If everyone who is on anti-depressants or self-medicating with alcohol, drugs, and other addictive substances had the right amount of Tranquility Energy, they would find that the problems from which they are trying to escape by taking these kinds of substances, would be greatly alleviated. What remained of the problems could be more calmly and easily addressed when they feel fundamentally better and know that they are not daily being destroyed and declining.


Despite the fact that most humans have blocked out from their conscious minds the awareness of what goes on on the Inner Plane, their Suits do know, at some level, that they are being attacked and destroyed. They know that they are not dealing with the stress of change and that they are falling apart. This knowledge breeds fear and then the desire to turn up the radio, turn on the TV, stuff themselves with some addictive food or drug, or frantically seek the solace of the companionship of others.


The only real solution to the fear that the Suit feels when it knows that it is being damaged beyond its ability to ever recover and that this damage will result in death, is to give the Suit the help that it needs to ward off the attack, recover, and live in a world that is safe, where this kind of criminal activity is not going on.


I have come to the Earth to help humans bring the picture into focus about what is going on and what they need to do about it. I have come to bring in the miracles of my Source Function that make safety, healing, and Heaven a real possibility as long as people are willing to do their parts.


The Tranquility Center is an important piece of the puzzle of the Source Support that I am assembling to help Heaven Agents to survive and to have Heaven.


Going through the 5 Levels of The Tranquility Intervention is an investment but it is far less of a one than dealing with the medical, emotional, mental and social problems that result when your Suit fails on you and you are left having to deal with a life that doesn’t work. This Suit failure is inevitable with the disease of aging that has been created by the Negativity.


The Source did not create Suits to age and die in a broken state. The Source created Suits that would retain Perfect Health until the Mission of a lifetime was over and the being could walk out of their Suit into their next lifetime. What is happening in the world is not what should be happening. Only when humans wake up and realize that they have bought a bad bill of goods from the Negativity and that what they are trying to come to peace with – the breakdown of their Suits in the aging process – is not supposed to be happening at all, will they turn to the Source for the Source Solutions that will enable them to enjoy the disease-free, age-free Perfect Health enjoyed by the Prototype Communities.


Members of the Prototype Communities also had to realize that disease and aging was not a normal and expected part of life and then stand up against this atrocity and fight to eliminate it. Once they crossed this bridge then the rest of the journey to Perfect Health came fairly easily because they knew who the enemy was and they gathered in opposition to it.


Now is the time for Heaven Agents outside of the Prototype Communities to take a stand against this senseless suffering and to begin to fight back and take control over the quality of their lives.


When their Suits are well enough to work with me, we can quell the criminal operation as it was quelled in the Prototype Communities, and then every Suit will be born into a world that is at peace where atrocities of this magnitude do not occur.


The Correct Exchange for the Tranquility Interventions is as follows:


Level One 3 months at US$260 /mon.
Level Two 2 months at US$300 /mon.
Level Three 1 month at US$450  
Level Four 8 months at US$700 /mon.
Level Five ongoing at US$200 /mon.


Monthly payments are adequate for me to do the Interventions but they bring in less power than payments that span over more than one month or over more than one Level of the 5 Level Intervention sequence. This is a principle of Correct Exchange that Heaven Agents can benefit from if they wish to have maximum power and have the financial means to exchange for more of the sequence of the Intervention in a single payment or in larger multiple payments.


Unlimited daily access to The Tranquility Station that dispenses Tranquility Energies is available to Heaven Agents in the Tranquility Intervention Sequence. While it is not necessary to visit the Station online to receive the energies, it adds a more tangible Contact Point to the energies when the Station is visited.  Also when you are in the Station, I come in my Extended Range on the Inner Plane to work with you individually. It is during a Station Session that many related Source Interventions that your Suit needs in order to benefit fully from the Tranquility Energies can be given.



How to Request a Tranquility Intervention

To request The Comprehensive Long Term Tranquility Intervention, you can email me with information on how you would like to proceed.  Some people prefer to exchange for the Intervention in its entirety in one financial exchange in order to provide more power for the Intervention in all of its stages.  Others who need to space out the payments exchange for either one step at a time or for several Levels at once.  I will review your situation and respond by email with instructions on how to begin the Intervention.


To request The Comprehensive Accelerated Tranquility Intervention, you can email me with information on why you would like the acceleration and how much of the Intervention you can exchange for in the initial stages.  I will  respond with information on the Correct Exchange and how to begin the Intervention.


To request The Emergency and Life Transition Tranquility Intervention, you can email me and describe your circumstance and when you will need the infusions of Tranquility Energy. I will respond by email with an Assessment of what will work best for you and instructions on how to get started with the Intervention.



The Tranquility Intervention is part of The Perfect Health Project and is a Perfect Health Source Intervention. 

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