The River of Life Knowledge Base

There is a River of Life that is a River of Source Intelligence.  Beings were created to live in this River of Life which would suffuse them with all of the information about Life that they needed to enjoy a Heaven Way of Life.


When they departed from the Source Plan and entered into The Hell Economy, many left their place in The River of Life and entered into The River of Death, which was a Harvesting Trap of the Negativity.  In The River of Death, they experienced scarcity and fear and diminished intelligence and bought into the false teachings of the Negativity about the nature of life.  From this distorted worldview, they concluded that the way to success was through cultivating more greed and more ruthless tactics to pursue their self interest. 

The endorsement of this Hell Way of Life, destroyed a link in their heart chakras that would have enabled them to connect to The River of Life.  Once this link to The River of Life was destroyed, they could never return to The River of Life to be immersed in the real knowledge that would have set them free to live a Heaven Way of Life.


A few beings stayed in The River of Life and refused to be drawn into The River of Death even if they had to deal with the harsh reality of The Hell Economy.  Most beings, however, entered into The River of Death and have lost their ability to return to The River of Life.


We have arrived at a point in The Transition when beings must be able to access the Knowledge Base of The River of Life if they are to build The System of Life. Since they can’t enter into The River of Life if they were in The River of Death, I have created two Miracle Tools that enable them to connect to the Knowledge Base of The River of Life even if they can’t live in the River and enjoy the Heaven of this experience. 

Beings have to have exited from The River of Death to access these Miracle Tools. In a recent skirmish with the Negativity, I was able to destroy The River of Death which was the essential Community Structure upon which beings were relying to know how to live The Hell Way of Life that they believed was their ticket to everything they desired but which was, in fact, their ticket to The Hell Experience.


Now beings who were in The River of Death are floating in a kind of energy void without direction from the Knowledge Base of The River of Death upon which they were relying for information on how to live their lives.

They are in urgent need of a Source-Created Knowledge Base for how to live their lives in a way that will conducive to their safety and happiness.  This is where the Miracle Tools, The Information Conductor and The Information Download System, become important links back to the Knowledge Base of The River of Life.


The Information Conductor

It is possible to connect to the Knowledge Base of The River of Life through an Information Conductor, which is a Source-Created Miracle Tool. The Information Conductor will provide a way to receive Simulation Training on the Inner Plane. Simulation Training put the Suit through a simulation of a real life experience that enables it to develop a Skill Set or understanding that can readily be translated into practical action on the Inner and Outer Planes.  


This learning registers in the Suit as a real life experience even though it happened on the Inner Plane. Because of this detailed real life Simulation, the Suit is able to perform the task and translate the education received into practical action on the Outer Plane as if they had practiced repeatedly on the Outer Plane to attain this level of competency.  


The beauty of it is that a single experience on the Inner Plane through this form of Simulation Training, is equivalent to many repetitions on the Outer Plane.  This is because the Simulation Training gives them a perfect experience of how to do the task correctly.  The Suit doesn’t learn through trial and error.  It learns perfection and, therefore, is confident in its ability to replicate this perfection in its performance on the Outer Plane. Although Outer Plane efforts to replicate the Inner Plane Learning may go through a series of attempts before the perfection of what was learned on the Inner Plane can come through on the Outer Plane, the Suit is working off of Perfect Training and can persist until it reaches this level of performance on the Outer Plane.


One of the Heaven Agents who Prototyped this kind of Simulation Training learned, on the Inner Plane, how to ride a horse bareback like a Native American. The Inner Plane Simulation Training translated into greater ease in learning how to ride bareback on the Outer Plane.


Another Prototyping Heaven Agent saw an image that opened to him the full understanding of his life purpose. The image went on teaching him until the full vista opened up to him in stages.


This kind of learning is far more powerful than the kind of learning that takes place when you ask for Source Guidance and are given a dreamlike experience on the Inner Plane.  While the dreamlike image can be very transformational, it differs from the more concrete, Simulation Training which gives you Skill Sets that you can readily translate into competent physical actions on the Outer Plane – such as riding bareback. 


To work with The Information Conductor, you ask to see what comes floating down The River of Life.  This is something that triggers a Simulation Learning Experience which is whatever you need at that moment to build Heaven in your life and in the world.  It might be an experience that fills in a gap in your understanding of how to do a practical task in the world, such as a project in your home.  It might also be a deep learning that opens up new vistas for you in your understanding of what it means to Live Heaven in your everyday life.  It could be information that calls you into action to work on a Project for the Community. 


Whatever comes floating down The River of Life is your Next Step on your adventure of connecting to the Knowledge Base of Source Intelligence that is moving information rapidly into focus for you in the moment.


The Information Download System

While the Information Conductor will enable you to access this kind of 3D Learning, the best way to interface with The River of Life is through receiving an Information Download System. When an Information Download goes into your Suit, your Inner Intelligence can work with it to surface it into your Conscious Range when you need the knowledge.  Information that is processed through your Subconscious Range is understood by deeper levels of your consciousness. When it reaches your Conscious Range, you are able to understand more readily new perspectives on reality.  This is possible because your Subconscious Range has already understood them.  


Once you maintain the stream of Information Downloads, you are constantly kept abreast of any new information that you might need to do your Mission in this life as well as to cope with the changing conditions of the world around you, even the conditions of coping with mundane tasks that have to be learned to manage in the physical world. 


Since so much is changing in the Creation and these changes affect how you do your Mission and how to be safe and survive in the social, physical, and spiritual world, it is best to be on a continuing download basis with this information if at all possible.  


Whether you work with an Information Conductor or with an Information Download System, it is vitally important that you reconnect with the Knowledge Base that you need to build The System of Life for yourself and for the Community.


The Knowledge Base is even more important now because I am no longer providing the kind of interactive training that I used to provide on the Inner Plane.

I used to be available for questions of all kinds from beings on the Inner Plane.  Now I am so focused on what is Next on my Source Workflow in order to meet the Developmental Deadlines of The System of Life Work, that beings often can’t ask me questions and get a response on the Inner Plane from me directly unless it is on my Source Workflow to respond to the question at the time that it is asked. 

To get any response they have to be in full Helping the Source Mode and they have to be asking the question that is given to them on their Personal Workflow, which will be the question to which I am able to respond to on my Source Workflow. The timing of any interaction is precise and can’t be contravened without throwing off the Personal Workflow of the Heaven Agent and my Source Workflow.  Since the work on The System of Life is dependent on the smooth alignment of the Workflow of the Heaven Agent with my Source Workflow, the old practice of shooting over a question to the Source on the Inner Plane just because you wanted to get an answer, is no longer possible.


This makes it more important to tap into the Knowledge Base of The River of Life.  Although you still have to honor your Personal Workflow in asking the question that is up next for you to ask or attuning to what you are being given that is coming down the River, you can get questions answered and work through issues through interacting with The River of Life that I am no longer able to help you to work through given the demands of my Source Workflow.


Beings need to learn about life anew in order to correct for the false idea of life that they have been taught by the Negativity.  They also need to stay abreast of the changes that are occurring in the nature of life since these changes directly affect their survival in the Manifest World.  

This is a massive amount of relearning that requires access to a Knowledge Base that can enable them to explore what is Next for them to discover about themselves and the world around them.  This is why The River of Life Knowledge Base is a primary Miracle Tool for those who wish to survive in The Transition.  Only those who relearn what life is about and reconnect with Source Wisdom about how to live life, will be able to build the sustainable way of life that will enable them to survive.

This learning can be fun and playful and rekindle the joy in living that so many adults have lost because they mastered the basics of how to survive in the Story World and then stopped learning and just sought to be entertained by what other people were doing in their lives.  Passive sitcom watching, news dogging, gossip mongering, and video games are activities to which many people have turned when their own lives became an endless series of repetitive practical patterns that did not interest them.

With the activation of your True Intelligence and access to The River of Life Knowledge Base, it is possible to enter into a way of life that is a true Source-Guided Adventure that brings back to you the joy of living that you once had as a child, discovering the world for the first time.


While there is still a timing factor in working with the Knowledge Base with regard to what you should ask and when you should ask it so you don’t disturb your own Personal Workflow by asking Left Brain questions that throw you off the real adventure of your Life Mission that is unfolding in the moment, there is no limit to the knowledge that you can gain about literally everything in the world.  If it is on your Mission to know it, then the Knowledge Base will deliver the information in a way that translates through a Simulation Training into a real life understanding and skill that you would otherwise never have the opportunity to be taught within the context of the Story Culture.

Correct Exchange

The Information Conductor

The amount of Material Energy needed to ground the miracle of The River of Life Intervention that builds you an Information Conductor and links it to your Suit is US $4500.  This will give you an Information Conductor that will be with you through all of your lifetimes to come.  


To request an Information Conductor, you can access the link provided below:


The Information Download System

The amount of Material Energy needed to ground the miracle of The River of Life Intervention that sets up an Information Download System and links it to your Suit, is US $9500.  This System needs to be maintained after the first 15 months with additional Material Energy of US $1000/year.  This will ensure that every piece of information that you need to Live Heaven in your life will be downloaded into your Suit as it is needed.


To request an Information Download System, you can access the link provided below:



Training in how to work with River of Life Information

The best way to receive training in working with the Knowledge Base of The River of Life, is to request Email Coaching Sessions.  I can walk you through the process and give you individualized feedback on the information that you are receiving so that you will become skilled in understanding and working with this knowledge in your Conscious Range.


The amount of Material Energy needed to ground the miracle of Eamil Coaching is $285/hour.  You can request this kind of Source Support by accessing the link provided below.


The River of Life Intervention is part of The Life Purpose Fulfillment Project and is a Life Purpose Fulfillment Source Intervention. 

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