The Rhythm of The Love Connection intervention

Most Suits are living in the Rhythm of the Disconnection from the Source.  This is the Rhythm of the Self-Centered Way of Life. Everything they do gives energy to this negative Rhythm that deepens the Disconnection. Until they get out of this Rhythm, their best intended efforts to become Source-Connected will not succeed. It is, therefore, of primary importance to get out of the Rhythm of the Disconnection by entering into The Rhythm of The Love Connection with the Source. 


Once you are in the Rhythm of the Love Connection you can merge into the Flowstream of Source Love and contribute your love to this Flowstream.  Living in the Heaven of The Love Connection is what opens your heart to the miracle of Ultimate Spiritual Healing. Those who are in the Rhythm of the Disconnection have heart chakras that can't open to the flow of Source Love that is needed to make a Love Connection with the Source.


While you, as a spiritual intelligence, may wish for the experience of this Love Connection, your Suit has been Disconnected from the Source for many lifetimes and doesn't have the technical means to Reconnect without some help from you. Most Suits are only equipped to continue on with their Self-Centered Way of Life that has led to the World of Suffering we live in today.


To give your Suit what it needs you can request The Rhythm of The Love Connection Intervention.  This At-a-Distance Source Intervention enables your Suit to move out of the Rhythm of the Disconnection which causes it to relate to the Source in a shopping and consuming modality into the Rhythm of the Love Connection which enables it to relate to the Source from a place of giving love rather than trying to get love or support for itself.  


Most Suits have been formatted to take and not give, to exploit and not exchange correctly, and to consume and not commune from a place of respect and love.  The Rhythm Intervention equips your Suit with the Code and Prototypes that enable it to transcend the Self-Centered Mode and start on the path to a Source-Centered, Source-Connected Way of Life.


Only those Suits that are in the Rhythm of The Love Connection can connect with The Power of Perfection Wave that carries them into The Picture of Perfection. Through merging into The Picture of Perfection they merge into the Source-Created Perfection and become embodiments of this Perfection.  This is how Suits becomes Perfected.  

As the Suits become Perfected they become manifestations of Source Love capable of responding to the Source with a Correct Love Exchange which is the only exchange that can balance the exchange for the love that the Source gives them through its work each hour of the day to sustain their lives and to help them evolve.  No correct financial exchange can enable a Suit to keep up with the Power of Perfection that will sweep through the world, eliminating everything that is not of Heaven and supporting only what is of Heaven.


What is of Heaven is what is Source-Connected. What is Source-Connected is in a Love Connection with the Source. It is in the Rhythm of the Love Connection and has taken refuge in the protection and support of the Source through entering into The Path to Perfection and keeping up with the transformational changes that enable it to become an embodiment of Source-Created Perfection and to work with the Source to build a world that is an expression of this Perfection.


The first step on your Path to Perfection is The Rhythm of The Love Connection Intervention. This is the step that every Suit must take in order to enter into The Ultimate Spiritual Healing Program.


The Correct Exchange for The Rhythm Intervention is US $75.  It is an Intervention that will carry with you life after life and keep you in a Source-Connected state during your transitions at death and rebirth.


If you have financial concerns, you can read the article entitled: "Heaven Economy Options" for information on different ways to balance the exchange. 


The Rhythm of The Love Connection Intervention is part of The Love Connection Project and is a Love Connection Source Intervention.

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