The Source Tracking Station Intervention 

Key to the ability to attune to the Source and stay in ever deepening levels of Connection and Communion, is your ability to track the communications and energies of the Source so you can stay aligned and in constant contact with the Source throughout your day and when you are asleep at night.  Because the Source is outside the range of your Six Senses, you were given a Seventh Sense that enables you to perceive the Source in all of its various manifestations.  This Seventh Sense manifests through the Source Tracking Station which is a piece of Spiritual Equipment that wraps around the back of the neck and over the top of the head.  From this Tracking Station signals are sent to the center of the heart chakra where you can pick up the Source Communication.


This Tracking Station has been a primary focus of attack for the Negativity.  The Suits that have lost their Tracking Stations or have Tracking Stations that have sustained significant damage, have lost their ability to pick up on the help that the Source is sending them and have become victims of the Harvesting Operation of the Negativity.  


In The Source Tracking Station Intervention, this Tracking Station is replaced with an upgraded version that can withstand the attacks of the Negativity and provide an even higher level of connection to the Source than the former version of The Tracking Station.


Those Suits that can recognize the Source and commune with the Source are those who have a Source Tracking Station that is functioning to some degree. Very few beings have a Tracking Station that is functioning over the 20% mark.  These Suits are like TV sets that can only pick up moments of any TV Broadcast.  In those moments the Suits can pick up on Source Signals that help them to understand the Source and pick up on some of Its activities in their life and in the world before the signal goes dead and they enter a blackout where they know nothing of what is going on. 

In the blackouts the Suits have sought comfort and direction from other Manifest Beings and from the pleasures of the Material World.  When the connection to the Source comes back on again, they are often so fixated on the Social World that they ignore the signal or have lost the ability to understand how to work with the information from the Source that pours through in the few moments before the signal is lost again and they enter another blackout.


Your Seventh Sense is more basic to your survival than your other Six Senses.  While your Five Senses enable you to track what is happening on the Outer Plane and your Sixth Sense enables you to track what is happening on the Inner Plane, tracking the action in the Inner and Outer Plane doesn’t enable you to know how to respond to it in a way that preserves your well-being.  


Tracking the Source enables you to receive ongoing Source Communications that are critical to your survival and to your ability to experience Heaven in your life. The most critical aspect of any Suit’s survival is its ability to sustain the levels of Spiritual Integration that enable it to survive in the high vibrational energies of the Source Perfected Universe.  Without a Source Tracking Station, it is not possible to develop the kind of Love Connection with the Source that requires being able to perceive the Source in your life in as graphic and riveting a way as perceiving the presence of a loved one standing in the room with you.  If your ability to perceive the ultimate loved one, which is the Source, is like picking up intermittent signals that are dimly perceived, then walking and talking with the Source in your life becomes a technical impossibility. Your Consciousness will seek instead the more tangible and knowable connections with the people in your life who you can clearly see and hear.


Since it is the presence of Source Love in your Suit that enables your Spiritual Particles to stay together, the ability to perceive the Source and commune with the Source is how you build the levels of Source Love that enable you to become Spiritual Integrated and survive in the highly Integrated Field of Energy in the Source Perfected Universe.  Being unable to pick up on the Source because the Negativity has damaged your Seventh Sense, is the most serious handicap your Suit can have.  It is a technical equipment failure that needs to be a Red Alert to you, particularly as we near the time of the August 8th Vibrational Shift.

Correct Exchange

While it is now possible to replace The Tracking Station with an upgrade that can withstand the Negativity and help you to achieve the highest levels of Communion with the Source, it requires a substantial amount of Material Energy to replace this piece of Spiritual Equipment.


The Correct Exchange to replace your Source Tracking Station with a protected, upgraded version is $4600. Payment Plans and Heaven Economy Options are a possibility to help you to provide yourself with a new Tracking Station if you lack the financial means to exchange for one in a single payment.


If you would like to have a new Source Tracking Station and lack the financial means to do so at this time, you can email me with information about your current financial situation and I will respond with a Source Recommendation for how you can proceed.




The Tracking Station Intervention is part of The Love Connection Project and is a Love Connection Source Intervention.

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