The Support Field Intervention


The Integration Work Intervention


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Your manifestation, which includes your Suit with its three levels – the Spiritual Energy Body, the Physical Energy Body, and the Physical Body – and your auric field, is made up of 6 levels.


They are configured in 6 Concentric Energy Circles.


The outermost circle is The Support Field.  It supports all of the other layers that are stacked like a blunt-nosed cone on top of it.  


Together these circles of energy form a Transformer – a Material Energy Factory that takes in Source Energies and transforms them into Material Energy.  This Material Energy is what your Suit provides to the Source in exchange for the Life Energies that sustain the manifestation and the work in the Material Energy Factory.  Through generating the requisite amount of Material Energy, your Suit is able to provide the energy that grounds the miracles that make for a Miracle-Based Life that is of Heaven.  


If there is significant Fragmentation in any of the concentric circles, the Material Energy Factory can’t function efficiently.  Your Suit then loses its ability to provide the Material Energy that the Source needs to ground the miracle of Life Energy and the miracles that make life abundant, disease-free, love-based, fulfilling, and Source-Connected.


The Negativity has long been strategizing ways to Fragment the manifestation so it could break in and steal the Source Energies that come into the Material Energy Factory and steal the Material Energy that the manifestation produces.  They have created a massive Harvesting Operation that operates throughout the Creation which is designed to crack the manifestation like a nut to extract the vital energies within it.


As a result of this Harvesting Operation, most Suits have sustained injuries that have resulted in the Fragmentation of their 6 circles of energy. They themselves have also precipitated Fragmentation by buying into the Fragmented Picture of Reality created by the Negativity that encourages them to embrace a Fragmented Way of Life that Disconnects them from the Source and the Source Love that is the only force that holds their Spiritual Particles together enough to sustain Spiritual Integration. This has been a clever ploy on the part of the Negativity to get Suits to set themselves up for the Harvesting Operation.  The Suits Fragment themselves so they can be easily cracked into for the harvesting. The end result has been increasing levels of Fragmentation in the 6 layers of the manifestation


This same kind of phenomenon has occurred in the Creation itself.  It also has 6 concentric circles in its manifestation.  The Support Field level has become so Fragmented that it has been no longer able to support the life forms that live in the Creation.  To prevent disintegration in the Creation as a whole, the Source has initiated a series of Four Universal Vibrational Shifts followed by a multiplicity of smaller Universal Vibrational Shifts that are designed to lift the Support Field of the Creation to levels at which it can sustain the levels of Spiritual Integration necessary for Life in the Creation to exist.


What this means for individual beings in the Creation, is the rapid and sudden increase in vibration in the Support Field that they are standing on.  When there is a rapid increase in the vibratory rate, all of the Spiritual Particles in the manifestation begin to vibrate at a more accelerated rate.

This can feel exhilarating if there is a high level of Source Love in the manifestation and, therefore, plenty of the gravitational pull that Source Love provides to hold the particles together in a state of Spiritual Integration. 

For manifestations that are highly Fragmented, however, this rapid vibrational rate can shake the Fragments apart from one another and they can begin to drift away into the Creation, ending the configuration of these Particles in the form of the being.  This can cause Spiritual Death because the Spiritual Energy Body and the Physical Energy Body disintegrate, unlinking the Soul from the manifestation and ending its life in the Manifest World.  It can also cause Physical Death if the Physical Body is impaired enough to not be able to withstand the loss of all of the spiritual energies that sustain its functioning.  For many Physical Death is not sudden but occurs through a weakening of the system of life in the Suit which, overtime, results in disease and death.


To avoid this kind of outcome, it is important to shore up your manifestation on all 6 levels.  This can be done by The Support Field Intervention which repairs or replaces your Support Field and by the Integration Work Intervention to repair or replace all of the other 5 levels of your manifestation.


This work is essential to your ability to survive in the Source Perfected Universe which will require an absolute level of Spiritual Integration in all 6 levels of the manifestation if your manifestation is to survive.  This is because there is no longer any supportive energy from the Universal Source Connection Channel to sustain Suits that exist in a state of Fragmentation.  


It is important to rebuild your manifestation now well in advance of the August 8th Vibrational Shift which will require not only this baseline level of Integration that can be achieved by these Interventions but a much higher level of Integration that comes from transitioning into an Integrated Way of Life.  The sooner you build the foundation of Spiritual Integration in your 6 layers, the sooner you can begin building on it to achieve the higher levels of Integration that you require to survive and thrive in the August 8th Vibrational Shift.


Correct Exchange

The amount of Material Energy needed for The Support Field Intervention and The Integration Work Intervention varies according to the level of Fragmentation in a being’s manifestation. 


To request an assessment of what you need and the Correct Exchange that will be needed to provide for this work, you can click on the link below and fill out the form that will enable me to respond to you individually through a Source Guidance Email.




The Support Field Intervention is part of The Perfect Health Project and is a Perfect Health Source Intervention. 

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